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This is Australia's weekly women's magazine with the latest real-life stories, exclusive interviews, puzzles and much more. Reality Stories - What it's like to talk about sexual violence in the same room as Donald Trump. It does not fall in real time; it has interactions on the way down and sees others falling too. You can read inspiring stories from real life.

You can read stories from other young people who found out that they were not alone.

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Of the notorious (Jesse James, Butch Cassidy) to the terrible (BTK Killer, Jeffery Dahmer), here..... On July 17th Prince Charles' bride turns 71 - but she is not only the bride who stood between him and Diana........ Featuring narrower corridors, running brooks, and a ?and chamber with storagmites and storactites,..... And if his homeeless outpatients can' t get to the doctor ?a, he goes to them.

Commander Mark Divine was not looking for a free falling remedy. As members of armed forces returned from the field, the impact of their wounds from the.....

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I think I should thank Renee for her help after all the years of the Berlin Olympics. Who was Captain Eric "Winkle" Brown? Coming face-to-face with Churchill, Himmler and GöringOne of the Nazis' extermination camps in Bergen-Belsen, the epic test driver Captain Eric Brown assisted Himmler and Göring in interrogation, was a witness to the 1936 Berlin Olympics and had Neil Armstrong as a friendly.....

Nine short stories about real love

It' hard to make Love if you're never in trouble. In real world, however, all relations are checked in one place or another. Once I saw how much a woman deserves to be beloved. Shyly she asked me to accompany her to her home.

Said she was in a hurry because her man was waiting to see her when she went outside. When I was with a young woman, we were in great affection. Then after a while she changed her mind and moved abroad and claimed she wanted to make some cash for us.

and that it would be better for her. I' m going abroad to make a living so you can get back on your feet - you know? Whenever he frankly criticises her kitchen, I always remember my sister's ex-boyfriend. Every night she boiled poultry livers, he would eat them and say he'd never eaten anything better.

Later it turned out that he was hypersensitive to poultry livers - he just really liked my sis. I' ve at last rescued enough cash for an ophthalmic operation. They' re the most important men in my whole existence. As we waited for him in the galley, I realized how pretty she was, even though she was so thin and sallow.

It is my father's greatest cure for my mum. Then after a while I realized that I did and he said that he did, but he was scared to see each other. The young man turned out to be handicapped and unable to run. I' ve kept it from my first friend for a long while because I was worried that she would abandon me.

By the time I did tell her, she actually went. Approximately 6 month ago I ran into a young woman and I was crazy in Iove. She was just looking at me and saying we could just adopted in the family. So I said to my friend that I would sympathize if he dumped me.

I' ve been with a pretty little gal who led a very special kind of private lives. and I had enough cash to meet her moods. I was pampered and the little one took good charge of me for several month and turned out to be a caring wife and loyal one.

Throughout the whole period she showed no trace of doubts, nausea or anxiety. Have you or any of your buddies got similar stories?

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