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You can read reviews, compare customer reviews, view screenshots, and learn more about Rhythm Sight Reading Trainer. Enhance your ability to read music! I Read Rhythm gives you an infinite number of rhythmic reading results, in all levels of difficulty and always new. The Rhythm Reader allows you to create different screens of rhythm patterns for your practice. The rhythm of vision can be very demanding, especially during syncope and pauses.

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Enhance your vision with instantaneous timekeeping. - Rather uncommon and usual rhythm from 2 to 9 bars per beat (2/2, 4/2, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 7/4, 6/8, 7/8,, 9/8). - All of the more than 200 permanent excercises (100 (longer) on the iPad). - It' a thousand accidental drills. - Ties, syncopes, doublets, triples, quads are more challenging work.

  • Prolonged (random) horizontal format drills. - Method: Play or knock while the rhythm is playing. - Test mode: You are listening to the meter and need to read and type the rhythm. - Precise results are immediately shown in visual form (color and position) each time you type. - Moves and buttons to set the beat speed with ease.
  • Choose from many ways to customize the tutorials to your needs. - Specified- to need very few waterfaucets. - Favourite your tutorials. - Auto Tuning: a higher standard speed for the exercise plus more typing precision. - LEFT and RIGHT-HANDED INDEPENDENCE: Knock the beats and rhythm with two knock-keys.
  • Ear education to support rhythmical dictating. - progress reporting for permanent and accidental drills. - Add app players, metronomes and tap sound from multiple percussions. Listen to your tapping in the right and your metronome/player in the other. - Use a clap of the hands, chops of the fingers or an electrician.
  • Universally applicable (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch).

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Metronomes are precise and your task is to knock the rhythm you see in time. At the end of the tutorial, the app recognizes how closely you came and gives you a scor. It' really simple to adjust the speed by moving the metallic rod up and down on the classic one.

They can modify the sounds of the drums you are typing and it even has the option for those who are left-handed! Just hear the rhythm you play and "knock" yourself and see what music you get. It' getting very progressive when you groove the rhythm.

In the training modus, the user can simply type until everything is available for testing. Exercise, exercise. The app informs you courteously where your scores are located by means of your scores and a color-coded graph. While I know that rhythm can be thrilling, this app doesn't seem to appeal to younger audiences.

It' a very good readable instrument, the little people didn't want to play it alone anymore, I can use it as a teacher/parent and they will do it with pleasure. Abstract: This app is AWESOME to learn how to read beats. Purchase Rhythm Mystery Trainer on $2.99 now: iPad: iPhone:

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