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Support your reading habits without paying a cent or even taking a trip to the library. books. about

Google Books offers the largest collection of free books online. Library of the Congress. via The genres include fantasy books, adventure books, romance books and more.

Books for free online: 9 of the best websites

Google Books offers the largest online library of free books. Finding a textbook will feel like entering a query in Google. Unfortunately, not all books are available for free on Google Books. Once you've searched for your eBook, click on "Search Tools" and switch "Any Books" to "Free Google eBooks" to make sure you're viewing free music.

There are 20 books you should have already read to start your quest. The Library of Congress is here for you if you are looking for classical music online. Featuring more than 60 classical books on an easy-to-use user experience, this is the ideal website if you have a particular classical that you want to read.

Find out which children's books are absolutely readable as adults. The aim of Open Library is to build a website for every single publication ever made. With more than 1 million books in this easy-to-navigate website repository, it's the ideal place to read books online for free.

When you are looking for a particular work, use the browse tool. If you receive your results, make sure that the "Ebooks" checkbox is activated so that the results only show free online books. There are 18 good books you can read in one go. The Gutenberg project, established in 1971, is the oldest online Internet library.

Currently there are more than 56,000 eBooks available that are Kindle compliant and simple to use. This is the website for you if you want to read free online books that are not just fictions. When searching for books, simply click on the "free" page, as not all 478,000 books on the site are free.

These are some of the classical books that you probably read at college and that are worth reading again. Nonprofit organisation provides free eBooks and free download. As well as the searching function, it also categorises its contents by genre. If you are not sure what you want to read, this makes it a great website for locating a new one.

What is good, because your mind needs you to read every time. The company follows a subscriptions scheme, but also provides free books online. On the website you can search books by writer, type, language and alphabet. BookBub is a page you definitely need in your lifetime if you are a fan of books who is always looking for something new to read.

In order to use this site and its tens of thousand of available eBooks, you need to register, but it's completely free. BookBub not only gives you online free book search, but also gives you great special discounts on best sellers who will notify you when large books are available online (for a limited period) at 75% or more discount.

There are over 30,000 online books available for free reading on this site. Whilst you will find rather older, classical books available for free than contemporaries, ManyBooks still has a great selection, and you can fall back on many other eBooks available for a discount rate. Next, go out these other ways to get free things on the web that everyone should take advantage of.

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