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Slayer ("Read online for free") from. Narratives with fictitious elements that you introduce into scenarios, characters and events based on the ideas of others. A collection of the best fiction books. You can read them online for free. The FicFun is an international exchange platform for original English fiction.

There are 5 places to read fiction online - for free!

You want to read fiction without ever having to pay a penny? Over the last ten years, many sites have appeared that give you, the readers, the opportunity to read a large variety of fiction without risking your pocket. You will be able to read the latest and most hyped-book reviews on goodreading - goodwill reviews:

Do you want to read more - for free? Otherwise, the only way to read an author's work for free is illegal. But you can still find good fiction that should be free as long as you look in the right places. SmartWords is a fiction sales tool that allows writers to post their own works and distribute them in a wide range of different file types, such as HTML, PDF, EPUB, MOBI, RTF and more - file types that can be viewed without Amazon Kindle - Don't Like Amazon?

Kindle Reader App for Android Amazon has its own series of bug fixes that will help the reader find an alternate that is just as good. HereĀ are some of the best ebooks.....

Please read more . Smashwords is that many writers publish free of charge histories. From poetry to fiction and novel, you can select the file formats to be downloaded. However, even for the remunerated histories, most writers allow you to read a thumbnail of the tale (usually the first 10%) before you have to make a commitment to buy.

Smashwords is the place to find free reading for you. The Classic Reader is a website devoted to the classic. Would you like to read tales like Crime and Punishment, Don Quixote, Jane Eyre and Count of Monte Cristo? Simply switch to the Classic Reader and you can start immediately, no additional download is necessary.

The site is a goldmine for classical literary enthusiasts and pupils who want to read without having to buy their own books. Fiction, non-fiction, young reader, poetry, short stories, drama and classical music. Consider it for a minute: someone has made a fictitious tale so captivating that the reader felt he or she was motivated to carry it on.

I don't know what it is. Would you like to see your favourite fiction world extended beyond the canons? There are many misunderstandings about copyright, especially when it is online.

In spite of the regularities there are some good fan fiction out there - in fact some of today's popular writers had their beginning as fan fictionists. FanFictionpress is the affiliate of Fan Fiction. By running on the same website system and paradigm: user-submitted histories that are free and can be consumed.

There is only one thing that distinguishes Fictionpress from FanFiction. Fictionpress is completely made of fiction. Here you will find all kinds of tales, from phantasy to romanticism, as well as sci-fi and literature. It is so well-loved that there are over a million originals, all of which can be reviewed and annotated by the reader.

Surprising, or perhaps not surprising, there are more poetry on the page than fiction. Do you read more "why not read a few of your plays on there for others? The only reason why it flourishes is because it is a fellowship of authors and readership. The Web Fiction Guide is a website that tries to catalog as much as possible of the web fiction environment so that the reader can enjoy all this mass produced material in one place.

Readers can browse through tales to check the web fiction and finally distinguish the website between good and evil one. So if you want to read only the best of what web fiction has to offer, you'll probably want to do so.

Otherwise there are hundred of tales to investigate. A good fiction doesn't have to be expensive. Some gifted authors are writing and sharing their tales for free. On the pages above you will find high qualitiy fiction online without asking for your payment. Which other pages do you use to read free fiction online?

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