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13 best pencils for pencils When your pencils always disappear from your desktop, you should indulge in one of our favourite crayons. We help you find the right stylus that's dependable, convenient and has a softer feel than the one you've just "borrowed" because someone else has stolen yours. Look at the best pencils we like to use.

In addition to the pleasure of typing, the stylus looks good, lies comfortably in the hands, is quick -drying and, above all, attainable. Signo gelstick provides a comfortable feel, but it draws more blood and needs longer to cure. So if you are the kind of guy who just uses the stylus that's lying around and just wants a low-cost stylus that works, you'll be satisfied with the G2 pilot.

It' ultra slippery, has a convenient handle and is more accessible than most other gelsticks, so it won't spoil your days if someone rents it and never gives it back. The Good Housekeeping staff said that the stylus was very sleek and accurate to use during the test, but that its inks are bleeding and take longer to cure.

This EnerGel pen is one of the most dark and smooth pencils you can buy. If you are left-handed, these markers transmit these inks quite poorly to your hands, even if they are sober. Regardless of this, the pencils are a colourful, convenient, classy and widespread choice. They are available in different colours and are very inexpensive.

You even have a good handle to avoid cramping hands during these long typing sittings. Some of our fellow affiliates at Good Housekeeping enthused about the funny colours and durable inks, saying: "It slightly outlived our durability test", and "You won't have to fill it up for long".

" Light and inexpensive, this ballpoint writing instrument is like a fantasy. He has a smooth synthetic run which is convenient and easily graspable. They do not delete the inks from a technical point of view, but make them translucent by the action of warmth. What we like is that the pins are pull-away and provide a rubberised handle for added convenience.

Lefties have to come to terms with the ring on the fake side of the laptop so they don't have to struggle with smeared paint and blotchy gelpoint pen-tips. Fortunately, the Zebra Sarasa range features soft typing, superb clarity, excellent convenience and an extremely quick drying period.

Feathers come in 14 vivid colours that do not hemorrhage through the side, and they are available in 0. 5-, 0. 7- and 1. 0-millimeter point sizes. The feathers are available in a wide range of colours. Pilot Razor Point II is the best super fine 0.2mm stylus you can buy. With a tendency to use small letters, this stylus provides smooth typing with long-lasting power.

And because it promotes minimum stress, your hands will not tense up after long workouts. Since its introduction in 1984, the pilot Precise V5 RT has given the classical pilot Precise V5 an urgently needed refresher. It drops the lid for a lowerable bottle but still has the transparent run so you can see your inks.

Good Housekeeping says it is "perfect for precisely recording cheques and even vacation cards". The positive side of this aircraft has a rubberised handle, which makes it much more convenient than the Pilot Precision V5. It' retractile and gives a satisfactory click when you push it.

It will not leak or run out quickly, and our Good Housekeeping staff said that despite its structured feel, the stylus is more inconvenient than most. This type of styling can cause cramps or tiredness after a long time. It is made of noble resins, so it is much harder to the touch than conventional crayons.

Pilot Metropolitan is a great entry-level nibbler. In spite of a robust brassband and a small jet printer print head (included), the stylus is extremely reasonable priced. As well as being pleasant to the touch, the stylus is sleek and easy to write on.

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