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The first e-reader app to offer BeeLine Reader, ReadMe! is an award-winning tool for more efficient reading. One README file contains information about other files in a directory or archive of computer software. You could use a included dependency list to create only the dustmasker application and its dependencies. Complimentary download page for Project Android Package Installer's README.

txt. In Showcase mode, Shiny displays the text of the readme under the app.

e-Book Readers for Android & iPhone with Spritz, BeeLine Readers, Dyslexia Font and Sync

  • Only in its class with unrivalled scanning technology! ReadMe! offers unparalleled functionality! The BeeLine Reader will help you to quickly and simply view text with eye-catching colour gradations. This gradient makes it easy for people of all age and ability groups to understand and the mean rate of literacy increases by over 20%. The BeeLine Reader is widely used in school because it assists pupils to quickly improve their literacy skills, and supervised tests in school confirm the advantages that pupils like.

The BeeLine Reader was introduced by the American Optometric Association and has received an award from Stanford University and Dell Education. Eyestrain from words to words accounts for about 80% of the amount of spraying you do, so if you want, you can literally literate up to 1,000 words per second!

It has an approximate read rate of 220 words per second. Featuring ReadMe! Once you enable syncing, ReadMe! syncs all your eBooks, your favorite favorites, and the last page you were on to all your ReadMe! machines. Introduction of the dyslexia font! Touch the Dyslexia icon to try it right away!

We' ve done research and the dyslexic script is the best script available to combat literacy problems. For those with literacy problems, such as lethenia, this is a true turnaround in literacy. "Christian Boer, a printmaker, has his own lexical idiom and created the typeface to help him read better.

Christian Boer has helped tens of millions of people around the globe with the dyslexic script." Launch of ReadMe! ReadMe makes it easy! No matter what text you have, you can insert this text very simply into the E-Book creator utility and view it with all the exclusive ReadMe! functions.

Please have a look at our PDF and EPO! ReadMe! processes e-books in DRM-free ebook style (EPUB). ReadMe! also lets you view your (DRM-free) PDFs! ReadMe! is primarily an ExtremePub player, so other file types (e.g. PDF) are never as feature packed as this.

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