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Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu, Vice President of India, has been awarded the Maharishi Aitareya Mahidas Praneet (Aitareya Brahmina ki Vaigyanik Vyakhya) by Acharya Agnivarat Naishthik. It is subdivided into four large books. Vedvigyan Alok is the written version of Vedas' passage. Bipin Rawat, chef d'état-major de l'armée, veröffentlichte das Buch'Across the Bench - Insight into the Indigenous Military Judicial System' von Lt Gen Gyan Bhushan, commandant de l'armée ehemaliger, et Mitglied von'A', Tribunal des forces armées, Lucknow Bench.

It covers the system of justice in the armed forces in terms of leadership and managerial matters within the armed forces and the full range of veteran, family and relative matters. This is an exposition of Tagore's works entitled'Rabindranath Tagore: It is organised by the Maulana Azad Centre for Indian Culture, the culture section of the Indian Embassy in Cairo.

The former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh wrote a volume entitled "My Journal from Marxism-Leninism to Nehruvian Socialism" by the former planning commission and member of the finance commission of the German government Hanumantha Rao. The Bolpur issue of the Tagore autographed volume was edited by The Macmillan Company in 1916.

Narendra Modi's Exam Warriors was published to get through to all of the countries before their ordeals. Sushma Swaraj, Minister of Foreign Affairs, published the volume. It has been published to encourage young people to face the challenging times of trials and living with renewed freshness and vigour.

Exam Warriors' is a 208-page publication by Penguin India. Gauri Lankesh's best-selling publication was released three month after her shooting at the Mumbai Press Club. It is a Gauri Lankesh Reader, written and written by the author and social scientist Chandan Gowda.

She has written six parts of the volume, including an early report in various books and a selection of essays for the Kannada tongue Gauri Lankesh Patrike, which she has published. Vice-President M. Venkaiah Naidu was presented with the first copy of the Journey of Women Law Reforms and The Law Commission of India Some Insights by the author's former Joint Secretary, Dr. Pavan Sharma.

He has made an outstanding study and more such research can help to concentrate the nation's awareness on important areas such as marriage law, ownership, law of heirship, probate, tutelage as well as NRI marriage and matters of sexually assaulted persons. There would also be PG classes in literature review, the development of East India scriptures, historic writings, archeology, musical science and translations to and from Odia.

Shyam Saran's former Foreign Minister's novel "How India Sees the World: It documents the key CCS ( "Cabinet Committee on Security") session on the evening before the Indian-Pakistan Defence Ministry discussions in May 2006. NCERT's web site allows colleges to order their books on-line.

On August 6, the youngest lady in the hemisphere, Jyoti Amge, presented a 51-foot tall work. Kadve Vachan was composed by St. Acharya Tarun Sagar Maharaj. Its unveiling took place in the company of BJP Head of State Ashok Parnami. This is the 9th edition of the Hindi text.

Maharashtra Governor and Tamil Nadu (surcharge) C. Vidyasagar Rao and Chief Minister of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis published the book'Mann Ki Baat - A Social Revolution on Radio' by Raj Bhavan. It contains transcriptions of the first 23 issues of the Prime Minister's Monday speech on "Mann Ki Baat" music.

It will allow the public to study and comprehend Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visions and evolutionary notions. Taoiseach Shri Narendra Modi published the forth edition of selected speeches by former President Pranab Mukherjee. Selected speeches by President Pranab Mukherjee were published by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the company of President-elect Ramnath Kovind and other notables.

Rashtrapati Bhavan became a'Lok Bhavan' under the former president Pranab Mukherjee. Shri Pranab Mukherjee, President of India, was presented with the first copy of the President's Lady (Pranaber Preyosi) via his spouse Late Smt Suvra Mukherjee by Mohd Hamid Ansari, Vice President of India, who officially approved it at an event in Rashtrapati Bhavan.

Sangeeta Ghosh is the writer of the work. It enables the reader with the block chain design. Pranab Mukherjee is launching Swayam, Swayam Prabha and National Academic Depository in New Delhi to drive e-Education in the state. David Grossman won the Man Booker International Prize for his novel "A horse walk's Into a Bar".

This is David Grossman, the first Israel writer to have won the Man Booker International Prize. Writings by the Swiss people' s movements aroused a sentiment of involvement, union and unification for the people. Arundhati Roy's recently issued volume "The Ministry of Utmost Happiness". It' a fictional novel edited by Hamish Hamilton from the UK and Penguin India.

She was the first female in India to be awarded the renowned Booker Prize for her work in 1997. Pranab Mukherjee was awarded the first copy of the two books "Mann Ki Baat-A Social Revolution on Radio" and "Marching with a Billion-Analysing Narendra Modi's Government at Midterm" in Rashtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi.

Narendra Modi's Government at Mid-term by Uday Mahurkar analyzes the changes in culture in a newly industrialized world. Minister of the Union Kiren Rijiju and IAS official Haulianlal Guite released a novel for God entitled "Confessions of a dyeing mind: the blind belief of atheism".

On Liberty ", a 1858 publication on philosophy by John Stuart Mills, was written by Haulianlal Guite, the first civilian official to do so. It examines interesting arguements against at-heism. Railway Minister Shri Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu issued the Indian Railway - The webing of a National Tapestry by Shri Bibek Debroy (Member, NITI Aayog) Shri Sanjay Chadha (Joint Secretary, Ministry of Commerce) & Ms.

Furthermore, Railway Minister Shri Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu has also introduced high-speed free Wi-Fi service for the National Railway Museum patron. On Indian Railway - The webing of a National Tapestry:- This Shri Bibek Debroy is a great contributor to Indian Railways. By connecting the past through this guide, we can help build the Indian railways' futures.

From 1830-1947, this volume crosses the time line. It is narrative. It tells some stories of Indian railway companying. The Pashmina Art Fair publishes the book'6 Times Thinner' Jammu and the Governor of Kashmir N.N.Vohra opened Babar Afzal's "Pashmina Art Exhibition" and published his novel "6 TIMES THINNER".

The Army Releases volume'Home of the Brave' Chief of the Army Staff (COAS) General Bipin Rawat published the book'Home of the Brave' about the story of the Counter Insurgency Force of the Indian Army, the Rashtriya Rifles (RR), in New Delhi. It was written by Mr Nitin A. Gokhale, Defence and Security Analyst, and Brig S. K. Chatterji (retired).

On the book'Home of the Brave':-'Home of the Brave' retraces the early story of the RR, its organisation, its breeding and its later work in Punjab, the Northeast and Jammu & Kashmir. As well as carrying out its main mission of safeguarding the nation, the power has also taken some gentler steps to gain the people' s heart and mind - a crucial and precious policy adopted by the IndoAry.

Likewise, the volume highlights the importance of the Revolutionary Revolution in enhancing the professionality of the Army of India and the ethic and value of the war. Home of the Brave' will provide an accurate recording of RR's performance for all army troops and educational facilities.

It provides objective and well-documented information for defense politicians, researchers and history experts. On 23 March 2017, Radha Mohan Singh, Minister of Agriculture and Farmers' Welfare, published an illustrated volume entitled "50 Years - The Great Milk Revolution in India". "It was published on the occasion of the National Dairy Development Board's (NDDB) Golden Anniversary Year.

It summarises the FDDB's notable 50-year voyage and the value it has brought to the lives of tens of millions of milk producers in India. It also underscores the NDDB's conviction that co-operative principals are as important today as they were in the past. IDMC Limited-Anand, Mother Dataairy, Delhi, NDDBairy Services, Delhi and Indian Immunologicals Ltd, Hyderabad are among its affiliates.

In Kolkata, former Australian skipper Michael Clarke published his autobiography'My Story' in the company of former cricket player Saurav Ganguly, which was prompted by the deaths of Phil Hughes when India toured Australia in 2014-15: Sivagami' s Ascent: Baahubali's Volume 1 - Before the Beginning:

It was published on March 7, 2017 with the title The Return of Sivagami: Books 1 of Baahubali - Before the Beginning. It will be available from March 15, 2017. It has been authored by Anand Neelakanthan. It is the first volume in the Baahubali: Before the Beginning line.

Its storyline is regarded as a precursor to the celebrated film Baahubali: The Beginning, which was published in July 2015. Like the writer, it is a story of scheming, might, revenge and treason. Whispering: Anand Neelakantan is an Hindi writer. Prior to this publication, he had written three books of literature inspired by the epic poems Ramayana and Mahabharata.

He' s the best-selling writer of Asura: Tale of the Vanquished and the Ajaya family. Wrote scripts for several TV shows such as Star TV's mega-series Siya Ke Ram, Sony TV's Mahabali Hanuman and Colours TV's Chakravarthi Samrat Ashoka. He has had his books published in several different tongues such as Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati, Assamese und Bahasa Indo-Ang.

Yasser Usman's Rekha: The Untold Story was in the headlines in the first March 2017 issue. Juggernaut's August 2016 publication came out on the headlines after few sources claim that Rekha was undercover, and she was legally wed to Sanjay Dutt. She also alleges that these particulars were cited in a novel called "Rekha - The Untold Story" by Yasser Usman.

And he said: This is false, and nothing like this is written in his work. Usman was talking about the part cited in the script, and that is, rumors about her case appeared in 1984 when she, Rekha and Sanjay Dutt, were working together in a movie, probably Zameen Aasmaan.

On Rekha: The Untold Story: The Rekha: The Untold Story is about Rekha and her early years and what brought her to Bollywood. Akash Chopra, a former cricket player from India, published a volume entitled Numbers Do Lie, 61 Hidden Cricket Stories, which looks at figures differently. It is about Impact Index which evaluates the game' s performances in a serial setting and not just simple statistic.

Amarinder Singh's biography'The People's Maharaja' was published The authorized autobiography of the former offspring of the Patiala Royal House, written by Chandigarh-based author Khushwant Singh, throws a new perspective on the succession of incidents that resulted in the 1984 military campaign at the Goldemple, Amritsar. On 8 February 2017, the Union Minister of the Interior, Rajnath Singh, published the volume entitled - Veerappan, Cheasing the Brigand.

It has been authored by K Vijay Kumar, Senior Security Adviser at the Union Ministry of the Interior. It is a definitive story because K. Vijay Kumar, the writer, led the Tamil Nadu Special Task Force (STF), which designed and conducted the Veerappan meeting in 2004. Veerappan Hits, Khasing the Brigand: This is a clear and concise report on the ascent and downfall of India's most feared mugger.

It tells of various events that marked Veerappan's career - be it his birthday in Gopinatham in 1952 or his shooting in Padi in 2004. An unscrupulous description of murders and high-profile abductions planned by Veerappan in a captivating detail. The new novel by Salman Rushdie entitled "The Golden House" is due to be published in September 2017.

Penguin Random House, which has purchased the subcontinental titles from the Wylie Agency, publishes the volume in India. Sallyan Rushdie: Salman Rushdie is a British-Indian writer and essays writer. Composed by Rishi Kapoor and Meena Iyer. Launched on January 20, 2017, the volume came into the headlines because it revealed certain facts about Rishi Kapoor's existence, such as the encounter with Dawood Ibrahim, one of India's most wanted men, on two separate trips to Dubai.

Khullam Khulla: The script says that the performer is a dash between his dad and sire. Compiled by Harper Collins. In New Delhi on 4 January 2017, Vice President Shri M. Hamid Ansari and Union Minister of Finance and Enterprise Arun Jaitley presented a volume on former President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

Shri S. M. Khan, who was President Kalam's press spokesman, wrote The People's President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. Describing this work, the writer has attempted to draw people's attention to the lesser-known facts and histories that have made Dr. Kalam the president of the state.

It also refers to the various national and international trips made by the great president during his term of office, the first of which took place in Gujarat in 2002, where he was welcomed by the then Prime Minister of Gujarat Shri Narendra Modi. New research shows that "The Tragedy of Hamlet", a famous piece by William Shakespeare, was misdated.

Rishi Kapoor's biography of Bollywood vet Rishi Kapoor, entitled "Khullam Khulla", will be in the gallery on 15 January next year. High Court Drafting Committee The Courts of India - Past to Present was published on December 12, 2016. This illustrated volume is intended to present the complexity of Indian justice to the general population in a straightforward and non-technical way.

The main emphasis of the volume is on the development of higher justice in India in the Indian age. It states that the creation of high courts in the Bengal, Madras and Bombay counties in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries is the very beginning of a functioning higher justice system in India.

For the sake of convenience, the books contain several photos that better illustrate the story in the film. In addition to the official and wellestablished justice system, the volume also covers other peripheral aspects such as the test for poultry livers practiced in north-eastern India. The publication was issued by the Publications Department of the Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

This 512-page volume was prefaced by the Chief Justice of India, T. S. Thakur. Amazon, which began as an on-line bookseller, has heralded Harry Potter and the accursed child as the best-selling novel of 2016. JK Rowling's script, Jack Thorne and John Tiffany, was once again called'Most Beautiful For' and'Most Gifted' this year.

In 2016, three Harry Potter-related books were added to the "Kids and Teens" bestseller-page. India's army has started a portable application'Veterans Outreach App', which was started by army commander Dalbir Singh Suhag. It also makes it easier to find students among vets listed on the Army of India website.

Created under the auspices of the Directorate of Veterans of the Armed Forces of India (DIAV), the application has special functions such as Ask a question and Locator Services, which allow ex-Servicemen cells, ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme Polyclinics, Station Canteens and Sainik Aram Grahs to be located throughout the state. Tendulkar's bestselling hardcover for adults in the literature and non-fiction classes, "Playing it my Way" was awarded the Crossword Buch of the Year Award (category Autobiography), written by the famous crime chronicler and Tendulkar's dear colleague Boria Majumdar, and previously featured in the Limca Buch of World Records.

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