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Publishing and distribution of children's books (trade, book clubs and book fairs), education and international. This is Scholastic India, a subsidiary of Scholastic Inc. Cherry Hill, NJ. Track all Scholastic social accounts:

Editor - Book and magazine distribution.

Manuscript submission to Scholastic - Scholastic UK

The Scholastic Children's Book no longer accept uncalled paper. Please don't return unasked patterns to us, as they will not be sent back and there will be no reply. Specimen to sind an The Editorial Department, Scholastic Children's Blocks, Euston House, 24 Eversholt Street, Londres, NW1 1DB zu senden.

Please give a short abstract of your ideas (ideally no more than one page of A4) and some examples of them. Don't be worried if you don't get an answer for some while. Publication of work can be a disappointing experience and it is often best to be ready for disillusion.

Scholastic Ltd, Education Division, Book End, Range Road, Witney, Oxfordshire, OX29-03D. Scholastic cannot unfortunately receive unrequested scripts by e-mail or on CD.

Who is Scholastic - Scholastic UK

Scholastic's Mission is to help kids, help them grow up and help them grow up to enjoy reading. To find the right book at the right moment can trigger an emotive sparks in kids that motivate them to study more, get to know more and enjoy reading. Each Scholastic Book Fair gives a kid the opportunity to see, like and buy the best children's literature.

A Scholastic Book Fair is an excellent place for alphabetization activity, providing book accessibility for those who do not normally go to bookstores or library. Every book fair has over 200 booklets for you to look through - from exclusive and classic to the latest best sellers - at a price of 2.99 euros. Each book you sell at your Book Fair will reward you with a wide selection of textbooks and materials, leaving your budgets free for other areas.

We have distributed more than 22 million free textbooks to the school. The Scholastic Book Clubs give every kid periodic book reviews. The Scholastic Book Club is ideal for year-round readings - and suits you whenever and however you want. Finding the right book for your kids in the classroom or on-line is simpler than ever.

Each half semester Scholastic Book Clubs bring together kids, educators and families to select from our selection of the best children's music. Each £10 order earns 25% of the order value back in prizes that you can pay for your work. It is our top preoccupation to help you encourage and help your kids to continue on.

To select the best choice of reading and enjoyment book for kids, we work with more than 50 publishing houses. We have a wide variety of textbooks selected by our in-house librarians. We Are Writers is the perfect way to encourage kids to make their own book.

Your book is a one-of-a-kind, unforgettable present. With We Are Weriters you can make money for your classrooms and libraries. Launch your book on our easy-to-use website, full of hints and free downloads. Inspiration for alphabetization resource and reader in the schoolroom to help kids with every stage of their education.

The Read & Respond is the ideal way to get your students to read, write and talk about their favorite work. It is a central contact point for popular and often informed illustrated and novelists. Every leader will help the kids discover the story, writers, storylines and character through a mixture of ancient techniques and multi-media.

The new and inspirational reading classrooms are invigorating for educators and reading for schoolchildren. No matter if you are looking for the Early Years Foundation Stage or the Primary Curriculum, Scholastic Resource Bank is the first address for any education expert looking for the latest interesting, fine-tuned education materials and interesting papers.

The Scholastic works with and sponsors major UK alphabetisation organisations, such as The National Literature Trust, Book Trust, World Book Day and Readathon. We' re also an offical sponsor of BBC Children in Need and have raised over 150,000 for charitable purposes together with school.

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