Righting a Book

Correcting a book

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Writing day: The way kids made me a better author.

And I really, really wanted to do some writing. I had found out all the work/children/house stuff before I really had them. Being a free-lance author, I thought that I would work from home in the morning and afternoon while the students were'sleeping' and then perhaps working on a big novel at nights while they (haha) SLEPT.

Alright, the collection clearly found it humorous to bungle my idea by sharing me two juvenile who fitting wouldn't go the f**k to physiological state. With the words of a casual individual on Twitter'the best way to create a script is simply to create a script'. I' ll do it.

At least 45 mins until the waking up. Though I should say that instead of composing the Great Novel, I had somehow composed an 800-word tale named "One night in the world of a sleep deprived mother," on every last good old moon in my entire lifetime, since I had been born three years earlier.

This may not have been a great work of art, but I felt much better when I wrote things down. Since then, whenever I had the chance, I have turned my experience of maternity, lack of sleeping and even post-natal distress into comedy. While I was taking cares of two little kids who didn't want to go to bed or just left me alone, I had to go and read a new one.

So, for me, the typing was grudgingly non-structured. I' d tried to compose a novel several occasions and always missed finishing something because I said I didn't have a second. I have my novel Sleep is for the Weak: How To Survive When Your Baby Won't Go The F**k To Sleep and hopefully one day I will finish my novel.

I' d never have done any of that if I hadn't kicked the punk I want to call my kids. Emiliy-Jane's The Weak: The Weak: The Weak: The Weak: The Weak: The Weak: The Weak: Sleep Is For The Weak: ⪠Comment survivre quand votre bébé n'ira pas Le F**K pour dormir est sorti maintenant.

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