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Suggested resources for book publishers. Sales on commission to non-booksellers. We' re a global publisher dedicated to providing the best possible service to the entire research community. Headquartered in Cardigan, Wales, Parthian is a literary success story. Writer/editor of The Fairy Baby Children's Books.

I can publish your book.

In one year, how many entries would Summersdale have? I get about ten new entries most of the time, but sometimes it's much higher - folks seem more busy reading and writing textbooks in the summers than in the darker winters. Can you tell me how many titles you would be publishing per year?

I' m looking for reports that you can pack right from the beginning - the trips can take place anywhere in the whole wide globe and on any means of transport: airplanes, train, moped, bicycle, kayak or your own two legs (or something in between), but the history must be one of a kind. I' d like to do something I've never done before, something interesting and fun.

Our preference for soft travelling abroad has waned in recent years (everywhere is now so well looked after) that if it is not really one-of-a-kind, we are looking for more extraordinary, eye-catching experiences than for'my antics that renovate a home in France'. Consider enlisting a large Twitter or YouTube following as a will to the fact that folks want to be able to read about your travel and that you are pro-active when you generate interest and debate in your area.

I guess the up-and-coming writer also has to show some kind of literacy? However, all of our textbooks go through a thorough and thorough structuring phase that will help the writer to shape his history or produce more of these important items in his letter, so the important thing is that you get your first reader (me!) to read on.

So what are some of the'beginner' errors that humans make? Many of the scripts I get are like a personal journal, which lists every detail and every comment of the editor, always in order and in time. Occasionally an essayist will even say: "I just sent you my journal because my boyfriend was reading it and said it was interesting".

Diaries and narratives are very different things - not everything you write in your own journal will be of interest, and most of the times a book in journal form becomes either boring or arid if not worked hard. Most of the times they will also submit their first design.

It' s interesting to know that the book is finally ready, and you want to get this contract right away, but you should never submit a first book to publishers - you should be glad to have your book in its best possible form before you ship it out into the wide open.

When something is not of interest to a readers who doesn't know you and isn't relevant to the plot, then truncate it: Most of the times we don't need to know anything about your plane or the date you just walked through the city. The result of this is often that the bookseller does not know where to place a book that is placed "everywhere".

However, to write about a favourite resort can also have its disadvantages - I get at least one entry per weeks via the Camino de Santiago. Yes, many folks take the stroll, and many folks have wrote about it and posted about it themselves, but that makes it even more difficult for us to be selling - how will you set yourself apart from the masses, and why should folks be reading about your trip?

You' ve got to be impassioned and - if possible - have specialist know-how or backgrounds on the site or means of transportation, which means you're the ideal candidate to author this particular book.

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