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We specialize in creative writing courses. Each week we welcome a new group of individuals from Wales, the rest of the UK and beyond to our home. A complete list of creative writing courses in the Scottish Highlands, with retreats, guided retreats and workshops.

Classes & Retreats, Wales

There are a number of courses and seminars available at T? Newydd. She is a writer and writer. Graduated with a BA in English and a BA in English from the University of Birmingham, an MA in Victorian..... Litererature Wales is pleased to announce that the next round of scholarships and mentors is now open for submissions.

Wales Writers' Bursaries allow authors to.....

The Lit & Phil Library, Newcastle.

Open to anyone interested in poetical forms, it is suitable for both new and seasoned authors. October 10-21 November, 18-20. 280 per wk November to April. Tutor are Margaret Elphinstone and Mary Smith, widely used authors and seasoned instructors. Provides brief breaks or daily retreats, self-catering or demi-catering, a cosy ambience, good meals, a great view of the gardens and the opportunity to write.

It' for writers. Soak up the tranquillity and loneliness, inspiring vistas, rugged walks and starlit night. The 2016 tutorials are Kenneth Steven'Writing for Beginners' (11-18 November) and 3 Writers Open Retreats with mentorship (3-10 June, 3-10 September, 23-30 September).

Writing courses at Moniack Mhor

Scholarships are available for all courses. The 2018 courses were scheduled for November 21. Whether you are a novice or an expert author, Jen and Billy are at your disposal to research your poems, provide assistance, motivational guidance and in-depth one-on-one counsel. You wonder how you can make your reader happy or - even better - make him happy?

How can you make your own? Mhor Moniack, Do you know the sensation - you are full of thoughts, but when you are sitting down and writing the first section, the line or the first sequence, your lives get in the way? This course covers all the things we like about writing audio-play.

We will look for ways to develop a first concept, think about acoustic, write a succesful first sequence, the relation between author and producers and the final record experiences in the studi. The longer evenings can be a paradise for the bustling author. Extend this period by visiting us for a whole weekend with little diversion and allowing yourself to work.

This course explores the shape and gender and discusses some of the ways and technologies that authors have used to make even the most prudent reader feel insecure and frightened. Our very first course on this particular type of children's book will be guided through the book writing and illustration processes by your teachers, with an in-depth study of samples, historic and modern, moral and groundbreaking samples, drawing on their own experience in this particular area.

MONIAK MOR, how does the heaven smell? This course provides a different view of the writing industry with the aim of demystifying the whole writing supply chain and explaining how editors, agencies and writers work together. In a broad range of workshop and writing practices, Moniack Mhor, Chitra Ramaswamy and Peter Geoghegan investigate two of the most important terms in the world of science and journalism: the self and the place.

Mhor Moniack, This weekend we will not only explore the basics of song writing, but also how interesting a compilation of related works can be. Come to us for a whole weeks of writing before Christmas. Mhor Moniack,

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