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Herbal Sage Book Proposal

sage, this brochure describes what our commissioning editors find useful in a book proposal. You will forward your proposal to the Commissioning Editor for your area of expertise. The presentation summarizes the most important results of a new book by SAGE on the topic "What? What can I do to get from a concept to a proposal for the book? The SAGE Publications publishes books, journals and electronic media.


The SAGE is the home of writers, journalists and companies. We are the world' s premier publishing house for literature, magazines and electronics, working in close collaboration with writers and writers to create the most exceptional works in the areas in which we work. We value our writers and writers, and we are committed to giving you the help and dedication you need.

This page contains a range of useful materials - both for future and actual writers - to make it as simple as possible for you to submit a book proposal or publish your book. In this brochure you will find an outline of the book publication processes and some of the most frequently asked author queries.

This brochure describes what our commissioners find useful in a book proposal if you are interested in using SAGE to publish. Every book is handled on an individual basis and a dedicated sales promotion schedule is customized to the needs of each individual country. We' re happy to work with you as a part of a group and have sketched out some suggestions on how you can help to advertise your book.

So why not register with SAGE Connections to keep up to date with what's new? It is a blogs for our writers, educators and society, connecting scientists, professionals, libraries, researchers as well as college undergraduates. To find out, please check out SAGE Connection: We are looking forward to hearing from you what you have experienced with SAGE, so we have created a questionnaire to collect your thoughts.

It' will only take 5 mins of your free minute and your responses will be used by everyone at SAGE to enhance our services to you. Writers from the Asia-Pacific region should get in touch:

Publishing with SAGE

The SAGE is an independant publishers for magazines, textbooks and electronicals. SAGE' publishers are characterised by ground-breaking concepts and approach across all programmes. Our services are very individual and built on a thorough knowledge of your objectives and wishes. By partnering with HighWire Press, we are part of an on-line fellowship that encompasses some of the best magazines in the game.

That means focusing on the chances arising from the emergence of new medias, new tendencies, new research agenda, new methods and new publication patterns. Being a private company, we have the luxurious privilege of investing a lot of our own resources and efforts in maintaining our relationship with the publishers.

" We' re large enough to have all the necessary ressources for our publishers and our clients, but small enough to ensure your own attentiveness and ability to respond to your needs. If you have any further question about how a publisher relationship with SAGE can take your magazine(s) to the next stage, please do not hesitate to do so.

It is our aim to offer our magazine writers and writers the best possible services. We are dedicated to our services and our individual support to ensure that you actively participate in the publication proces. This is where you will find information that will make it as simple as possible for you to publish your articles in a SAGE magazine or submit a proposal for a new magazine.

With SAGE, our magazine authors: In a number of bio-medical magazines, SAGE Choose provides the opportunity for writers of original research papers to make their work available on our website SAGE Magazines. You can find more information in the SAGE Author Gateway. Built on more than 35 years of SAGE's heritage of producing top-notch scientific work in the field of humanities, we focus on the provision of student and alumnus books, manuals and expert resource books.

The Books division also comprises the SAGE references programme, which produces encyclopaedias and other encyclopaedias, and the CQ Press Impressum, which concentrates on text books in the fields of politics and PR. At present SAGE releases almost 800 magazines per year and has over 4,500 magazines in printing.

Legend is one of the few still few independant publishing houses. It is our aim to produce a book that offers new educational ideas, approach and prospects for the fields we teach. We are strongly committed to the needs of our markets, but we strive to produce works that help your students' experiences, the work of your peers in the office and in practice.

We at SAGE are aware that our writers and writers are among our most important advantages, and we strive to build powerful and agile relationships that provide the following benefits: Instructions for sending and submission of your application to SAGE. The Corwin Press is publishing pioneering literature for practising primary and high school teachers that offers new findings, lessons learned, lessons learned and recommended actions.

It is our aim to produce content and practice related textbooks that are useful and legible while contributing to the practitioner's knowledg. Which is an "ideal" Corwin press book? The program provides pragmatic, practice-oriented counseling for teachers who want to be successfull in their selected profession. Mostly a book written by an author or co-author, not a published book.

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