Quick Creative Writing Exercises

Fast creative writing exercises

The exercises are short, creative and productive. Instructive prompts offer a useful way to inspire and put yourself in an inventive state of mind. Writing exercises are a great way to develop your voice, learn the elements of storytelling and explore new styles and genres. HereĀ are some creative writing instructions. prisionero essay bastos creative juices flow instantly.

It' less effective than a resource for fast, independent creative writing strategies.

Fast writing

Writing quickly: brief exercises to relax the writing muscles" 2: Note down three things you gave away on the way to the meeting: Now, take one of them here as a point of departure for your trip.3 3 Clip, But no Cigar: Lists 4 words and places a single words or phrases next to each one that are near each other in their means.

Use a word couple as a start point for a font: Draw up a full report from.... While the act of enumeration alone is good and splitting is even better, you might deduce an incentive for further writing. This is how Olivia McCannon's'Inventory' - a poetry about her grandparents' home - begins:

This is a real four-line example in the dressing rooms of a Swimmingpool: three things that happen in the photograph; what is going on just outside the border of the picture/photo; what could have happend 5 min before the photograph was taken.... and 5 min after it was taken?

The authors then either collate and debate what they have penned - or use their own idea as a basis for writing. THEME WORDS: Take a theme and type words from 2,3,4,- 15 characters. Antropomorphism: Make a checklist of 5 items (e.g. corkscrews, pots, brooms, keys, carpets) - then type in the first one for 5 min. from the point of 11: 10-WORD SENTENCE:

Enter a 10-word phrase. Now''unpack'' and extend the same meaning into three more phrases (that can be the phrase before and the phrase after) (Idea forme Everybody widths website).14. LANTERAL THINKING: Take an item and put 5 different uses it can/could have. A GUESS THE CHARACTER: Each individual puts on a piece of writing the name of a individual, whether it' s actual or imagined, current or historic, or a profession or a species.

Every author picks up a piece of writing material and records 10 things that could be in the character's bag or home. They are then reread and the group is asked to derive what might have been on the initial note. This is an example of an activity to encourage "show not tell".

They should then spend 5 and a half hours writing and try to use all their words of choice, e.g. Golden or Stroh? leaves or rind? salts or spices? fire or topping? It can work well as a lesson where words are first created around a theme or history and then "paired".

WRITTEN PLAYS: For fast writing of record listings give 2 to 3 min each (as used by US writer Kenneth Koch):''I wish.....; I wish...; I wish...; I wish...''I recall...; I recall...; I remember...''. VARIATION: 2. Write a brief text in sets of only four words3.

Type a brief text without words with the letter'a'.4. Compile a brief text - a lovemaking note, an obituary, a prescription, a screenplay - with only the 100 most commonly used words (in a body of British literature - National Literacy Strategy): unless you were asked how their saw its some folks look, but so much your a 5th century.

Type a text of 26 sentences, each beginning with the next character of the script.

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