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Commented list of editors of books on religion and religious topics. The reader is guided by religious and spiritual memories in search of inspiration. more. List of religious book publishers, cultural book publishers and religious book exporters. The leading provider of Catholic and Christian books in Australia.

Shopping online for Christian books, DVDs, brochures, maps, timelines and basic Bible diagrams for teaching, church or personal Bible study.

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ABRAMS, established in 1949 by Harry N. Abrams, was the first in the United States to specialise in the production and sale of fine arts and picture volumes. Today, the firm is a member of the La Martinière Groupe and produces picture volumes in the fields of arts, photographs, cooking, indoor and outdoor decoration, handicrafts, literature, architectural works, amusement, fashion, sport and popular music, children's literature and music.

The Academic Studies Press is an independant scientific publishing house dedicated to the promotion of scientific research and comprehension in the fields of Judaic and Slavic studies in the arts and society. Our excellent, opinion-leading writers and serial writers constantly seek to increase comprehension through our books and discerning guides, to increase the access to classical works through our translation and to stimulate dialog through our scientific editorial.

In 1957 ACTA Publications began publishing textbooks and audio/video material for religious instruction and wedding planning. Since then, she has expanded her editing space with a multitude of material for those who seek to practice the Christ Consciousness in their everyday life, in their work, with their family and in their Church.

For over 20 years Amana has been active in the field of publication. Amana literature is a great resource of information, insights, inspiration and interreligious communication for all those who are looking for Muslim and non-Muslim scholars. Amana is recognised as a top editor of the Holy Qur'an with almost 100 publications, in addition to Muslim literature on a variety of subjects, including literature for schoolchildren.

Well-known for its excellent print quality and a large choice of textbooks, Amana is today singularly placed as the premier resource for Muslim literacy that draws and trains individuals of all ages from all spheres of the world. ACRATIC PRESS (ACP) is a publishers of hymnbooks and other material for the Roman Catholic Church.

AMG Publishers has become a leading publisher since its founding with the Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible, award-winning books for young people, extensive references, numerous Bible surveys and pathriotic music. The Appletree Press is one of the biggest publishers of travel and gifts guides for an global travel industry. Published in eight of its own tongues.

Acadécadé Publishings is an independant specialist publisher established in 1988 in New York, USA. You are publishers of US and international literature and non-fiction. Established in 1996 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. It is our mission to promote a vibrant mix of culture, literature and non-fiction books with a focus on forward-looking policy analyses of modern subjects while promoting new, original texts.

In the last 45 years, Ashgate has developed into one of the world's premier publishers. Understanding the value of academia and science, we pride ourselves on our reactivity, agility, independence as well as our worldwide scope. We have a program of cutting-edge research papers and textbooks to drive our work.

Each book that appears on the Ashgate mailing lists is reviewed by recognised experts and we are committed to working with our writers to make the book typing or editorial process as satisfactory as possible. Each year we have over 800 publications in the humanities and social sciences, are the editors of the much acclaimed Variorum range and have an extensive collection of reference work.

More than 75% of our publications appear at the same time in printed and e-book versions. The Fortress Augsburg is the publication of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Augsburg Fortress is invited to offer goods and ministries that convey the Gospel, strengthen the belief and enrichen the lives of the Lutheran congregation.

Tante Lute Book is a non-profit, multi-cultural women's magazine located in San Francisco. We have been producing publications for over thirty years by females whose opinions are historically under-represented in the majorstream and small print media. The Ave Maria Business is a leader in the supply of Catholics with 140 years of Roman Catholic publishers' work.

The Baker Publishings Group produces high-quality fonts that reflect historical Christianity and address the many interests and needs of Protestant audiences. With more than 150 publications per year, Barbour Publishers is a leading company in the European publisher world. Founded in 1897, Baylor University Press produces about thirty new publications every year for scientists, college and college graduates and intellectuals.

Baylor University Press also has a top programme in religious education with outstanding works of critique in the fields of arts, politics, history, public arts, and literature. The Behrman House is the premier publishers of textbooks and kids softwares for Jews. Compendiums and volumes on comparing cultures and spirits, psycology, self-help, cure, ecology, interspections and raising the level of societal consciousness and deliberate evolutio.

Blue Bridge is an independant non-fiction book company located near New York City. The BlueBridge book topics are culture, biography, nature and sciences, inspiration and self-help. The Cambria Press is a major peer-reviewed scientific research editor. The Canadian Scholar' Press Inc. was established in 1986 and is one of Canada's preeminent scientific publishers.

Each year, the Centre for Social and Cultural Studies produces around 24 volumes focusing on sociology, criminology, social work, education and cultural studies. Founded in 1993, Capall Bann is a privately held business.

There are over 300 Mind Body Spirit textbooks on a multitude of subjects. At the Catholic University of America Press we are publishing in the areas of historical (ecclesiastical and secular), linguistic and literary, philosophical, theoretical politics and thisology. Our main focus is on early Christian and mediaeval research. Our publications include works from scholarships that reach a broad audience, scientists and academics.

LLC is a Springville, Utah-based publishers focused on the publication of high-impact media for the LDS and non-LDS populations. Editor of belletristic and non-fiction work. In search of'clean' fictional genres. The CMU Press is an Academic Editor of scientific literature, encyclopedias and general interest literature at Canadian Mennonite University.

CMU Press provides information about interests and topics that are important for the school, its constituencies and people. Literature publishers that offer literature on intellectual, literature and poetry. Offer a range of Christ literature with commentary and Sunday school curriculum. For over fifty years (since 1959) College Press & CP Publishers has been producing music.

We are a traditionally English publisher with comments, scientific literature and general Erts. The book for an educated democracy: a book about policy, environmental issues, ethical issues, militarism, freedom. Concordant Publishers Concern is a non-denominational, non-profit organization established in 1909 to disseminate the facts and truth of the old scriptural citations.

The Concordia Publishing House (CPH) is the editor of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS), which is devoted to the dissemination of the Gospel. The CPH releases over 8000 items for the church, home and school markets. The Cornell University Press promotes a wide-ranging and sustainable research community by publishing scholarships that are committed, powerful and sustainable.

Founded in 1869 as the first US academic newspaper, just after Cornell was founded, the media embodied and promoted the heart and soul of the college by spreading basic and hands-on information while maintaining its own distinctive publishing image. As part of an institute to promote the state, the media is also devoted to converting research into publication that reaches and benefits the general population.

The works in the imprint mirror the obligation to excel through strict assessment, skilful editorial, sophisticated designs, systematic planning, systematic sales and worldwide reach. Although publishing many types of literature (fiction and non-fiction for adults, children's literature, Christmas literature, gifts and other products), it reflects all the virtues that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has.

Accordant with the fundamental Judeo-Christian teachings, committed to the worthiness of humanity, our works seek to live in harmony with the wealth of experiences of the Catholics, their brethren, sisterhoods and acquaintances throughout the world and in the world. The catalogue contains the most important publications on theology, religion, and education; publications in favour of families, fellowship, and individual and career growth; and publications of scholarly excellence in the quest for divine and mystic truths.

We are an independant general publishing house specialized in business, children's, literature, erotic, inspiration, non-fiction, poetry, religious and self-help literature. It is our goal to create high value eBooks that are available in book and giftware shops, placed in bookshops and colleges and distributed as eBooks, as well as to create emerging authors through our authors developmentprogramm.

Editor of the Dake Annotated Reference Bible and Jennings Dake, the deceased Finis. Darwin Press produces textbooks in the areas of science and biological science, Middle East and Central Asia, worldwide business, academic monographies, historic memoir and related pocket text. As a not-for-profit organisation, David C Cook is committed to the publication and dissemination of management and disciple making tools to help Christians around the globe flourish in their beliefs and transmit them to the next family.

Dundurn Press and its associated Imprint publications have released more than 2000 publications since 1972, 1700 of which are still in press. With some ninety to a hundred new books a year, Dundurn is one of Canada's biggest publishers of literature and non-fiction for adults and young adults.

The DAP listing mirrors our basis in Scotland, where some of the best colleges in the whole wide range of the worlds best colleges are located, but includes writers and topics from all over the global academia - our skylines are much wider than our immediate Scotland area. We have agents and dealers selling our products all over the know.

The DAP mainly issues papers at all stages from the first year of study to the level of post-graduate and research. Duquesne University Press is the scientific publisher of Duquesne University and aims to enhance the Duquesne University's image and prestige by promoting and widely disseminating the University. Our University Press is an unmistakable expansion of the University's engagement, reaffirmed in its strategy plans, to a "national renown for academical excellence" that goes beyond the boundaries of the schoolroom and reaches the entire university world.

With this in mind, we are serving both the university and science in general. Editors of hypnotism, self-help, alternate medicines, etc. The Eburon Academic Publishers is an independant publishing house specialising in the arts and society. Concentrating on the worlds of idea and behavior, our research includes research in the fields of philosophies, theologies, psychology, organisation and leadership, as well as research in the fields of society and sex.

Our publications include monographic and textbook works as well as academic periodicals. The Encounter Company produces serious non-fiction in the fields of historical, religious, biographical, educational, law and order, contemporary, political and sociological scholars. The Eridanus Press was founded to promote the best of the best of all cultures: arts, scholarship, religion, political, economic and human.

We are a market place for people interested in new and provoking reading. The Flanker Press is a ray of hope in the Newfoundland and Labrador world. The most prolific specialist book publishers in the provinces, the firm now counts an average of twenty new publications per year, with a focus on local non-fiction and historic literature.

A nonprofit academical journal, Vitae publications interreligious scientific works that focus on global-spiritualism. Founded in 1907, Fordham Universtity Print, the 7th oldest college print media in the state and the oldest college print media in the state, is the university's non-profit area. Currently, the media publish ninety volumes a year, mainly in the arts and society, with an excellent record of award-winning study in the areas of manuscripts, communication, literature, philosophical research, politics, religion, psychology and divinity, with an accent on multidisciplinary work.

This is a streamlined company with ten staff members who manage a rugged printing and digitally published programme through effective workflows and collaboration. Fortress Press has been a forerunner in religious science for over 50 years. We are committed to the publication of contemporary, pertinent and transformational literature in the fields of Bible study, divinity and theological theories.

The Fortress Press is published in three major areas: science, literature and literacy. We started Theologie für das Volk, a folk theatre programme, in 2015. Llandysul, West Wales, is a print and publishers group. Founded in 1892, the business is still in the same hands today.

Today Gomer Press is both a flourishing printer and the biggest publishers in Wales. Each year we release over 120 publications specialising in textbooks with an unmistakable Welsh identification. The Gorgias Press is an independant scholarly editor of various publications and periodicals in the fields of religious science, the Old West Asian region, classical and Near East theories.

Editor of the Sunday school curriculum, the holiday Bible school, Bible teaching, and church work materials. He is a new publishers for local and Mormon-study. Hachai's goal is to create children's literature of high literature and art value to provide the whole Hebrew congregation with literature on Hebrew culture, value, history and traditions.

The HarperCollins Publishers is one of the world's premier English-speaking publishers. The New York-based firm is a wholly owned division of News Corporation. The Harvest House is one of the top ten publishers in the Christendom region, with more than 180 publications a year and a powerful back list of more than 1,200 publications. The Hendrickson Publishers have a long tradition of making excellent scholarly textbooks, specialist literature and encyclopedias at a decent cost.

Our aim of our scholarly editorial programme is to satisfy the needs of religious sciences around the world with works on the Jewish Bible and Jewish languages, Old Orientalism and archeology, the New Testament and the Grecian languages, as well as on Judaism, patistics, ecclesiastical affairs, historic divinity, religious and cultural practice.

He is also pleased about the partnership with the Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft, the leading publishers of original-language Bibles. The Hohm Press is dedicated to the publication of works that offer the reader an alternative to the materialist value of contemporary civilization and foster self-confidence, the acknowledgement of interdependency and empathy. We specialize in religious science, naturopathy, education, women's affairs, art and literature.

The Holy Cross Orthodox Press ist der Verlagsarm der Hellenic College-Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology. It is the task of the press to produce publications on Orthodox Christian theology. Established in 1969, Howard in Brentwood, Tennessee, is a Christ publishers firm. It' an impressum of Simon & Schuster, which releases inspiring contents.

The HGP has published scientific literature in the fields of psychological and psychotherapeutic research, as well as in the fields of literature, history, philosophy, the arts and religious sciences. Further events, individual considerations and children's literature are to be added in the near term. Ibex Publishers has been releasing the best of Iranian language in English and Persian since 1979. The ICS Publications, headquartered in Washington, D.C., is the publisher of the Institute of Carmelite studies (ICS) and a department of the Discalced Carmelite Friars of the Washington Province (USA).

Carmelite Studies Institute supports research and publications in the area of Carmelite religious life, especially on Carmelite holy and related subjects. The InterVarsity Press is a non-profit organization committed to the universit y, the churches and the whole wide globe. The Irish Academy Press has been at the head of Irish academia for almost forty years.

We want to maintain the high quality of the past with a special emphasis on Ireland's past, political and literary heritage and art. The Jain Publishing Company produces collegiate reference works, academic and scientific articles, and general readership book. We provide publications for professionals and general readership on various topics.

Recently we have written extensive publications in the areas of psychological wellbeing, counselling, Palliativmedizin and practice Theologie. Featuring hundrets of books that offer a wide range of prospects, our missions are to hold, encourage and encourage conversations both within the religious communities and within people of other denominations and customs.

The company was divested to Turner Publishing in June 2016. Among the new proprietors the legal notice will release 20-30 tracks per year. Known in the business as the leading editor of pop Judaica, Jonathan David extended his coverage by recording works of general interest of a worldly character.

Sport, cookery, reference works and instructions were added. Jossey Bass has published a number of novels, magazines and other medias to educate and motivate those who are interested in self-development, their organisations and their comunities. Jossey Bass' writings show the work of some of the world's best-known writers in the fields of management, economics, education, religious and spiritual, educational, non-profit, social welfare and healthcare, dispute settlement and relation.

Judson Publishers is one of the American Baptist Home mission societies' programmes serving Jesus Christ in the United States and Puerto Rico with its missions. The Judson Press currently has more than 400 printed works and publishes approximately 12 new publications per year.

Publications concentrate on A. C. experiences, life, Christian upbringing, Baptist histories and convictions, congregational guidance, Bible studies, sermons, ministerial work and discipleships. Judson Press releases The Secret Place, a subscription-based monthly devotion, and Judson Bible Journeys for Adults, a Sunday schools monthly book.

KAZAI Publication, Inc. KAIZIPublications is the oldest Moslem publishers in North America. The KTAV is known for its Judaica ressources, incl. scientific and pedagogical papers. The Kube is an independant publishers of general, academical and children's literature on Islam and Islam's world. Kube, who has been influenced by our Islam, is dedicated to helping Moslem societies around the world by producing cutting-edge, pertinent and genuine work.

Cofounded in 1999 by Gene Gollogly and Martin Rowe, Lantern Buch has published general non-fiction on veg anism, wildlife, environmental protection, religious and societal equity. The Lantern Group is a department of Booklight Incorporated. Laurence King Publishing was set up in London in 1991 and is now one of the world's premier publishers of volumes on the art of creativity.

The Leafwood Publishers was established in 2000 by C. Leonard Allen in Orange, California. Leafwood Publishers was acquired by Abilene Christian University Press in 2005 and moved to Abilene, Texas, where it is currently now. The book has publications ranging from theological to Christian life. Libertie Mountain Publishing (LMP) is looking for Christ-Ehrung and high value contents from all areas of lit...

Entries will be taken into consideration for a wide range of categories of adults and children's books and non-fiction. One of the world's biggest orthodox publishers and distributor. The liturgical press began to publish for the Church in 1926. It is our real commitment to provide the religious and religious communities with religious and religious ressources of the highest importance and value.

While we continue the great liturgical press traditions led by our Lord and St. John's Abbey, we thank you for your loyal assistance and look forward to serve you in the years to come. Llewellyn, the world's oldest and biggest freelance book editor for the physical, mental and spiritual, strives to offer our readership the best in physical metaphysics literature and materials.

We have been at the cutting edge of integrated and transcendental publication and thought since 1901. The Llewellyn has evolved into two highly regarded and award-winning imprints: Midnight Ink Mistery and Flux Nels. He has also worked with Lo Scarabeo, the leading manufacturer in Italy, and is the sole US and Canada dealer of Lo Scarabeo's fine tartan and oraceldecks.

The Lutheran University Press is a private, freelance publishers. Masthead was founded in 2000 in answer to inquiries from individual persons and Lutheran education establishments for support in the publication of their scripts. MARKS WIENER Publishers is an independant editor of textbooks and magazines in the fields of world histories, latinoamerican and karibische Geschichte as well as histories and culture of the Near East and Africa.

The publication also covers related subjects from the fields of music, religion, women's histories, Judaic affairs, Western civilization and slavery. It is a scientific publishing house that is defending, refuting and reinterpreting the game. Featuring over 2,500 printed titles and countless accolades and best-sellers, our aim is to create works that are peer-reviewed, strictly editorial, nicely made, smart and interesting.

Jointly owned by McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, and Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, MQUP specializes in the perspectives of Canada and publishes on global issues and attracts the New York Times' interest. Miraclaire Publishing was established in 2007 and has grown rapidly.

The aim is to produce, support, disseminate and conserve printed and digitised volumes of creativity, science and education. Published on the highest level in the arts and society, Monash University Publishing specializes in Asian studies, politics, education, communication and the studies of Australia's historical, cultural and literary heritage.

Moody Publishers' premonition is to preach the Jesus Christ and a Bible view of the whole wide globe so creatively and powerfully that people around the globe will increasingly be living as its fully dedicated adherents. It is our missions to train and build the believer and evangelise the unbeliever by issuing right-wing, Protestant Christians literatures and other medias for all age groups around the globe; and to help allocate resource to the Moody Bible Institute in its formation of prospective Christians in leadership.

The MSI Press is a small, kind publishers whose mission is to offer the general public outstanding works of recognised high standard. The MSI publications include the following areas: Editors of hands-on, application-oriented textbooks, Bible study, journals, and small group resource that can help you flourish in Christ. The Nazarene Publishers House (NPH), the branch of the Church of the Nazarene, is a major editor of Wesleyan Holiness lit.

The New City Press is one of more than 20 publishers in the Focolare movement. New City Press's aim is to further the Focolare Movement's view that all humans are part of a single humankind group. They publish both scientific and public works that seek to build greater global oneness.

This book examines theological bases for beliefs and spirituality, eccumenical and interreligious initiative and links between religions and people' s identities, attitudes and cultures. New Press concentrates on a number of important programme areas, including: racial affairs, women's affairs, migration, human-rights, labour and economic affairs and utilities, educational reforms and educational alternatives, critical thinking, arts and arts instruction, cosmopolitan literary and jurisprudence.

Beyond these fields, The Press has also taken a leadership position in the publication of a broad palette of new works in the fields of Afro-Americans, Asians, Latinos, gays and lesbians, Indians, and in the work of and about other minorities. Northskog joined the book publisher business in 2006 and specialized in Christmas literature in a new set of "Meaty, Tasty, and Easy Digestible Theological Offerings".

" It is planning to publish children's literature, fiction and inspiration stories, literature about living legends and the foundation of the people and other historical Heros. The Open Court produces scientific literature on Eastern thought, Eastern thought and comparison religions and literature for the general public that presents smart, successful treatment of subjects of popular art, societal concerns and modern subjects.

The Open Court does not release poems or literature. Origins Press has published volumes on hands-on mysticism, psycology, self-help, contemporary religions, philosophies, progressive economics and policy, utology, visionary clichés and related topics. Ultimately, Orthodox religious literature is published for young people and grown-ups. Dedicates itself to the publication of works that foster Bible comprehension and divine life, as summed up in the Westminster Confession and Catechism.

P&R was found in 1930 by Samuel G. Craig and J. Gresham Machen and has approximately 550 publications in the press, with an annual circulation of 40 new ones. Pacific Press Publishing Association was formed in 1874 and is run by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. It' unique goal is to elevate Jesus Christ in the teaching of Bible doctrines, medical doctrines and familial beliefs - in many tongues - through various kinds of prints, videoproducts and records of Christmas carol.

Pantheon is part of the Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group and produces world-class music. The Paragon House publications include biography, biology, historiography, philosophy, religion, spiritual health, religion, political science, economics and international relations. The Paulist Press has published oecumenical theatre, Latin Catholics and works on writing, literary and liturgical study, liturgies, spirituality, ecclesiastical and philosophical matters as well as works on faiths and cultur.

Established in 1951, Peter Owen is an independently held UK based company that continues the production of new and interesting typefaces. Unfortunately, Peter Owen passed away in May 2016, but his heritage continues to live on in the company that bears his name and dedication to the publication of gifted and fascinating authors. The Feldheim Group has been a family-owned company since 1939.

In those days it was difficult to get Jews' works, and those he received were zealously bought by clients who thirsted for Torah music. Editor of "Torah Litererature of Quality. and... "He is the editor of a number of spanisch speaking volumes on astronomy, sanity and macrobiotic. Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, a versatile, award-winning publishing house has been creating high-quality, fun and educational textbooks for more than 23 years.

PPA also manufactures consumer products for special needs with a clear emphasis on the gifts industry. The mission of Sprickly Paradigm Press, LLC is to give serious writers a free hand to say what is right and what is off in their discipline and the rest of the body, even what has never been said before.

R.H. Boyd Company and its affiliate, R.H. Boyd Publishing Corporation, are dedicated to publishing, printing and distributing Christian, inspiring and business books, goods and service of the highest standard by applying high ethics and morals, as they have done for over 100 years. Part of Random House, Inc.

the biggest English-language specialist publishing house in the whole wide range of categories. Wise Book has a long tradition as one of America's outstanding publishers of mystic or eccentric doctrines from tradition around the globe and over the years. The Conari Press releases spa and convalescence literature, especially 12-tier literature, healthy and nutritional literature, women's literature and literature on sexuality, individual development, education and people.

Desinformation books: The Hampton Roads Publishing: most interested in the following manuscripts: body/mind non-fiction, alternate healthcare and cure, self-help with a strong focus on spirituality, preserved knowledge and worship, and contemplation from the Eastern and Western tradition. The only print that we publish personally related articles (e.g. memoirs or autobiographies) is Turning Stone Press.

The Resource Publications is a private editor of materials for church services, ministries and religious instruction. Established in 1988 by Donald Moyer and Linda Cogozzo, Rodmell Press has published a number of publications on the subjects of Yogic, Buddhism, Ayikido and Taoism. Rose-Publishing releases and disseminates easy-to-use Bible references, especially Bible studies diagrams, cards and series.

Rowman & Littlefield is an independently owned publishing house with an excellent record of publishing cutting-edge, high-quality collegiate text, contemporary and controversial literature for general reader, and academic and academic literature in the arts and society. The Rutgers University Press is devoted to promoting and disseminating information to scientists, academics, and the general population.

Press coverage is a reflection and expansion of the university's key tasks: research, education and services. The work of our writers is supported by extraordinary periodicals that influence crucial topics, stimulate discussions and enriches education worldwide for a broad readership. In collaboration with writers around the globe, we are looking for works that satisfy high demands on editing, make it easier to share information, improve classroom learning and make science available to a broad readership.

The Saqi Book Group is an independant publisher with the aim of producing high calibre North African and Middle Eastern music. It publishes a broad spectrum of subjects, among them historiography, policy, art, arquitecture, architectural, gender study and culinary arts, and publishes the best of new and classical Arabian literary works, among them works by Mahmoud Darwish, Adonis, Nawal El Saadawi, Samih al-Qasim, Mohamed Choukri and Algosaibi.

The Scarecrow Press is perhaps best known for delivering high-quality scientific, general and encyclopedia works to the clients of public, educational and scholastic library and to the library staff who use them. The Second Story Press was established in 1988 by Margie Wolfe and three other ladies devoted to the publication of feminist-inspired adult and young reader work.

We have a wide range of literature for adults and non-fiction, children's literature, non-fiction and image literature as well as YA literature and non-fiction. The Seraphim Editions is an independant publishing house with a team of native and foreign Canadians. Our publications include literature, non-fiction and poems. Editor of a number of publications on Oriental religions and philosophies, specialising in Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche.

The Sheffield Verlag was founded in 1984. Our main field of activity is the publication of university documents and academic leaflets in a wide spectrum of fields. The Shilo Verlag publishes Jewish literature of the highest standard. The Skinner House Book is the masthead of the Unitarian Universalist Association, a free religious organisation with more than 1,000 communities in the United States and Canada.

Softskull tracks are a mixture of new, innovative and literature-voiced. Our covers are vast-fiction and non-fiction, poesy, graphical books and manuscripts, all focused on contemporary and political issues, counter-culture, literature, music, historical, memoirs, biographies, religions and philosophies. The Sophia Institute Press releases and disseminates loyal classic Catholics and new articles by the great, consistent personalities of the Roman Catholic intellectual traditions.

Over 25 years, we have released 300 publications and 3 million volumes to tens of millions of individuals, bookshops and organizations around the world. St. Andrew's Productions is a publishing house for Catholics, religious material and newpapers. St. Augustine's Press produces excellent scientific papers in the areas of philosphy, hisology, culture and spirituality.

The works comprise new headlines, new translation of works that have been released in other tongues, and re-prints of out-of-print work. SteinersBooks releases all of Rudolf Steiner's works as well as the works of modern writers that expand his mind. Publishing textbooks on Islam's faith in God (Arabic: Allah) and the importance of worshiping God alone, prophesying tradition, as well as families, marriages and divorces according to Islam.

Editor of inspiration novels for adults, children's novels, biography and other topics. The Three Hands Press is committed to releasing works of interest to the discerning esoteric readers, be it in the fields of mystical story, religious comparison, popular culture or secular works such as stimulating novels, incantations and sorcery-surgery. Topics covered are popular magics, sorcery, charm, old religions, mystical philosophies, ceremony magics, herbology, European grimoire, shamanic and related sciences.

The Troy Book publishing house is an independant publishing house for western, erotic and folkloric music. Our book is available in a range of different book collections to fit every budget, from high-quality paperback to the finest hand-bound edition for collectors. He has published a number of works on Islam as faith, Islam historical and artistic, Islam spiritual and traditional. Headquartered in the USA and with branches in Istanbul, Cairo and Moscow, Tughra intends to present the book trade with dependable information about these of the most important faiths in the atlas.

Tughra in this way aims to contribute to living peacefully together in a globalised society through the publication of articles that promote a shared appreciation and reciprocal regard. The Two Trees Publishers, LLC, is a book publisher devoted to delivering new and interesting work. Headquartered in Arizona, Two Trees Publishers is backed by a strong record of dedication to excellence and uptime.

Both worldly and non-denominational listeners are our target audience with an eyes for the needs of today's readers. Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Tydbyte Media is a multi-media publishers with an erotic and ecological emphasis on individual advancement, self-help, spirituality, self-help, comparing religions and China cultural expressions that mirror the diverse and ecclectic interests of Jim.

University of British Columbia Press is Canada's premier publishers of scientific research in the field of society. Internationally renowned for the publication of high-quality works of originality, our publications rely on and mirror cutting-edge research by shifting the limits of scholarly debate in innovation. UBC Press releases seventy new publications each year in a variety of areas, among them abstract study, Asia study, Canada historiography, environment study, literature on sex and womens issues, geographical research, healthcare and nutrition, legal, communication and communication, defence and safety study, research on planing and cities, and government.

University of Alabama Press is one of the biggest and most rapidly expanding publishers in the South and celebrates more than 65 years of good work. Between 70-75 titles per year are published in the press in the fields of archeology, defence historiography, Jewish literature, critical literature, communications, sport, civil rights, religious life, south historical and local issues.

One of the most prestigious publishing houses in the United States, the UC P Press is enriching life around the globe by sponsoring scholarships in the arts, society and more. The UC Press Foundation and individual and institutional philanthropical support support its work. Universiy of Exeter Press is one of the few universities in the UK.

The UEP is recognized worldwide for its excellent achievements in the field of arts publication. For more than fifty years she has been devoted to scientific book publishers and has a rich store of experiences to further extend and further evolve her work. Founded in 1938, the University of Georgia Press's main task is to promote and strengthen the University's place as an important research facility by publicizing excellent scientific and literary works by scientists and authors around the globe.

University of Georgia Press is the oldest and biggest book publishers in the state. Presently we produce 60-70 new titles per year and have a long tradition of releasing important scientific, cultural and literature works and volumes about the state and the area for general use. The University of Hawai`i Press is recognised as a premier book and magazine publishers in Asia, Asia, America and the Pacific.

University of Michigan Press is an important part of UM Library's Michigan Publishers, the university's main academia group. Together with our writers and serial writers, we have published in a variety of different fields in the arts and sociology. Our worldwide digitization and printing publication and sales programmes support the library's research and communications activities.

University of Wales Press produces English and Welsh literature in the fields of English and Welsh literature, Welsh political philosophy and religious studies, Welsh and Celtic studies, literature studies, European studies and medieval studies. The University of Wales Press sells English publications in North and South America. A wholly owned business of VDI, Inc., in 2007, Joyce A. Crider, a former Teacher of Religious Studies and Assistant Executive of the National Conference of Catechetical Leaders at the NCCL, founded it.

Visual Dynamics Publishers is dedicated to provide contemporary yet accessible material to religious education instructors, students and faculty that complements and enriches the syllabus and supports all kinds of services, and has built a solid name as a catholic publishers for one-of-a-kind but much-needed work. W. W. Norton & Co. is an US publishers headquartered in New York City.

Now in its ninetyth year and with an annuity of 400 publications, W.W. Norton is a worldwide corporation whose well-known gull emblem appears in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Latin America. Wayne State University Press is a premier publishing house for textbooks on the Great Lakes, Judaica, Afroamerican literature, films and massedia, fairytale research, and a number of other scientific and general publications, such as Michigan Shortfiction and Poesie.

They disseminate research, promote training, serve the communities and build the press and university's prestige internationally. WhiteLock Publications is a vibrant start-up based on the twenty years of entrepreneurial expertise of its founding publisher. Our specialties are law, philosphy, historiography, theology and cultural studies. We are strong in the promptness with which we reply to author requests, the personal attention we provide to our writers, and the passion and dedication with which we market and sell our authors' work.

The Wilfrid Laurier University Press has published scientific papers and non-fiction books in the fields of the arts, cinema, literature, philosphy, politics, history, religious scholarship, ethnology, sociology, welfare work, genealogy, indigenous studies, culture students and lifewriting. It is our mission to expand scientific communications to as many people as possible.

The Wisdom Publications is the premier publishing house for modern and classical textbooks and hands-on works on Buddhism, awareness, contemplation and other Buddhist contemplation techniques. Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company is an independant editor of religious textbooks, scholarly works in divinity, Bible science, religious histories and references to famous publications in the fields of religious, spiritual, societal and literary critic.

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