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Random House children's books video interviews and book trailers. The Random House Children's Books | We're stuck with great stories, classroom decorations, quotes and more. We are the Kids & Teenagers division of Penguin Random House, the world's largest textbook publisher. Random House children's book family. Random House children's books.

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So Greg's not common. He hears all about the dwarves' story. Yet the comeback of the magicks they once practiced means that great changes are underway and tension with their vowed enemies, the elves, is spiralling. Introducing infants and young children to Dr. Seuss' 100 most important first words and works of art!

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Get instant information about the best tales that happen as they evolve.

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The RHCP is an award-winning publishing house for kids of all age. Bestsellers are Sir Terry Pratchett, Philip Pullman, Dame Jacqueline Wilson, Lauren Kate, Christopher Paolini and Joe Delaney and illustrations by Quentin Blake, Shirley Hughes, Louise Yates and Nadia Shireen. It is proud to announce five children's prize winners.

The RHCP has completed a number of cutting-edge digitally republishing initiatives and won a National Innovation Award for the Mortal Kiss advertising campaigns with Stardoll.

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