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You can download We Read Too and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Tolino Reading App: Read eBooks on the go with the Tolino App. Get now! tolino app for iOS & Android! Log on to your Tolino bookseller.

Yes, you can use the Kindle app on most readers, and here's how:

Bookshare's Go Read App for Android makes barrier-free access simpler than ever

Bookshare, the on-line access bookstore free of charge for all U.S. pupils with a qualified printing disorder such as blind, visually impaired, physically disabled or educationally disabled, has just added some new patches (version 5.3.9.) to its Go Read app that members and educators will like. This is Bookshare's free open sourced e-book app for members using Android smart phones and tablet readers.

Use Go Read to directly link to on-line libs like Bookshare to instantly fetch and hear them. What is especially chilly in this latest release (5.3.9) is that Go Read now has a playbar at the bottom with an optional entry to get onto a spain-frontend.

A further characteristic is that the user can increase the size of the text with a fast finger pressure on the canvas. Go Read also allows Bookshare members to view their allocated read lists, which sync with the app as well. It' a great option for organisation members, making it a breeze to read and learn on the go at any time and any place!

Instructors can read using the new Assign and Read function in this bookshare blogs. For more information about Go Read, please see the Bookshare Help Center and this online training film. Or you may want to check the Bookshare members' favorite read tool compatibility. The Bookshare library has over 475,000 publications, which include reference works, common core material, education resources, best-sellers, children's and more.

In order to become a Bookshare member, the student must have a qualified handicap that will prevent them from viewing print text. Find out more about Bookshare and register today!


You can install Go Read on any Android 4.0 or higher tray or mobile with Android. Read Go can be accessed and accessed directly from Bookshare and other eBook catalogs. The app is available for both individual and Organizational Bookshare members. You can search and load down your Bookshare book directly from the Bookshare website.

You can also open book compatibility files from the unit's internal library via the integrated data webwser. You can read a book with any TTS tone on the unit. With the TalkBack monitor scanner, the operator panel and navigational control are fully accessable. You can navigate by chapter, subsection, page and bookmark.

Please be aware that the text of the text cannot be read with talkback gesture and therefore it is not possible to navigate by words and glyph.

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