Quotes about being a good Writer

Quotations about being a good writer

Most important is to read as much as possible, as I have. The inspiration comes from so many sources. "I think all writing is a disease. First I wanted to be a writer because I read these great books: "'Almost anyone can be an author; the business is to collect money and fame from this state of being.

There are 7 classic quotes to help you write.

It is a wonderful and worthwhile learning process, a fine craftsmanship, one of the most satisfactory ways to pass your free moment - at least while you are dressing. Perhaps that's why authors like quotes about their work. To inspire and encourage you, here are some of our favourite quotes from our editors.

Both are linked by his favourite quotation: Stefanie's favourite is an artistic piece of philosophy: Tony Morrison is a great writer and one of my favourite authors. Here is what she has to say about the kind of work we are putting into the business - or, of course, any new work: writing: The other, from the beautifully stratified novel Song of Solomon, is a sound piece of counsel for authors, creatives, or really any of us: What about you?

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There are 9 quotes from writers that will make you as a writer relax.

It'?s frightening to write. Just as I am sitting here in my cosy little flat typing this, I am concerned that the words will not come to me - or even more badly, that the words I pick will be awkward or stupid or bywords.

I am reluctant to put off Leslie Knope's days, but according to Dani Shapiro, self-doubt could be "a writer's best ally", because if you don't ask what you type, you won't "fight to put it aside just right": "So if you have doubts about your letter, it's OK. Any other writer, even the one you like the most, will feel the same.

In order to show it, here are nine quotes from award-winning, best-selling writers who have also had doubts about their own skills, yet have worked persistently and beautifully. And I think I understand it because I have the feeling that I struggle with it all the time in my own life." "In the Syracuse Writing Programme, Douglas Unger said your acceptance was a'big experiment' for which he and Tobias Wolff had to'fight', which obviously was a reward.

This anxiety about typing is always expressed by the fact that I sometimes, away from my desktop, invent the first phrases for what I should type, which immediately turn out to be useless, arid and aborted, long before their end, and with their outstanding shards point to a gloomy ordeal.

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