Right a Story

Really a story

Lose a little something, right? "The same goes for story titles. At one time there was a wise king. And he appointed great scholars to teach them all the arts. When children play, the world wins.

Getting the Right Person: The Moral Story

At one time there was a sage warrior. Some years later the emperor became seriously ill. So he wanted to choose his next kingdom to reign over. On the next morning the master went to the eldest son's room. He smiled at the stupidity of his eldest child.

And the king came knocking on the room doors. It was dark everywhere and the king yelled at his second boy mad. The king felt very fortunate and embraced his boy very proud. Understanding that the younger boy would be the right man to govern the kingdom after the king.

The European Training Calender

Travelling through various narrative technologies (from fire stories to videogames ) as a tool to help you learn and enhance the efficiency, fun and effect of your work with youngsters. "The" is a youth mobility project supported by the Slovenian NGO Youth Aid Centre Association - YACA.

This course aims to sensitise coaches, moderators and counsellors to the many possible uses of the non-formal education methodology of storytelling and to show them how it can be used for working with youngsters and how it helps them to acquire a variety of important skills and competencies in the vocational and individual field.

We have a universally shared passion for history. We use that story all the while. We do it every single times we comprehend a new record, acquire a new ability, modify an attitudes or divide a part of us with others by writing some kind of story. Through the conscious use of the story-telling proces we can find out how we can improve the efficiency, resilience and joy of our work with young and not only!

Wh-what is "Share the Right Story" TC ALL ABOUT? identifying and understanding keys and competencies for story telling and exploring their possible usefulness for study, individual growth and employment; - analysing the increasing influence of story (and media) on issues such as "hate speech", intolerance and open-heartedness.

Combining the new needs for consciousness, morality and education associated with the societal and numerical age; - exploring the notion of" transformative storytelling": story-telling as an original instrument for managing changes and developing personally; - using gambling to make the work of youngsters ( "more appealing and accessible"); - creating an interna -tional community of young professionals and organi - able to use story-telling to build capacities and methodologies and to have an inno - innovating effect on communities.

Activity is focused on non-formal and empirical methods of teaching, all of which focus on different facets of storytelling. Anticipated results of training for the students are: - to inform and train on cutting-edge storytelling-based approach that illustrates technical notions such as the monomyth, the way of council, gaming - and related working methods - to combine theoretical, practical and exchange ideas and good practices with instructors and peers; - to improve the comprehension and application of comics, video games and board games - all of which are very much loved in juvenile society; - to raise conscientio n and how to better understand their possible adverse impacts in journalism:

  • theatres and role play and practice of telling individual histories. Attendees are expected to work with young people at all levels, whether locally, nationally and/or internationally, who are willing to find something new, to bring in their experiences and expertise on the subject and to believe in the strength of history, narratives and non-formal learning in a fun, interactive and simple way.

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