Put your Book on Kindle

Bet your book on Kindle

Have you formatted your book on the Kindle page? I also postponed it for a few months for fear of the unknown. Can Kindle be called the Worth It? ⪠No, It's Not A Good Deal Me âª

but after 12 month, no thanks. After I try it, here's my Kindle United test. For Kindle University book (KU) and KENPC page reading, I have to say that, to come up with a term, I am quite unimpressed after twelve month.

The reader has unrestricted book availability, so they can of course conserve cash on all available publications. And for an e-book selling at, say, $3. 99, the returns for a full reading on KENPC is around $1.35. Also keep in mind  that this poor returns fluctuates each and every month depending on how much Amazon assigns to the swimming pool for KU.

I only won so many page readings for a few pages of a Kindle book that could simply be previewed in the free available previews or with Prime liter. My experiance, with my textbooks in KU is not far from free of charge eBook.

Amazons has around a million e-books available on KU for a very inexpensive Kindle Unlimited Subscription of $9. 99 per month, which is near to free entry to as many e-books as one can try. Some pages here, some pages there, until a book he likes is found.

Readers have many ways to get an e-book before buying through ratings and previews it. I' m sorry, but if a user wants to see one of my e-books, the Amazon Kindle Store payment is the usual way to recompense my work. So, with this said, you will comprehend why I choose from KDP and Amazon exclusiveness, and return all my e-books to open editing.

When Amazon gave me the option to decide out of Kindle Unlimited gently, but Stays in KDP Select, I might have taken another approximation, but clearly, Amazon wants low-cost KU e-books for any readers who wants more than one book a month. What do I need? Sure, I know I can get in touch with Amazon and skip through some tapes and have my e-books taken off from KU, but quite frankly, I can't be upset.

I' d like to be out of the exclusiveness that constantly changes the regulations and my license fee varies every time. Kindle Unlimited is great for an insatiable readership who loves to get it cheaper, but for an writer it's not that much. It' s going to take a few moths to get all my Amazon exclusive e-books, but I'm already fed up by the fact that with just a few e-books that I now available through Draft2Digital on Apple B&N, Kobo and others, I'm beginning to see sale rolls in.

Thanks Kindle Unlimited, it was great to meet you, but you are definitely not my tea.

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