Sample Film Script

example movie script

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Example script for short film

Scene 1: In the classroom (The instructor gives out the results of the quiz). Mr. Teacher: Audrey, Harvey and Clarence, please stay here for a while, because we need to speak. Audrey. (The three pupils get close to the teacher: Mr. Teacher: Audrey: Teacher: In the Ace Corridor: Hey, Audrey, what's your point in our game?

Audrey: :D Audrey: Inside the bookstore (The instructor enters the bookstore without realizing that the three pupils are there. Mr. Teacher: Do you not know that what you do shows a relationship in power and movement? Teacher: I' ll tell you later. Audrey: I' ll get the game!

Instructor: (When Audrey came back) Teacher: Okay, what were you watching the football hit the floor? Cue: The football continues to move on the floor. Mr. Teacher: Obviously, the roller will rotate, but the real idea is that when you move the roller on the sidewalk, you are applying a contacting power because your fingers were in touch with the roller before you let go of the pad.

Teachers in class: Audrey: Mr. Teacher: Teachers (one of the pupils will perform this activity): Audrey: Mr. Teacher: Gravitational tension is a power that can move an objec. Lab Audrey: Here we have a source. Press the feather like this.

Attempt to exercise more strength and then try to reduce your workload. If you press the feather down with your hands, you will notice an upstroke. As you squeeze or squeeze the feather with your hands, the greater the ascending power on your hands.

If you press the feather down less, the downward pressure in your hands will decrease. Mr. Teacher: You now know everything about power and movement. I' m going home, Audrey: I can' believe that strength and movement were very simple!

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