Richest Screenwriters

The richest screenwriters

There is no doubt that David Koepp is one of the kings of screenplays on the planet. The list shows the top-selling screenwriters based on the domestic box office of the films they have worked on. 20 top-selling screenwriters of all times Yields rose further this past year as the cinema treasury was 26 per cent above last year's yields for the same week. This is largely due to the unanticipated hit of the weekend's two best movies, Underworld Awakening ($25.4 million) and George Lucas' Red Tails ($19.

1 million).

Avakening was better than the last Underworld ( "Rise of the Lycans") episode, but got about as far as Kate Beckinsale's last one. Surprisingly, Red Tails had few predict that they would have a big influence on the cinema pay. But nobody expected that schools busses and groups of churches would show up in flocks, nor a film score of A (Prisco will have our reviewer soon; it's not nearly as friendly).

Apparently, George Lucas still has a little cash moyo inside him. Talking of George Lucas, he leads the 20 Highest Grossing Screenwriters of all times, which consists mostly of the screenwriters of the big blockbusters franchise with many series. As a matter of fact, I think the only bloke on this position without a follow up to his repute Chris Sanders, is the scriptwriter for any of those Disney show position in the aboriginal 1990s, including app. digit this time period's object, the new impression of appearance and the organism.

Haywire's debut and the extension of Extely Loud and Incredible Closes were not so impressing. Steve Soderbergh's Haywire - which was quite well accepted by the reviewers, but not so much by the audience (it got a D+ from Cinemascore) - made its debut in sixth place with $9 million. Whilst that's not so spectacular, Haywire was made for only $23 million, so you' re expecting it to repay its capital outlay (red tails, meanwhile, cost nearly $60 million and can't make it back is money).

Meanwhile, triacly Extely Loud made his debut in fourth place with $11.2 million, and without some Oscar lover he will probably soon be fading, as will Tom Hanks' box-office celebrity.

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