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The right style for writing reports. Select language and use when creating reports. FEATURELESS course for writing reports I' m a full-time sheriff, I also work as an arson/fire detective who tries to correct my report writing I'd like to take a grade on the above aplenty. The PowerPoints published here give you a sound basis for creating reports.

They can also look at the free video at I' m running a demonstration centre for a college and a town. I' d like to know how to report on different types of project and how to report on people. While this website is focused on policing I think you will find many useful writing hints here.

Perhaps you would also like to check out my other website, which has a wider writing approach: I' m a part-time cop. I' d like help writing reports. It' great that you're working on your report writing abilities! Free video clips can be found at

Also, I suggest my Criminal Justice Report Writing - it is available on I' ve now taken a job in a small regional division where the call volumes are minimal and most officials report back here from time to time. I was asked by the management to put together a programme of trainings to better equip the unit to process their work.

You can find my free instruction video for use at You can get a free Instructor's Guide for my Criminal Justice Report Writing by emailing me at, along with a set of print-ready test files. I' ll also be subscribing to my free Police Writer e-newsletter as soon as I receive your feedback!

I' m a cop and I got a real trouble writing a cop out. Are there any adult schools near you where you can take writing lessons? Invite a buddy (someone whose native tongue is English) to look at everything you do. Criminal Justice Report Writing (from is another good source.

English is also recommended as a second language (ESL).

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