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Scholastic Inc. Our programmes and our service focus on our recognition that alphabetization is the keys to our ability to understand and our unshakable faith that all our kids can study. At Scholastic, our aim is to ignite a sparks in every kid and to open up a possible universe through that.

About one in every two children's book sold in the U.S. Scholastic Trade Publishing publishes approximately 600 originals in the U.S. each year, among them best-sellers and prizewinners that attract young and old alike. The Scholastic Book Clubs are located in more than 80% of U.S. classes and continue to provide free book collections to schoolteachers.

The Scholastic Book Fair organizes about 120,000 annual book shows in the USA and helps colleges to build a collaborative readership. The Scholastic Entertainment brings popular tales and personalities like Clifford the Big Red DogĀ®, The Magic BusĀ® and Goosebumps beyond the site in education and entertainment publications. The Scholastic Education is a leader in providing complete alphabetisation services that strengthen students' performance through classroom and classroom interaction, vocational education for the efficiency of teachers and the commitment of their families and communities.

The Scholastic CLASSIARY MAGAZINS has 14 million readers for its 30 printed and direct mailazines. Also Scholastic is producing Scholastic Teacher?, America's oldest K-8 teacher mag. Ranging from textbooks and textbooks to online books such as Scholastic GO! The ? and BookFlix add-on applications offer tools to close crucial bottlenecks in teaching materials, create library building tools for class rooms and differentiate teaching methods.

The Scholastic Family and Communities Engagement (FACE) works with local and regional governments to promote every child's alphabetisation through programmes and activities that empower the family, link the local communities with students' study and improve accessibility to schoolbooks. Continuous, pertinent professional training tailor-made for teachers is of crucial importance.

Supporting all aspects of growing professionally in providing top education through tailor-made vocational training, coaches, guidance and authoring assistance, as well as their book work, Scholastic is committed to creating sustainable changes and outcomes. Working with non-profit organisations, governments and some companies to help make free textbooks and teaching material available to US colleges and universities, Scholastic National Partnerships is active in more than 165 nations around the globe, with genuine publications of textbooks and teaching material, book club and book fair sales, teaching material for school and export to more than 165 states.

The Scholastic Group is publishing unique teaching material from our Singapore office that makes the best methods of teaching math from the most prosperous nations in the globe accessible to a truly globe. The Scholastic also adopts the best teaching methods from the US Education Department and makes them available to teachers worldwidely. Scholastic has collaborated with the U.S. State Department to publish My Arabic Library, a library compilation for years 1 to 6, which is now in use in all Arabic-speaking states.

In collaboration with the State Department and the Afghan Ministry of Education, Scholastic also released my Afghan library and handed out 2. 3 million copies to 27 of Afghanistan's 34 states.

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