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The more important this question becomes if you are a new name looking for a breakthrough in the publishing industry. I' m in the sciences, so book chapters are nice bonuses, but not as good for me as articles. This is a serious company? Think of university and commercial publishers. The readers are tired of the same authors writing cliché books, and so are we.

The six best: Independent publishers outside London

Along with Bloomsbury, Faber & Faber and Fourth Estate - UK literature publishers - Man Booker's short-list this year added a bunch of lesser-known machines to the mix:" Myrmidon and salt. Whilst writers and reviewers complain against them on a regular basis, prices are important when it comes to publication.

Financing cutbacks, falling available income and the changing nature of online publication have smaller publishers who operate out of what Londoners patronise as "the provinces" (i.e. the remainder of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) fighting to keep up. In this year, the Booker Commitee decided to track down the "pure force of prose" and the "shock of language" and go to pasture for "readability" after last year's debate.

It will have been a welcome choice for those publishers who have long been committed to new and innovative votes, including at the threat of bad selling. Last year's shortlist was also lauded for a respectable indieshow - Canongate, Granta, Atlantic and Serpent's Tail all made the edit - but this year is a little different, as none of the publishers mentioned is part of the London-Edinburgh group.

The following is an excerpt of the three best-selling publishers and three more that are altering the way they commission, sell and consume their work. Cromer, Norfolk. He enjoys an amazing year as the editor who collected Alison Moore's The Lighthouse. Following the reduction in subsidies in 2009, Salt heralded a 60 per cent decline in revenues and asked the fans to buy one of their more than 1,000 stocks in order to remain overwater.

A comparison with a revenue increase of 243 percent in the second calendar period 2012 clearly shows what award nominees can mean for a smaller publisher. There is a new criminal print and an extension into the famous science fi l cation and phantasy genre, but Salt's Brot und Butter is still new poetic and fictional.

They' re publishing a best-of.... serial in which top journalists select the year' s best poems, novels and from 2013antasy. They boast of an interest in "new writers of all ages" and they use the renowned Salt, Crashaw and Scott Prizes as a means of finding new talents.

in Myrmidon Books, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Independent literature journalist Boyd Tonkin reviewed Tan Twan Eng's The Garden Mists: "The fact that a novel of this language sophistication and seeking intellect should come from a small Newcastle print says a great deal about the vulnerability of today's business world. Later on, while he praised the Booker Committee's choice to add the novel to the mailing lists, he argued for more discriminatory treatment in the industry:

" While Myrmidon is perhaps the least known of the three publishers on the shortlist, it is also the least well-designed. Most of her lists consist of detective stories and fictional genres, as well as the outstanding Sebastian Beaumont and of course Tan Twan Eng. Maybe the "literary" part of their lists will flourish further in view of Eng's greatness.

Serbian Books, Bridgend, Wales. Seren Books (Seren is the Welsh star) has made it its objective to work uncompromisingly for "well-picked words " in whatever shape or for whatever reason. They released Costa and Booker-longlisted The Last Hundred Day by Patrick McGuinness in 2011, which took place in the last few era of the Ceaucescu Communistic World.

Whereas most of them are published in English and their writers are internationally listed, Seren serves as a contact point for Wales literature cooperation. Tarsett, Northumberland. Bloodaxe is an independent institute that has always strived to produce the best and most varied poems. Established in 1978 by Neil Astley, the company's publisher and CEO, Bloodaxe was the first to be published by Simon Armitage, David Constantine and Helen Dunmore.

In 2008, Booker nominee Jeet Thayil published the Bloodaxe Book of Modern American Poets. The media has won almost every award, bringing along an infinite selection of writers from all over the world and compiling the best of everyone in a wide range of pop popular manuscripts. Wealthy and always invigorating, Bloodaxe's self-proclaimed "Poesie mit Rand" continues to be the pounding heart of modern English poesy.

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