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Read Raven App

You can read reviews, compare customer reviews, view screenshots and learn more about Reading Raven HD. The app builds reading and spelling skills through a series of carefully designed games. These are some cute ideas for your little Reading Ravens. Would you like to help your children to read? The Reading Raven Learn to Read app is recommended by parents and teachers as an excellent learning tool.

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Teach your juvenile to literacy with their own reading adventures guides! The Reading Raven is a very exciting learning puzzle that offers step-by-step reading selections to help youngsters create a sound reading-start. - Self-study classes lead the child from reading aloud to reading sentence!

  • Reading speed is fully adjustable by reading speed or time! The Reading Raven guide takes the kids on funny quests where they meet insects, butterfly-like insects, acrobatic circuses, equilibrating furries, submarine dwellers, monster snows, floating pinguins, robotic spacecraft, rhyme and more!

The Reading Raven course of self-study is the following:: The Reading Raven consists of five comprehensive classes with a combined hundred different single exercises. The multisensory reading exercises are a good addition to conventional teaching and reading at home for educators and schoolchildren. Use Reading Raven to help your kid develop reading skills and see how he or she learns.

Merry reading adventures!

Read Raven App Review

He teaches children every character of the script, from character identification and phonic to finding characters, word making and creating basic expression. This also allows children to absorb and reproduce the words they are learning, which is an ingenious function. The parent can get guidance and adjust the option according to their child's reading ability.

You can also skip or repeat an exercise by moving the raven characters forward or backward. Featuring great voiceovers and an intelligent, child-friendly user experience, this is an app that children can use at their own speed. But the app is probably more suitable for parental control and in brief burssts, as the children could readily loose interest with the repeat, as there are no funny "discovery" incidents or particularly captivating tones or reward.

Reading/playing can be played because there is no built-in speech detection. It is also a good opportunity for a parent to take care of their children while they are playing because there are no parent progression stories to see how their children are doing. Reading Raven provides a good reading guide in an entertaining gameplay despite some flaws.

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