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Place your book on Amazon

It' your chance to use your writing skills! Add a freebie to your book and offer it in return for an email subscription. Post as much information as possible on your site!

All about discounting your e-book on Amazon

At Book Cave we want our reader to get the best offers, so the prize is one of the big things we check when we decide whether to approve a book for a Ph. We cannot approve the book if the sales prices are not sufficiently high. Mm-hmm. But how do you discounted your e-book on a big seller like Amazon?

You have several ways to discounts your book on Amazon, dependent on whether your book is currently released by KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) or by KDP AND is registered in KDP Select. When in KDP, you can also have your book on other sites like iTunes, Barnes & Noble and Kobo.

Once you are registered with KDP Select, you are exclusively with Amazon and cannot have your book on another site for at least three month, which is the duration of each registration meeting. When your book is only registered in KDP and NOT in KDP, choose..... Amazons won't let you lower your prices too much unless you modify the percent of bonuses you get.

You have the choice between 35% and 70%. You can either reduce the proportion of your license fees for the promotional campaign or try to get Amazon to adjust the cost of your book. When you want to discounts on your Amazon eBooks, you can simply do so on your KDP bankroll - as long as you don't want to go below 99cns.

however if you go below $2. 99 you have to vote the 35% donation chest above the billing. The 35% you select can then give you up to 99 cent off, but only 35% of the total use. Once your sales have been completed, you can re-enter and modify both your purchase amount (at the normal price) and your license amount (back to 70%).

A number of writers are thinking about changing the pricing, but not the percentage of license fees, so make sure you duplicate it! Usually an writer will not make much profit during a sell, but the sell will bring you more opinions and referrals that should lead to more frequent sellings once the book's cost is up.

When you have continuations, a sales or ongoing rebate is a good way to draw your customers' view. So if you want to discounted your book to $0.00 (or any other prize under 99 cents), you can discounted your e-book on a home dealer like Barnes & Noble or Apple.

A number of writers suggest that you set your license fees to 35% and the cost to $0.99 on Amazon to prevent an enraged Amazon e-mail before the pricing match. At any time you can rejoin and correct the "normal" charge up after Amazon has reached the charge (but not the license fee - more on that below).

As soon as your book is free of charge at another dealer and your book sells more stably, the adjustment of the prices usually takes place within a few week after the activation of your book. Or you can get your relatives to click on the Inquire about a lower prize button right below the book's text.

For a quicker comparison, please e-mail Amazon directly from your KDP bank details, informing them of the lower cost and asking them to check the same. When you go with this comparison of prices way to discounted your e-book on Amazon, make sure you alter the cost of your book on the other retailers a few weeks before your promotional period, and if the cost is not reduced within three working day of your promotional period, make sure you mail Amazon to inform them of the cost adjustment, because it usually will take a few working day to respond.

Or you can use this adjustment to keep the 70% license fee at Amazon if you discounted to less than $2.99. However, we do not advise you to do so because it is regarded as "gaming the system" and Amazon may ask you to discounts your book on Amazon (with a 35% license fee) or to return your book to the other merchant's normal retail prices within five business hours, or your book will be removed from Amazon.

You won't mind if you're just comparing prices to make your book free, because every percent of $0.00 is still $0.00. In addition, you can ensure that your book has not already been priced before you release it to other dealers. Importance if you have Amazon match one 2. 99 award on another merchant, adjust the Amazon Award to 2. 99 before you make your product people on the other merchant.

Some of our writers have said that they have received a notification from Amazon when Amazon tries to make a second comparison for the same book. Please note: Reducing your rates on another site violates Amazon guidelines and the terms of the author's registration with KDP.

For the most part, they have adjusted the prices quickly when the writers send them an e-mail, and they may consider this notice as fulfilling the terms of the contract. We' re not sure why writers can't post their free manuals, but Barnes & Noble have recently amended their policies to allow free titles, and maybe Amazon will be there.

When your book is registered in KDP Select..... Once your book is registered with KDP Select, you must initiate a "Free Book Promotion" or a "Kindle Countdown Deal" to discounted your Amazon-book. In order to do this, you will first find the book on your Amazon bookshelf. You will see a "Book actions" menue next to each book.

Under" Execute price action" select either" Countdown action" or" Free book action". "In the following example, the "Free Book Promotion" was chosen. Up to five and a half day to make your book free of charge during the three-month Select registration process. They can be used all at once, one by one or several day at a stretch.

Shops begin shortly after PT and end exactly five nights later, again at this time. Kindle Countdowns can save up to 99 Cent on your book for up to seven nights. As a benefit, if you are countdowning, you will receive your standard license fee during the countdown, even if the cost is less than 2.99.

You cannot, for example, make any changes to prices 30 or 14 working nights before or after this date. In addition, you must plan a countdown several nights in advance and you cannot split the calendar into several actions. They can choose that Amazon makes several day at one rate and then raises it to another.

" To countdown, select a date and an hour. If you advertise with Book Cave and other pages, it is important to alter the age. Standard is 8:00 AM PT, which is really too slow for most promotional websites. The Book Cave requires that all of your book be sold by 6:00 a.m. Pacific Times (PT) on the book's date of purchase, so make sure you verify the starting point.

Or you can get the most out of your sales and use all the lessons, so set the clock to 12:00, which means you begin at 12:00 in the early part of the day you have chosen and finish your promotional period at 12:00, which means you will finish your promotional period at 12:00 in the early part of the day after the 7th.

but you' re finishing this mornin' (at midnight), so it's only 7. The last 8. When you are done, click on "Add Action". "You can process or cancelling your action up to 24hrs prior to the planned launch.

Contrary to the free promotional campaigns, which are carried out in all Amazon shops by default, a countdown can currently only be planned in the USA and the UK, AND you must run them independently. So, please redo the whole UK procedure so you can make the most of your Ph.

To find out more about what Book Cave can do for you, please fill in your e-mail address below and click on the "Find out more" link. Thankfully this will help you discounting your e-book on Amazon as you setup your next sponsorship!

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