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"Real Writing Jobs", by Isaac Klein and found at, is a website that provides links to writing jobs for freelance authors. Real Writing Jobs", however, is somewhat misleading. Reviewing the job offer to earn money writing for the Internet, ads and blogs. Let's tell the truth about these people (real writing jobs), shall we?

Several of the real reviews like these only appeared in the later pages of Google search.

Genuine Writing Jobs Reviews - Legit or Scan? is a website that helps you find a wide range of writing jobs; they say they have a metric tons of lead and act just as an intermediary between authors and publishers. This type of website has existed before and usually produces a mixture of results. Presenting a list of jobs searching locations, freelancing web pages and other areas where work for authors gets advertised to.

Most of these are real writing jobs and are usually published by website and blogs publishers who need low-cost manpower to fill their pages with conten. Others may include writing ratings of products, which in turn are used by web masters. One thing you need to be wary of is wealth all too hyped pledges; you may have been declared that you can get yourself compensable up to $125 for writing an article, but that is by far the exception and definitely not the rule when it comes to working with sites like

First, the really high-paid jobs demand the capability not only to be good at writing, but also to be able to cover high-tech topics such as medical or electronic engineering. Secondly, if these jobs are published in public, they are reserved for very seasoned authors who can make web reference material available for their work.

From a realistic perspective, you will be looking at a $5 - $12 per item or perlog. Sadly, real writing jobs, along with other much sought-after on-line work, are being relocated abroad, making it hard for US-based freelance professionals to competing and making them work for much less money.

Are a fraud? As does what they say they do - lead for real-writing jobs - it's not a fraud in the sense that they are blatant fraud. used to charge a month's fee for continuing to write, which was a frustration for members who paid more to keep their memberships going than they often earned.

This website has taken care of this problem and now offers to become a member for a one-time charge. Throughout the years this charge has shifted to $34.00, although the one-time subscription is up to $68.00. Luckily, this one-time charge is handled by Clickbank.

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