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You publish LGBTQ fiction, including romance. They are looking for novels as well as women's literature, short stories and full-length novels. Did you write a romance novel? Please click on the links below to register for one of our romantic prints.

"22 Romansh publishers accepting contributions without agents

With e-book reading becoming more and more important, the publishers have seen a significant change in the publishers' markets. But they often ignore the enormous effects on the romantic publishers. So many other fiction and erotic novel that it seems that every few pages a new romantic publishers is born.

These include conventional printed publishers, mature romanticists, up-and-coming e-book publishers and everything in between. These publishers all provide conventional books and some of them provide advance payments. For more information about the editor, click on the links in their names to view our full reviews.

Several of the publishers only release romance, but many are also open to eroticism. The majority of the publishers on the mailing lists are currently open for entries, but not all are. Click here to see our current listing of 38 Romance Publishers. eXtasy is an eBook publishers that provides 40% royalty payments to all its writers.

They' re only publishing adult material. As an impression of eXtasy they are publishing romantic literature in different sub-genres. Entirely Entwined Group is an independent eBook and printing company that was a success before the purchase by the Bonnier publishing group. Since the acquisition of Bonnier in 2015 there have been some changes, but the Group still has a good name and continues to concentrate on its two mainstream flagships - Pride and Totally Boy.

The Cedar Fort is a printed and editions company located in Salt Lake City. You are the second biggest Utah publishers. The publishes over 150 volumes a year. She has a broad spectrum of subjects to choose from, from cookery to youth literature to romanticism. Harlequin's digital-first adults fun impression is Carina Press, which is first published in binary form and then according to the number of published sound and printed copies.

Contrary to most of Harlequin's prints, they don't just concentrate on romance, although they are open to all sub-genres of romance, and include modern, para-normal, LGBTQ+ and sci-fi. They' also release secrets of all tastes - from coins to suspense stories, with and without romance. The Blue Tulip Publishing is a global publishing house with a series of prints aimed at different audiences.

The majority of the textbooks they are publishers are novelists, but some of their prints are open to nonromanticism. This is the romantic print by Grand Central Publishers. The Hachette Book Group, one of the five major publishers, publishes Grand Central Publishers. The Forever Yours is Forever' electronic version, focusing on the release of unauthorized writers and often releasing writers without a release story.

You are publishing eBooks, but you have the possibility to reprint any eBook longer than 50,000 words on request. The Fiery Seas eBook and Printing Company was established in 2014. You are publishing a wide range of plot-driven styles among them romance. Only LGBTQ Bold Strokes releases Bold Strokes titles. This means that his novels contain character that are gay, bi-sexual, lesbian, trans and gay.

He publishes general and gender fictions, with a focus on romance. You have a good pressure uniformity. Borough' s Publishers Group is an e-publisher focused on the publication of novel, novella, and shorts. Bookstrand Siren is a favourite publishers for romance and eroticism. Their work is limited to those that end in happiness to the end of their days.

Each year they release many rare works and most of the writers seem to be satisfied with the work of Siren Bookstrand writers. You are primarily an online publishing house, but you also have printed versions. He is a highly acclaimed freelance author of literary works, among them fiction. And Avon Romance is a romantic reprint of Harper Collins.

She is her first ever work, and especially releases new writers. Once a work succeeds, Avon prints it. This is a new ecclesiastical publishers interested in the publication of religious literature. Launched in 1995, Red Sage Publishers is a long-established printing company. You have a long listing of publications that cover different categories from modern to sci-fi.

Saint Martin's Press is an impressum of Macmillan, one of the 5 major publishers. The SMP Swerve is the first St. Martin's digitale Romantikverlag. We are a small but well-known publishers of books, eBooks and print media. Evernight is an e-book editor of romance and erotic novel open currently to subordinations from authors.

You will also be publishing printed copies of some of them. Some of the titles they have released are on the Amazon bestseller-lists. The publishing house ImaJinn is a printed and electronical publishing house with a broad range of novel. They' re publishing everything from new adults to contemporaries to fantasies. Your printed book is available on request, and they seem to be selling most of their book through Amazon, so don't be expecting a dealer.

The Joffe Book Group is a new freelance publishers headquartered in London. It concentrates on the publication of new eBooks and making classical textbooks and shortsheets available in electronic form. They' re the ones who release most styles, romance included. OmniPublishing is a Romantik Verlag publishers of printed and printed works. Most of them have published mainly eBooks about romance, but some of their titles have also appeared in printed form.

The majority of the textbooks they are publishing are on the sensuous side. You are open to romance in all subgenres with the exception of romance for young adults.

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