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The best poetry books & poetry collections - ENTROPY At the beginning of our Best of 2017 web site 17 listings that have been written by the whole adult content management entity, we present some of our favorites that have been selected by the different employees and teams here at Enterprise, as well as nominees from our readership. These are some of our most popular poetry volumes and collection from 2017.

Outplace is a text that investigates the possible with a persistence that few other authors even consider. It does not describe this "outside", but rather expresses it from the deep. When Beckett writes a monologue from the centre of the emptiness, Khaikin's work unveils the talk of the "outside", an ontotological sentence that defies accomplices where we all get mired.

GNOME is a soliloquy of crazy dreams, trying to create its own sense of affection and destruction, demonstrating that the surface we meet is the materialisation of the infinite deepness that is available to us.

Rizkallah's the Magic My Bodysculpture Becomes is an exhilarating new novel by an exhilarating young writer, a romantic note to a nation and a punch in the jig. This is the first volume of the Etel Adnan Poetry Series to publish first or second volumes of poetry in English by authors of Arabian origin.

Nikki Wallschl├Ąger's legendary Wallsl├Ąger style takes as its theme in a row of frantic, dense lyric poetry the connection between abuse, globalised force and unrestrained consumption: the ointment and wounds of omelette that cover the chees.

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Nick Admussen's new work Recite and Refuse: Contemporary Chinese Poetry was edited in 2016 by the University of Hawaii Press and examines the evolution of 20th c. cent. poetry in the peculiarities of communist China's politics and culture. Admussen not only tries to describe poetry in the form of Prosa in this challenging work.....

We are accompanied by two amazing Aussie writers in this particular New Books chapter in Australia and New Zealand Studies. Contemporary confessional performances by Robert Lowell to Realality TV (New York University Press, 2017) trace how the confessional performances penetrated and changed a broad spectrum of post-war post-WWW...

Roughly examines how shrine - from the denominational writers of the sixties to..... According to Umberto Eco, at least, whose words open Liam Cole Young's new Cultures: List Cultures: From Mesopotamia to Buzzfeed (Amsterdam University Press, 2017). Poetry and Punkrock are often seen as independent activity taking place in different places with different people.

They would also be ascribed different layers of intellectual and civic life. Poetic and punk rock in New York City (Colombia.....

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