Recommended Books for Writers

Suggested books for authors

Well-known writers choose the best books about writing and the writing process. I' ve read dozens of books about the writing process. Very recommendable, especially for advanced authors who want to improve their game. If you are a longtime or a newcomer, you have to agree: Writing is difficult. The following are reading and resource lists of books, publications, works and websites recommended by Gotham.

<font color="#ffff00">Bird's Birds by Anne Lamott

When a great author sat down and thought about the arts and crafts of the letter, what happens? It' simple: you are leaving a to-do for the remainder of us, a bottled signal to anyone who wants to do it. They are the kind of book that many of today's authors turn to for inspirational, illuminating - or just a good, old-fashioned butt-kicking.

And even experienced authors find that from times to times they find the fundamentals. To others, it's a pamphlet about inspirations, about the sparks of creation, about the intangible thing in your mind that turns the fire of neurones into words on the page. For others it is still a work about the battle of creativity: the battle a author faces every single workingday in his struggle to do his job.

Which of the world's great authors are most inspired by what kind of work? There are seven authors without whom we cannot survive - and quotations that give you the same sense that you get when reading: There is a good explanation why this volume has a privileged place on the bookshelves of so many authors: it's just a pretty good look at the writer habits, in a broad sense.

More than anyone else, the writers we have spoken to have commended this work. Best-selling writers Ryan Holiday and Jeff Goins have also chosen this novel for inclusion, and that's because Lamott seems to say something on each page that we all thought. Tim Ferriss even goes so far as to recommend Bird by Bird to any author or not:

There is some good information in King's books, but the true jewels are personal: they are the tales of disciplines and crafts that have made King the huge bestseller that he is.

Kind-hearted, witty and with keen eyes, this is the kind of textbook that makes the readers listen up on every page with the canine. Favourite writers include Cal Newport, Tony Wrong, Eric Barker, and John Avlon, The daily Beast Editor-in-Chief - and the fact that it has so many different supporters, including graduates and everyday reporters, shows how strongly it has influenced its people.

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield was chosen by two experts on this type of work - Ryan Holiday and Jeff Goins- as an inspirational complement to their library of works on the subject of creativeness and the literary world. It even gives a name to the foe of work: resistance. It is a well-tried title that has proven itself over the years, has already paid off more than one and a half million times and is probably the title we all begin to read when we join the "Good Literature Books" family.

Zinnser is a sensitive, liberal and straightforward author who has put it together. His decade-long experiences in authoring and editorial work were translated into truth, which should be reread every year because they are so important. If TJ Stiles - a storyteller whose stories are as good as a novel - and Aaron Thier - one of the up-and-coming authors of his generation - choose a novel to be mentioned, you know it's definitely a worthwhile reading.

It' simpler to browse than you think when you look at Forster's backgrounds and work, and it seems that generation after generation of people seem to be agreed that it gives them an idea of their work - and the work of authors they like. He who learns to eliminate the delicate, the eloquent... What will be? Accept their counsel what you want - but it's the uncommon one that lasts, like The Elements of Style.

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