Punch Fear in the face Book

Fear in the face book

Hit fear in the face, escape the average and do the work that counts. It is time to face the fear, to escape the average and to do the work that counts. Oh, we see a lot of male pictures in movies and on TV. The bestselling author Jon Acuff says this is more than possible. "It's time to strike fear in the face.

Slapping fear in the face

Whether you're managing a business, a group, or just trying to make a living, you've probably seen it before - the debilitating concern that you're not wise enough or even fit to succeed. What if you could punch that fear in the face? Indeed, he so much does believe that his latest book concentrates on getting over fear and living a meaningful one.

For me, the big deal is fear. I always tell folks that fear only gets noisy when you do things that are important. If you take the usual, if you take the usual, fear will never disturb you. One must dare to rise as a ringleader, even when fear becomes noisy.

In the book, you speak of disregarding the hater. Shopkeepers are constantly confronted with this phenomen. If you pursue your dream, it will remind others that they do not pursue theirs. That noisy, light-living of yours is a memory that they do nothing to hers. How do you fight hatred?

If they get hatred, they concentrate on it. I' ve attended so many shopkeeper gatherings that I' ve spent my life spending tens of millions to keep angry with angry customers and disregard the ones they like. Don't pay to turn someone who hates you. Use your spending your precious resources and your own free hours to turn those you like into those you like.

I urge them not to believe in the mathematics of the critics: an offence plus 1,000 payoffs is an outrage. In the face of 1,000 congratulations, we have the capacity to disregard them all and concentrate on the slander.

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The book gives some great ideas and encouragement for soloing.

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