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We wish you good luck in finding a place for your novel or novella! If you do not recognize it on the Hot Pink website, Harper Impulse, an imprint of HarperCollins UK, is a publisher aimed at women. The Avon is a division of the Big Five publishing house HarperCollins (which also owns Harlequin and Harper Impulse), which publishes traditional romantic lines in print and e-book. Recent articles & book reviews. The Romance Publishing is about relationships, and we want to start one.

40-novel publishers who want their novel

A lot of publishers want romantic tales, but what about publishers who especially want fiction? The 40 publishers below are all looking for romance, and some of them only welcome fiction and short novel (with different degrees of heat). You can even customize your submissions to suit your genre - and no, not just eroticism.

We wish you good fortune in your search for a place for your novel or film! You want all the subgenres of Romanticism in fiction, novelism and shorts. Your login page has a long history of specific phone numbers, so it is very likely that you will have a book you want. Example title: If you cannot see it on the Hotspink website, Harper Impulse, an impressum of HarperCollins UK, is a publishing house aimed at them.

It is also the first publishing house to publish some of its publications in printed form. They are looking for any kind of romance (although it seems that para-normal works don't go very well here - their main emphasis is on chick-lit and modern romances). Your entry policy includes a detailed Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), so please review it before you submit anything.

Besides the publication of the book, they also run a blogs and you can write an e-mail to one of the journalists about their work! Example title: Random House's Loveswept & Flirt prints are exclusively digitally and specifically for women's novelists. They can find a (very artistically designed) information brochure outlining their teams, what they are looking for and how to contact them.

Sisterprints of Grand Central Publishing, Forever and Forever Yours concentrate on traditional and unusual romance literature, inclusive, but not restricted to Regency, Western and subgenres of the army, in additon to modern romanticism. Novel submissions and short stories with less than 50,000 words are only released in digital form. Your entry policy states that you do not agree with YA, general fantasy or enigma.

Your script must be a full RTF document. Example title: I am John Matthew Fox, the creator of Bookfox, and I provide expert feedbacks and editorial services to writers who want to enhance their novel. Having a ten-year track record and having satisfied customers in their hundreds, let me help you make the best book.

At Allison & Busby we are a large freelance publishing house that publishes both printed and printed music. Unfortunately, according to their entry policy, they only allow entries from agent applications. Example title: The two publishers are exclusively digitized and contain audio works with recognized works. When you look at the book on the website, you will see a "Heat Level" function that tells you which ones are really vaporous and which are milder.

Your submission page is quite covert, but they are now invoking untouched scripts. eXtasy has in particular a banned topics listing, so if your work contains things like BDSM or pllotless porn, you are probably looking for another publishers. Example title: The ImaJinn books are looking for every romance you've written: cute or savoury, historic or contemporary, imaginative or genuin.

From YA novel to fictional erotica, they show works and release them in printed and digital form. In order to submitting your work, please contact us by e-mail and we will contact you as soon as possible. Example title: Established in 2006, Siren Publishing has since released over 6,000 eBooks and 5,000 printed works by over 700 author.

Romance must account for at least 70% of the total storyline; sexuality must be specific; no character should be under 20 years of age. When your script fulfils these conditions (and all others), you can send it in. Example title: Since Spencer Hill was founded in 2010, it has been growing, but it is still an independant publishing house with a sweetspot for romance, which is, well, cute.

You mainly release YA and mature comtemporary romance, so don't waste much of your publishing house's attention if your book tends towards the obscure side of romance ritual. You are accepting urbane fantasies and supernormal romance and favour serial work. Here you will find all the application rules and a hyperlink to their application page.

They will ask you in your covering note to tell them a little about your inspirations for the book you have authored. If you are looking for a publishing house that takes care of your work and you, have a look here. Example title: It is Boroughs' search for a romance that evokes emotions in the reader, from seated on the rim of their seat to smiling like an ass.

Your entry rules enumerate different subsections for different numbers of words (6,000 - 12,000 words for your Lunchbox Romance line; 20 - 30,000 words for your Romantic Isode line, etc.). Example title: There is one point that Decadent Publishing is very clear: they are complete, 100% romantic. That' good for you, because if they're so into romance, you know they're looking for exactly what you're submit.

You have a long (like, a long) sub-genre listing (including "marriage of convenience," if that will tell you how specifically they become). You are accepting full scripts with fairly particular styling and editing policies, so make sure you check your submission page before sending an email. Example title: M&B is interesting because they have different sets (which are essentially wide subgenres) for which they want to type you directly.

You suggest that you study a great deal of their work to get a sense of the kind of typing they like in each show you are interested in. As well as the basic principles, the entry rules contain a really sweet section on how to create the "perfect" romance. So, generally, even if you don't want to file with them, you can still check out their page for a few hints!

Example title: The Vinspire publishing house was established by four wives to offer a little of everything appropriate. Because of an overpowering number of entries, Vinspire usually accepts nothing but YA scripts from agent. They do, however, have an occasional submission date (see website for these dates).

Please find out more about the submissions. Example title: Bulletin Publishing is quite simple: You are looking for modern romance, without beating about the bush. You sell through large retail outlets and have print-on-demand for all of them. They can have high or low steminess grades for their book; if it is true romance, they want to do so.

Your filing policies contain a checklist of prerequisites, so be sure to review them before sending them your work. Example title: 200 authors visit this site every months and hand in their books to these publishers. What can you do to make sure your book is better than yours?

The City Lights is looking for something romantical. At the moment they accept all romances except eroticism, and they have a convenient entry page entry page so it' s simple to make sure you fill it in properly. Example title: DREAMSPINER releases a homosexual manly romance and enjoys reading that focuses more on the relation than the story.

This page also has a link to their two imprints: one for tales of the UK gays and one for specialist category fixtures. Example title: But, really, they concentrate on South Romantic literature. They' re happy to publish new votes, but also take veterinarians who are looking for a different home.

You have an annual number of 70-80 originals on averages. BelleBooks printed in BelleBook is that only one editors will accept concurrent entries. Example title: The EverAfter has only been around since 2015, but they already have a long history of publication behind their name. Your website contains a diary that contains everything from health advice to TV recitals, so you're much more than just a publishers.

There is not much about their entry policy, but you can get in touch with them on this page if you think they might go well with your book. Example title: And Overnight Publishers knows it has a readership looking for all sorts of romantic. They not only divide their books by sub-genre, but they also have a ranking system of "heat levels" so people know exactly what they're getting.

You also don't have submit policies, but you can find a practical mailing lists on this page, one of which is specifically for submit requests. Example title: Entangled is a freelance publishing house that has published over 1,200 publications since 2011. They have evolved into a variety of overprints, all for different types of specials.

Enangled as a whole, however, is about romance. You release 20-35 eBooks per months and 4 per months in eBook and printed form. On the submission page you will find a link to all their different impressions to find the one that best matches your work. Example title:

Harlekin is quite awesome when it comes to promoting literature. You will find a "Buyer's Guide" that you can access from their website to promote their new titles and give advice, vouchers and additional benefits for all their prints. But, in essence, what Harlequin is looking for as a whole is a good romance.

Your entry page explains how to enter (and what you should specifically enter), but your entry rules define the different prints and to which you refer. Example title: Avon' is one of the big players in the romantic publishers business, but maybe that's because they're so relaxed.

Your submissions seem like child's play (as long as they can see it, reformat anything you want!) and they even have a special feature for you. Look at the remainder of her extremely awesome policies and let Avon reminds you that the manuscript submissions experience doesn't always have to be monotone and dull; it can be enjoyable.

Example title: LGBTQ Bold Stokes is looking for LGBTQs. Her references have a tendency towards the sweet side of romance, but don't be fooled - they are also open to eroticism. Your entry policies describe peculiarities such as the number of words you prefer for each category and how to style it, so please review it carefully.

Example title: The Blushing Book collection includes everything from 50 Shades of Grey knock-offs to quaint Christmas stories. You build from two pensioned publishing houses (Wicked Velvet and Wicked Castle), so much of their eroticism comes from this clout. However, this does not alter the fact that Blushing accepts entries for everything.

Most of them make eBooks, but some of their books are released in printed form. They can either be posted by them or with them (both must of course be approved in advance). Example title: Example title: Yeah, this publishing house is exactly what it sounded like. House of Erotica is only for the most aromatic of the tangy romantic.

All you need to send in is an e-mail with your script and some information (the common Bio/Synopsis/etc. plus a pseudonym). Example title: Sourcedbooks is an independant publishing house covering all kinds of works, but Casablanca, their fictional romance print, is currently looking for entries. There are not many application directives, but they also have references and criterion tables that should be carefully studied.

Any one of the criterions is a catch so good that it will sell the book in the first two or three movements - even if your script is long, make sure it captures your reader from page one. Example title: "So if you don't have a script for a LGBTQIA+ novel between human and alien, you have some writing timeframe.

Example title: Publishes many different styles, but their romantic section concentrates on modern and historic literature. However, the submissions page of Diversion invites you to submit your information and some example sections. Example title: At the moment, their demand for modern and futurist romance in a wide range of subjects is what they call just one heating level: HA.

Your full filing rules are extremely hard and daunting, but they are not hard. Example title: You are a writer and character editor interested only in writers who are powerful, self-sufficient African Americans who don't need a man - but of course you might want to get one now and then. If you have questions, their template page list, which you can send by e-mail, but if you are willing to simply continue and your script, this page also contains a fast submitable address book hyperlink.

Example title: The Beachwalk is a fully digitized publishing house, but don't let it stop you from submitting your work to them. You want to make a book comfortable for everyone, and yours could be a part of it as long as it is "sensual" or higher on a temperature gauge. You' re accepting romance is all sub-genres, but make sure there's nothing too "sweet" or anything that could be classed as YA.

Please click here to view the complete policy and how to send it in (by email). Example title: The Crimson Romance is not only an old romance novel, but also powerful personalities, clever tales and a satisfactory romance. Example title: Your entry policy interprets it quite well, so you can tell directly which sub-genre you have included when you send your entry by e-mail.

Example title: It' s Riptide's mission to release the best LGBT Q movie they can find. Not necessarily romance (they release other fictional styles as long as the protagonists are characters of LGBTQ), but this is the genre in which they are the most strong. All they do is say a big no' under their guidelines:

Example title: The Highland Press is essentially the opposite of erotic publishers: You' re a Christendom editor. They' re also looking for romance, essentially any healthy style. You have a great deal of policy, but that doesn't mean it's not really necessary to check that your script meets the requirements.

Example title: Ikspell is looking for interesting, intriguing romantic scenes with unlikely heros, wolves falling in lone wolves, lonesome kites - but also delightful cows, sweet foreigners, the hottest neighbour next to them. You generally want the customary for subordinations, but verify the rules so you have everything down to a tee. Example title:

They are looking for romance, but they also want to develop high-quality plotting and text. Review their submissions policy to get more information about this great philosphy and find out how you can submit your work - which is better something you like! Example title: Focussing on romance, romantic eroticism and imagination, includes short stories.

The majority of their employees are both writers and publishers, so they know the fight. Every gender at Rooanehas has its own unique entry policy, so make sure you follow the right ones. Example title: Under the motto that not all fiction has to be hot. You take all romantic sub-genres (except of course eroticism) and also have a smaller choice of non-romantic music.

In order to log in, you have a personal messaging wizard that you can contact. This is the right publishing house for you if your work has no open sexual scenarios, swear words or many allusions. Example title:

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