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We' re having a show week: Episode The Writer; Absolute Hell - Review | Stage

The new Ella Hickson piece is an attack on the scene. In the same way as John Osborne with Look Back in Anger, the writer is overrunning the theatre as well. It' not exactly a good game, as with Osborne. Writers are already distributing an audience that is shared between those who can't and those who want to work for it.

If you' re interested in the theater, you should see The Writer. It' becomes one of the most turbulent talks I've ever heard: an echoing assault by a schoolgirl - a Lara Rossi in electroplating - on the piece she's just seen. It is raging against unfounded rapes, females moving the scene in warm trousers, business imperatives, masculine harassment, a theater that does not come into contact with everything that goes on outside of it.

It is an interesting interchange, full of belief. The next stage takes over: a question and answer on stage that shows that the former interchange is part of a theater. Both actresses appear as an actor alongside the jittery writer (Romola Garai) and a ruling playwright (Michael Gould). You object to the previous sequence - "ranty" is one of them.

It is a piece that will tell you what it is, not only by showing, but by movement. It' a game of constantly breaking down walls: each sequence is as temporary as Anna Fleishe's bright designs, which pull displays up from the ground to turn them into sets. In a very tidy naturalist dialog with racist and rude sexuality and professional pressures, a sequence of wild woman behaves: woodland hunter; giant shadow appearing like Easter Island; stages and performers surrounded by crosswalk.

I wanted to throw something in for the first in a long while - during the Q&A world. So why did she take it for granted that all the drama reviewers were males? There' s more critical kick in Absolute Hell when a tweed-suited dyke who wears a gingerbread hair that looks as if it has been absurdly torn from a buffoon, is pilloried by a writer for having ruined his carreer - and dying-.

This piece - initially known as The Pink Room - ended after three wards. In spite of later awakening - Richmond's orange tree proves that a small theater can be a flag carrier - it is still best known for being ignored and known. Well-creased as the foiled writer who - after the removal of the Lord Chamberlain bureau - re-created Ackland as homosexually explicit.

One piece that should be a real challange looks marbled. Marble is the opposite of what makes theater interesting.

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