Sample Author Bio for Book Proposal

Example author Bio for book suggestion

His biography appears in several editions of Who's Who in America. You can learn to write an attractive author biography by following the six rules of author biographies and our breakdown of two professional example biographies. Her biography is your chance to prove that you are qualified to write. Author biography / Your qualifications to write the book. This is a hot tip: "Consider your author Bio as a two-part argument for your stamp on the book.

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My task was to assess every book proposal we were given, and while the parts of a proposal seem quite easy on the face of it, many writers miss the point. The majority of printers and print media professionals want the same things: an introductory brief stating why your book is something unique, a concentrated book summary, a few sample star-studded sections and a short biography of the author.

While you were writing your book, it is possible that you have put so much money into the history that you have forgot that you are part of what it is selling. So how can you create - in a few quick phrases - an author's biography for your book suggestion that will make you look great?

Firstly, keep in mind that if you are going to pitch your biography for a book, you should start typing in the first one. Now is not the season for an organic coat - this is something your editor will review (and will review in the third person). You' re doing this to introduce yourself to your future media or your agents, so keep it in the first one.

Secondly, keep it professionally.... even if you don't have them. Consider the work of professionals, historical societies and writers' groups. When your book is touching a topic that justifies it, write a line about how it affects you in person. If, for example, you wrote a book about the survival of your thesis while you were under a great deal of familial strain, you might note: "Lily finished her thesis in 2005, the same year she gave mother hood to her first newborn.

It is not a place to tell your personal history, but a short account of who you are and why you have written your book. Lastly, for each book suggestion you submit, work on your biography, taking particular note of the media or the agents you ask. Like with all aspects of the pitt-procedure, a general formula leads to less than desired results.

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