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The President is missing" book review: Testimonials from the reviewers

The New York Times reviewers announced the book as "ambitious and fiercely readable", while other outlet books like The Guardian found it lengthy. Review for the novel The presidency is lacking from ex-President Bill Clinton and bestselling writer James Patterson, and reviewers are as split as the nation as a whole in the political arena.

A tale of rogues, the president has disappeared in this era and is telling a tale about US President Jonathon Duncan, who is accused of persistent flight from the sight of the secret services. Duncan, resolved that he is the only man with the inside information to prevent an impending cyberterrorist assault on the US, is doing everything he can to rescue the state.

Clinton's presidential term is paralleled by the 500-page novel by some, among them Ron Charles of the Washington Post, on the true motivations behind it. "William Jefferson Clinton's glorification in Jonathan Lincoln Duncan should be taught in psychiatric wards for years," Charles said, pointing out the fact that both have similar educations and make-up:

He also says he sees Duncan as a "revision" of Clinton's own existence. Duncan, Charles compared, is repositioned as a veteran and celibacy after the deaths of his spouse, while Clinton shunned the Vietnam Wars and suffered a series of open whistles about his illegitimate business. In spite of some fears about the book's connection to the physical universe, Nicolle Wallace of the New York Times argues in her review of the "ambitious and fiercely readable" book that the closeness of history to actuality is not an obstacle, but a sales argument.

" Clues to the realities of The President Is Missing adds an aspect of mysticism to the readers, says Time Magazine's editoressa Berenson, who says that it is a "meta-mystery" of what Clinton himself has written. As with many of The President Is Missing's suspenseful sets, both Berenson and Wallace take a moment in their tales to underline its efficacy.

"Berenson said, "The President Is Missing's pages are full of the classical trophies of a great big merchant adventure, from counting down the tickers and Hollywood-worthy costumes to cut-outs that add to the excitement. Poole, like Charles, seriously questions the use of large scenes of actions, as it collides with the fact that Duncan is spending much of his day teaching others.

"Poole said, "As long as it focuses on this kind of shit, the upcoming Showtime TV show will undoubtedly be a smash on you. Showtime in September revealed that ThePresident Is Missing is already on board to make his TV comeback. "Bring-the-president Is Missing is a major coup," said David Nevins, chairman and chief executive officer of Showtime Networks Inc.

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