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We publish books for children of primary school age all over the world. Die McGraw-Hill Companies Professional Publishing Group. Mifflin Harcourt Publishing House. Textbooks, textbooks, preschool books, college books, academic books, Allied Bublishers & Distributors. We' re Nigeria's leading publisher of textbooks!

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Place books and study at the centre of your family's futures. Explore our store for thousands of books and self-learning tips that will keep your kid busy for life. Make kids read and get free books for your school with our book clubs and book fairs. We Are Writers offers you the opportunity to become an author or to use our pedagogical tools to help your schoolchildren.

Playing a game, claiming a prize or asking the Books Wizard which books are best for you when you join our club. Have a look at Scholastic Children's Books to find a great new reading. For over 90 years we have supported school and library projects, publishing and selling award-winning children's books and educational materials.

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Schoolhouse Books has been assisting school for over 18 years with orders for books. Meanwhile more than 150 colleges use our expertise. We have a highly-functional, adaptable service that ensures that you get the books you want at the price you can buy. Headquartered in West Yorkshire, we were founded in 1996 and since then have concentrated on being pedagogical booksuppliers.

The company is school-friendly and we will do everything we can to satisfy your needs. Identifying a work is most effectively done with the ISBN - International Standard Number. ISBN is a 13-digit number starting with 978. It' one-of-a-kind for every ISBN and the knowledge of the ISBN makes ordering books simple.

As soon as you have the ISBN, a titleless or authorless work can be found. ISBN is also included on all of the publishers' promotional material. You can find a textbook without ISBN. In the following you will find our short instructions for the detail we need. If you have more information about the cover, it will be easy to find the work.

While some books may have more than one writer, others may contain the name of a serial edit. A number of books - especially novels - may be available from more than one publishers and may differ in terms of prices, release dates and editing information, so it makes sense to know which publishers' editions you need.

All books are shipped within 3 to 5 working day of receiving the order and most orders are free of surcharge. Dictionaries and thesauruses are available in English and foreign languages.

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