Reputable Publishing Houses

Renowned publishers

» 10 prestigious publishers who have accepted uncalled entries. Each publisher on this listing has released works that have been won or appointed by members of the trade. They are all well distributed. Professionally, I own or have at least one of all the publishing houses on this mailing lists. None of these publishing houses are open to unasked entries - no agents needed.

The publishing house Page Street Publishing is a publishing house for hardcovers, gifts and handicraft/cookbooks. For a good feel for what they have posted in the past, click here. About sixty publications per year. HOLIDAUSE is an incumbent and respected children's publishing house.

The Holiday House has been around for over 75 years. You are publishing textbooks and textbooks for pupils in classes 1-3, 4-6 and 7 and above. They' re headquartered in New York City. They' ve written famous and award-winning works. The DAW is a prestigious publishing house for science fiction and fantasy.

The DAW has released writers like Marion Zimmer Bradley and Roger Zelazny. The DAW has released many bestsellers and Hugo award-winning auctions. They' re respectful and well-loved. The Chronicle is a prestigious publisher that produces many beautiful titles, but for the sake of this listing I concentrate only on the line of their young.

They' have released a series of works that have been selected for the Caldecott, the most renowned children's citation. Each year they issue a large number of children's literature and have outstanding sales partners. An esteemed editor of literature, non-fiction, poems and literature for young adults. Their work is particularly well received in academia.

The Flashlight Press is focused on the publication of illustrative children's literature. They are very funny to study and well-designed. The Seven Stories Press is an independently owned publishing house that has been in existence for twenty years. You' ve written a number of prestigious works. Your products are sold by Random House.

Arthur A. Levine Boks was formed in 1996. You are publishing hard-cover literature and non-fiction for kids and young people (and demanding adults). Many prizewinning and nominee works and a number of very well-known and renowned writers (including J.K. Rowling) have been made. You are an incumbent publishing house for literature, non-fiction and memoirs.

You are also publishing children's literature (but no storybooks). located in Philadelphia, only 25 titles per year in a wide variety of categories, from children's literature to non-fiction and sci-fi. Contrary to most publishing houses, which deal with a variety of subjects, Quirk has a clear advertising agenda, and to a certain extent their titles have a coherent feeling because they are all weird.

The City Lights Book is located in San Francisco and is indeed part of the renowned bookshop there. The City Lights Book was founded by the renowned author and author Lawrence Ferlinghetti. They' re the best-selling New York Times titles. You' ve been a publishing house for over 60 years. Each year they produce about a ten or so of them.

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