Really good Authors

Truly good authors

You can read our list of the best horror writers still alive today. It is a very good rule and I have always followed it. But I know whatever it is, it's gonna be good ass! She' s really good at meeting famous people at New York City airport. However, to get a foretaste of Mann's writing, Death in Venice is a good starting point.

Get to know the literary élite who are selling 100 million or 350 million copies.

The Alchemist, the most famous novel, the history of a young pastoralist in search of an individual in Andalusia, was on the best-seller list for almost eight years - two elections for the presidency. The author has published an estimate of 350 million copies. Yes, ledgers, those corpse, multi-page items that humans should have left a long time ago for large and small monitors.

Stephen King has also produced more than 50 songs and about 350 million copies. Dawd-Brown has a million-dollar readership. Now, the Whistler and King's End of Watch are doing well. Megaselling bestselling authors don't just have readership. The pilgrims go on pilgrimage to author's meetings - often under water, as in the case of Nicholas Sparks.

Those author's works are on sale everywhere: More than 450 million copies sold), a bookseller of buckling (EL James) and, more than any other kind, a practitioner of tension and thrill ((Grisham, King, Brown, Dean Koontz, Jeffrey Archer, David Baldacci and Mary Higgins Clark).

However, Zeltpol authors are the mighty motors that keep publishers in profit and are able to place authors who achieve recognition but not necessarily large revenues. Becoming a writer of blockbusters? Lettering and story telling are very different, but there are some things the authors have in common. If Patterson is an independent business, they regularly produce publications in Switzerland - once a year, twice a year, once a month, with a barn of authors working for him.

Great authors seldom take their fame for granted. Well, they're not. And in June, King was touring Dayton, Ohio, Tulsa and Salt Lake City, places more likely used by writer writer. Brown, for example, has 6. 5 million matches on his Facebook page. "Nor can one ever overestimate the might of a really good scoundrel against whom the readers can rummage.

Had that been the case, more authors would be selling billions of titles. The little-known novelist Mark Stay and the self-described "would-be author" Mark Desvaux are currently trying to write a successful 52-week story, a fantasy they record in their blogs and interviews podcasts (where they speak to better-known authors), The Bestseller Experiment.

He is" decided not to disappoint," says Graham. "Twenty years of working with him and we've never had a Stephen King textbook on our docket. It did not just wish for 350 million copies or the previous hit of Misery or The Green Mile. They are all a sure way to keep Kong among our readership and make him dance on the bestselling lists he is living on.

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