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When I booked a holiday through, they don't show all the fees at the time of booking. Don't book through I had problems with the hotel I booked through booking.


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About 11:00, I realized I had to move into a motel. Through I re-booked the Hyannis Harbor and switched to another one. And then I lodged a complaint with asking for my change back for A Cape Cod Ocean Manor Inn. And I have evidence that I reserved both of their properties for the same date.

There is also evidence of when I check in to the Hyannis Harbor and when I check out. Booking. com didn't give me my change back for the first guesthouse. Well, I also think the evaluations of the guesthouse have been rigged. All my I' ve never had to move out of an inns or hotels in the middle ofthe dark.

was very unhappy with a booking I placed. When I booked, I made several complaints. com and asked for my refund. Rather than contact me, they published my booking as a no-show and ignore me outright. It doesn't matter to them what they publish on their website, whether the guesthouse, etc. is a good guesthouse, they just want the setback for someone to make a reservation.

Book an apartment in Pizzo, Italy, from the USA after a thorough 10 day visit to the Sabbia Di Marinella Residence website. Didn't have an IMS, so he told her the ETA. Then she asked for the bail and taxes known to us, but wanted extra cash for the "cleaning of the apartment" and the "use of linen " (towels, linen, tea cloths, etc.).

Today 4 we went to another US priced guesthouse for the rest of the 7 nights. Enamiled with the appeal and was asked to speak to the establishment to work it out! For the first of my bookings I found the site a bit bewildering and had to keep checking if I had made the right booking. I got an e-mail confirming my booking.

I and my boyfriend arrived at the show with only 1 hour to go and found out that we had no booking. They had no rooms and were happy to find another one for us, but I had to repay them again.

The next day I phoned to find out it wasn't her issue. I was on the telephone one hours ago to Thailand, then by e-mail, then 5 more calls, to finally get said that they are sorry and that I would get a reimbursement, that was 7 of them! One more call that I would insist they call me back, I was informed they didn't have a supervisor, it's in the hand of the tech staff, it's not their issue, I'd get a rebate by the end of the monthly, it'll take two moths since I pay for this scandalous one.

Please be aware that you should keep away from Because I want them to know how poor their support is if something goes awry. I' ve been paying for my room twice through and hotels owners who have been insisting nobody pay before they arrive - they don't get clients' plastic numbers - despite multiple e-mails and phone shots saying they don't have a booking history.

Your account managers are not aware that also books through Agoda and you will therefore receive a different number. So it' s your responsibility that you don't have a number. You ignored all the papers I had sent them, even the e-mail saying that I had already prepaid.

I' ve been contacting the motel since and they said never contacts them. Song Bintang Villas in Lembongan insists that give me the reimbursement, not her. Last time I talked to Evelyn from on the telephone who took my e-mail to try to find the booking - she never called.

I' ve got e-mail docs on booking. com support e-mail several times- they obviously don't go anywhere! Every single call I make, there's a new guy who deals with it who knows nothing and insists that I didn't make a booking through because I don't have a number. Obviously their e-mail doesn't work. I have screen shots of my booking. com confirmations.

There was a Genie there who called me to tell me that she thinks she might know what might have been happening with regard to Agoda, but never came back to me. Where do I know I can rely on these reviews about Please provide us with your address and email address to make sure our auditors are genuine. Using smart management tools that help us keep the ratings intact.

All our facilitators review all reviews to check our service levels and help. Now, I just came back from my 4-week journey with the hostess and used for most of our accommodation. They asked for all kinds of information, as well as a copy of my bank account.

Eventually I phoned them back and they said they could see the same two trades, but I have to give the dealer references. So I got in touch with the bench and the bench said they couldn't spend it. and now they're saying they can't see the duplicate load.

com has made me work on getting the cash back that they are charging twice. Last week I reserved a room for an upcoming meeting two weeks in advance. canceled my booking a month before my show without giving a cause, and when I phoned to find out what had gone bad, my phone didn't answer.

This is a very beloved occasion and it was difficult enough to find the venue two month in advance. So I was abandoned to find a new place to stay. than the one I posted on I' m appalled that canceled my booking out of nowhere and for no reason. is good if it goes right, but if it goes badly, they are not dependable and trustable. It was a dreadful event with a booking a few days ago and a dreadful subsequent client support. It was so disastrous the amount of hassle and cancellations, the effect on me, my group and the journey, the amount of elapsed working hours to solve the problem with this booking without my own negligence, the resulting bad client support that repeated ignoring my complaint and the petition to solve the problem of the effect on my journey, that I will never use the booking again. com.

I' ve reserved a room at the New York Lodge. In 48hrs after booking a booking that was 6 week away, I realized that I had to canceled. At this point I learnt that the booking was not refundable. Mir was said by the motel that I could modify the data by phoning and asking them to call the New Yorker.

I' ve been booking. com for two nights. "This four nights booking costs me $1500. I' m never gonna use again. I' d reserved a hot tub five and a half upfront. At 3:30 pm I called to verify my booking and said that everything was well. By the time we got out of the motel, our plastic had been heavily overloaded.

This room was reserved at $144, but they had debited our $344 plus $150 deposit plus car park to our $344 bank account, which they had pledged to forego the $500 bond on our bank account. So when I approached the general executive, she was impolite and not helpful. Only when got engaged did I get a refund for this horrible one.

It seems to me that hotels blame booking agencies when they are selling rooms reserved at a higher rate. and the room was paid for in advance. for the motel's responsibility for what they did. Auckland, and stayed overnight in guest houses - promoted through

Booking. com blog of the hosts who were kind and informed about New Zealand and Auckland was not truth. Because I was thinking about stealing my own ID, I called because it was no use. Booking. com wasn't the least of worries. After staying at about 9 different homes, none corresponded to the outstanding ratings published on their website.

The girlfriend who made the booking is Mrs. Angeling **. We' ve had terrible experiences with this hotel: Wasn' no dry clean. It was a surprise to us that such a resort could get 9. There are 8 reviews from It would be more scandalous if the hotels had deleted our booking as "no show to the property" because they were worried that we would give them poor reviews.

My wish is that does what is necessary and warns all hotel owners not to do anything (like the above) to get good reviews. And I really wish I'd been reading those reviews before I posted through this corporate fraud. Incorrectly, I was booking a room for one overnight stay as the website standard date.

5 min later I realised my error and cancelled the booking. After a few nights I phoned because the fee was still debited from my bankbook. My client services representative said she had to send an e-mail to the guesthouse and she would contact me in 2-3 workdays. And after a whole weeks in which I hadn't received any e-mail or call, I chose to call back.

As soon as the booking was made, they told me that there was nothing they could do about it. It was hard for me to hear the support staff and they were very impolite and not helpful. In my opinion this is a fraud because I give the guesthouse a lot of free space to find another celebration to fill my place.

Canceling a booking I got in touch with via e-mail and it was not redirected to the booking until the next morning. Really bad services. Talking to the representative, he said it was the hotel's fault. BOOKING. It has no gardens, no terraces, as it was posted on the booking page.

Secondly, the hosts, Pedro, simply pushed us further to not even negotiably paying 35?, for arrival at 19h and not at 18h, which was nowhere posted on! If we could afford him the next morning, since we were staying 3 night, he said no, he wanted cash immediately.

Since we felt very unwell, we said to him that we wanted to refuse and agreed to cover the one overnight stay he had missed, but wanted to be reimbursed for the other 2 years. Said we had to go through, we canceled, telling him he had to agree to the cancellation, he said he wasn't the owner and he wouldn't do anything.

And last but not least we phoned and talked about the whole thing, they said they would be contacting the hosts. We' ve gotten in touch with the booking. That' s why we don't use anymore, and for all of you please be cautious! OK, I have used the booking for several years and never had a single issue until a recent journey where I had 6 different accommodation arrangements for a 15 days long trek through Croatia and Slovenia.

Well, I phoned Booking because I made such a big deal. Lodging said they would give a discount on my booking if I cancelled the booking on-line, but the cancelation charge was the overall charge and I was worried that I would be billed the reduced price in cold currency and then my ticket would be debited for the cancelation charge.

The booking phoned the landlord who refused to offer a rebate so I didn't cancele. On the phone I phoned Booking to tell them that they were being cheated, and to let them know what was being said, they also said to me that an issue of the order of no climate control, if any, would involve a 20% rebate and that the price quoted to me as a rebate was really liberal.

I' ll use from this point on, I have already realized that they have more properties than bookings, especially as the booking now seems to want to concentrate on suites rather than properties. I have been using the services for all my private and corporate travel bookings since 2014.

I am today dissapointed by the services because of her affiliate customer the Hotel de Berne. On March 31, 2018 I had a booking at this hostel for 6 days for my holiday in the town of Nice, but they canceled on AUG 13, just one days before my booking date. This is the stated reasons that my ticket is not valid and you have overbooked thetel.

To prove that my credit cards are correct, I have received an e-mail from the banking company (Debit Cards Department) and been redirected to support. At first pledged to help me with my booking services, but at the end of their term also worse and similar to the hotel services. I' m really disappointed why I'm using your services all these years.

I have no choice but to terminate all my packages because of their wrong obligation. They asked me to show the validity of my ticket and the kind of incentive they give me to keep the booking.

I may not be able to stop your doing this, but at least some of the ordinary folks will keep away from your shop, especially if they are planning a holiday well in advance, cause this resort will void your booking if they get a high demand/price during the season. I wonder how promotes their commercial service when they cause this kind of discontent to their customers.

Those folks took cash from my bank but it was announced that everything would be done when I got to the site. Das re plus booking. com took 5000Baht from my bankroll, for service, and US100, which became $277 in Australianollars. Now my Aussie bank is looking into a few things, but to be sure, should be out.

They' re mercenaries, and I think, working with the Pattaya R/E hands on, after they have read some of the reviews. It is a continuation of my other reviews you have published. Booking. com and Pattaya Realty said they can't repay any of my moneys. Nothing for nothing, CILL, waitress. You practically stole my cash.

When you read the reviews/complaints about these individuals, it seems to be a model that they use. Tourism cops are dealing with the " cash load ". Have made a booking with a free of charge cancellations Policy. Well, I canceled in good fucking time. But the motel still weighed on me. Call Booking and said that the real estate would return my moneys in 7 to 10 working days.

On day 12, I recalled because I never got my reimbursement. Booking type was extreme impolite and had me mail a copy of the deal..... It' s annoying when you take your cash and then wait to get it back! Booking my accommodation in Portofino the rate on was 117 in big font color 117?.

Since we booked at very last minute, I thought this was a last minute transaction. When I went through the booking, the costs of 260 were cancelled and 117 were given. As I finished the booking, the fare was 260?. So I thought I'd talk to the guesthouse about it.

I' ve been in touch with since then, and because I didn't put their page on the 117? rate they can' do anything. I' m not impressed by and won't use it again. Reservations have been made through I had to make a booking 3 week before, which was legal.

At 9:00 a.m. I came to my guesthouse after 4 hrs travel time, only to find out that my booking had not been refreshed and the guesthouse was fully reserved. Receptionist at the motel said they've had a lot of trouble booking. Lately. and the first lady tried to find me another one.

Meanwhile, I was held on standby for 20+ mins ( in the meantime, the room where I came to found an alternative room) and was separated. Calling again, I asked to talk to a management again, but was rejected. Although I had to reserve an extra room, I reserved my own room for less than I would have payed for, as this room was also near full time.

In the end it cost more with the additional space, but I would have rather spend my own cash than to pay Though I have often voiced my discontent with my experiences, no one has apologized. You don't always publish exact ratings. You will be offering choices that are not acceptable or real at the resort.

I was in a motel for me. They said they'd reimburse any night they didn't use. declined to keep that pledge and instead said quite accurately, "Oh, well, we're sorry. will never make the most of me again. So why do they still book with them? I' ve used this kind of services in the past and was happy with them until my last time.

Somehow, and I don't know how, so I suggest you look at the small text, I am now responsible for the whole amount and not for the reimbursement, although they said to me throughout the booking that I wouldn't have to spend until I got there. We' ve reserved a room at a top-notch Gettysburg Pa Inn in Lincoln Square.

A small, b&b boutique-like guesthouse. I got the acknowledgment from and the pins. After arriving at the motel on Friday at 3:30 a.m., and there is no employee, the b&b is caged. "At one point the administrator declares that she does not have our name in the files and has never obtained our booking for the booking. Callled Booking. com, on holding for over 10 minutes, but eventually a representative will tell us she's going to look into it and if the resort doesn't solve it in 30 minutes, she's going to get us a room.

Call the reserved guesthouse again and the agent says we can go down the road to another guesthouse and they will redeem the booking at no extra charge as it is still "on its way" to the Inn. Call this other hostel - no reply, please send us a note.

Speaking with, she says that we are "all ready" because the reserved property has redirected us to another property. we didn't confide a word from the secretary on the telephone from the inn in Lincoln as she was still explaining to folks that she would be there in 10-20 minutes, after 2 hrs of this absurdity.

Booking. com would not interfere in the negotiation with the other hotelier.... there were 5 or 6 people waiting for the seller to arrive at 5:30 a.m. on a Friday and the seller had given them all different histories and different other hoteliers to go to. Booking. com eventually suggested that they booked us at a Kettenhotel in the city, but we had to foot the full bill.

Having sat 2hrs in front of this guesthouse, the booking. apparently never really made it for us. The next thing we will do is go through the credentials to see how much they charged during the booking process so we can get a full refund. Please check your details for a full refund. Completely untrustworthy and without support.

Never trust Tried to call it off, but it wouldn't let me, so I phoned the Margaritaville Inn and they said there was nothing they could do for me. I' d have to discuss it with Calling the helpline number and guessing - I was on standby for almost an hours and nobody took the call.

They' re pushing the date and stealing your cash. Mistakes made in booking - tried to cancelling within a few moments, no such happiness. Don't use Unfortunately, I used to make bookings for a boyfriend - the groom's mom - at a South Korean resort selected by the bridegroom.

In fact, I changed it a wholeweek later, and e-mailed me -- to my e-mail-adress -- that the change was a success. It was canceled three month later, however, without me having been notified by the hotels or acknowledges that they sent a false e-mail to the guesthouse and that they had a correct e-mail for the booking!

And, despite's repeat pledges that they will identify the issue and work to correct the situations for which they declare themselves responsible - NOT CREATE. Whenever we speak to, it is another individual who does not bring us into touch with one of the previous agents.

All of them claim that nobody at the guesthouse is speaking English (what I know is a lying, because the bridegroom remained there before and had no trouble to communicate with the reception), everyone pledges to keep trying to call the guesthouse (but their memos have no evidence that anyone is doing anything more than what they need to do to get us off the hook), everyone pledges to call us back (but nobody ever does), etc.

I' ll never use again. Booking a room for two nights outside of and driving 700 mile to get there. Book. Booking. com is completely useless. I' ve reserved a room for one with for one evening. There was a familial crisis and I had to call it off immediately, but did so within the given timeframe.

Calling the guesthouse, I was informed that I had to go through was telling me that they saw that the flaw was the motel that when I modified the date, the motel doubles had me booking. Then I sent all the documents I asked for to as required, and they said I was ready and would get my reimbursement within a fortnight.

Nearly 3 week later and I got an e-mail from them refusing my reimbursement and saying that because there was a fault the guesthouse had been losing cash by keeping the room for me! is awful! The Service has made me very angry and frustrated about the violation of my booking for the Royal Resort in Las Vegas, NV.

A room for 5 persons (2 adult and 3 child) has been reserved, which means that there would be 2 double cots and a double divan couch, corresponding to the manager's floor of the room, plus continental breakfast. 2 double cots and a double couch. It' s noteworthy that he also mentions in the booking that it includes your morning meal, which was not the case; since everything went wrong, I ask for a refund of the amount I payed for this room.

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