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The Romantic Frahlings

The new Frahlingin Alert: Elise Erickson of Harold Ober Associates. Meanwhile Elise is looking for: romance and all its subgenres, female fiction, paranormal, mystery with clever cozy mysteries, thriller, historical fiction, commercial literary fiction and some YA. There are four agents here actively looking for customers. Kat Kelly Peterson (Corvisiero) is looking for MG, YA, NA and adult fantasy, paranormal, sci-fi, historical fiction and romance. We' re always looking for the best commercial and literary fiction and non-fiction, including mysteries, romance, women's literature, thrillers and suspense.

60-franchised women now accept romance submissions

That is why the Romanesque style is so beloved. However, there is fierce rivalry in the romantic world. To find a literary romantic and then tie yourself up to showcase your work could be even more difficult. Here is a shortlist of literary agents who could help writers find the right matches.

Spencerhill Associates was the first agent to represent Romance: She' s looking for tales with a catchy vocalist, fantastic view of the universe and original plot. Its vice-president specialises in romance and women's literature in the adults' markets. She is currently looking for powerful, character-rich tales with an unmissable vocal, which includes romance in all styles.

Currently Sandy is looking for gripping tales that will make the reader browse and read more. Now to the next group of agents of Frahlingur Corvisiero: Ms. Bert is the agency's founding and senior literary agent. She is looking for modern romance for grown-ups, new grown-ups and YA.

As a senior literary agent, she acquires active women's literature and various romances in the adults and youth markets as well as in the GLBTQIA markets. And Cate is all about romance and more. Have a look at your own website and your own website. The year 2018 is of particular interest to Kelly.

At the moment Kaitlyn is open to questions and takes up general and modern romanticism in her'likes list'. He is looking for special love affairs for young adults, new adults and adults. Nearest Founder and the only Foundry Literary + Media representative of romance: She is particularly interested in enchanting and kinship romance.

The next is the Metamorphosis Literary Agency ladies: Proprietor and lead wife looking for YA-serie, grown-up SF/F, thriller & romance (secretly addictive of romance). Amy' is looking for everything in the romantic and lgtq-genres. She' s looking for everything YA and she' s into modernity. He is also looking for paranormality (romantic or not) and ghoul.

A further group of agents of Dystel, Goderich & Bourret: An active search for all sorts of romance from composers, historians and romantics to paranormal and inspiration. We are looking for medium sized, modern YA and intelligent, available literature for adults in a wide range of genres, including romance. DeFiore and Company agents are next:

With DeFiore since 2014, Ashley loves female literature and romance books. When Rebecca wants a work from all the different styles, it catches you from the first page. Since 2017 she has been working for the company, specializing in pre-scriptive non-fiction and selected research in the fields of business film and romantic. Notice: She has upgraded her office to MSWL.

This is the only romance broker from The Bent Agency currently open (they have many romance agents, but they are locked for requests without permission): You know, Rachel would especially like to find a teenage romance of her time. This is another Stonesong Literary agent: She is interested in business fairy tales in all styles, especially romance, thrillers and fantasies.

Here is another one of The Booker Albert Literary Agency, the only one of the other romantics open: The following two agents are from Donald Maass Frahlingur: She' s interested in grown-up romance and YA with cheerful/hopeful whimsical whims. Romanticism is an added value for a good character-driven novel.

Now, to the agents of P.S. Frahlingur: And Curtis is the main secretary. At the moment he is looking for literature and non-fiction. He also acquires literature and non-fiction. She' s fascinated by speedy, emotive fantasy. and read far across different categories. She acquires various active styles, includes romance.

This is Prospect Agents: Chairwoman of the company, she admired all intelligent, astonishing romantics for their creative, work ethics and powerful narrative skills. She' s looking for selected historic romances. She' s looking for clever, tangy romance stories. The next shipment is from McIntosh & Otis, Inc: She is the Chairwoman and Sr. AG.

Romanticism is one of her main interests. She' s interested in complex romance for YA and MG. Now, there are several agents from the Knight Agency: She is a veteran secretary and chairwoman looking for a broad palette of novels: modern, historic, M/M, and para-normal. She is currently looking for entries such as current and historic romance, romatic tension, etc.

is Vice President of Operation and Sales and is interested in a multitude of subsets among which romance. She is currently looking for tension and tension in her work. She is looking for romance in different areas: modern, categorical and inspiring. Kristy is open to most styles as an affiliate broker, but there are not. She is interested in all subsets of Romanticism except para-normal.

Ms. Bert join the company in 2015 and is an associated broker. Janna's actual wish lists contains romance of all kinds. Romance from Frahlingur Laura Dail: One more Frahlingur Speilburg agent: Eve is a representative of all sub-genres of Romanticism with the exception of the inspiring Romanticism. Another individual agents who represent Romantik for their KT Literary agency:

So Sara specialises in many different classes, Romantics included. She' s looking for a grown-up romance right now. There are other agents of the Marsal Lyon Literary Agency: The name Kevan stands for romance in all styles. Seeking all kinds of romance, includes romance tension, historic, modern and class romance. It builds up its register proactively and advocates grown-up, young adults and medium-sized literature.

These agents come from DHHF Frahlingur: As manager of the company he is looking for tales with powerful personalities and inventive narratives. She is mainly interested in literature for adults and romanticism. Then the next 2 women are from Frahlingur Sandra Dijkstra: She' s particularly fond of romance.

Take a look at their organic page on their website to find out their favourites about the romantic category. She is most interested in all romantic styles, have a look at her biopage. The next charge comes from Andrea Brown Literary Agency, an advertising company specializing in children's literature:

They represent everything from storybooks to YA. Jennifer loves YA to tell singular, melancholy and frightening love-story. The name Jennifer stands for storybooks, secondary school and youth story. For the Brower Literary & Management agents now: She is the Foundress and Agency, looking for textbooks that can attract people' s interest regardless of their music.

BookEnds Literary Agencies, the next agent, has several representatives of Romanticism: She' s looking active for female literature. It wants romance in all styles, incl. inspiration and romance categories. To find out more about the romantic style, please check their website for more detailed information. The name Rachel stands for romance for adults, young adults, female fantasy and cosy secrets.

And Amanda is especially looking for a variety of historic romances. Also on the shortlist are the 2 agents of D4EO Literary Agency: She' s a romanticist. Jessie loves illicit romances. She is looking for well-written romance, both modern and historic. Hopefully this can be helpful for all romance writers and will help you find the right agents.

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