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Stage #3: Brainstorming a whole series of tracks If I said you could have your Amazon books and earn within 72hrs? Much better than to wait a month or even a year to find an operative, get a bookstore and go to all the mischief of working with a publishing house, right? Amazonia's gonna let you keep more of that cash, too.

That' s why I wrote this complete, step-by-step Kindle Publishing tutorial, full of little wisdoms I learned on the road. At the time I brought my first novel to market, I only had 250 subscriptionists. Although I played a relatively passively promotional roll in promotion of the franchise - I did a few promotion sessions during the launches to give me an early push and then mostly relied on Amazon's algorithms to increase revenue - it made its first $1,000 in five month.

That' not a score to brag about, but it was enough to get me inspired to do a second writing and make it much better. Thus I was much more strategical, enlarged my public and advertised the novel much more. It continued to earn over $10K in its first year, which was a big boost over the first $2K it earned in that period.

Earn cash by typing, even if you have a small mailing list, and even if you play a somewhat passively advertising part. In this article I will present the step-by-step strategies with which I published and promoted my second work. A few suggestions for books are meant to fall through before a singular term is written or type, so check your suggestions first.

Can' t tell you how many instances I have come across writers who have written novels on arcane subjects for a miniscule audience and are really amazed when their business is low. Using the right research technique, you can find a novel concept that your reader will find appealing and about which you like to work. I knew already that the novel I wanted to compose would deal with self-renewal.

This was the notion that had been haunting me for a while. So if you could select only one section in a bookshop to reread, which section would you use? Which kinds of items do you view on-line? Check the bibliography and use your responses to find some suggestions.

As I said, I already had an ideas for my novel in my head, but I still needed to know if it had sales potentials. But I didn't want to waste much of my life trying to write a novel that nobody (except my most loyal subscribers) would buy. So before I began to write, I validated my ideas by doing research on the contest.

To do this yourself, go to Amazon and answer these questions: When you can't find a similar product to yours on the market place, it means you don't have a good concept because nobody is so inventive. Reviewing the competition gives you an indication of how well your books can be sold.

They want to make sure enough folks want the kind of book you are planning on typing to make it your best while. First of all you have to find a matching categorie for your books at Amazonia. Visit and browse to Departments > Kindle E-Readers & Books > Kindle Books.

Browse down until you see the below menus and click Light Bestseller. Choose Kindle eBooks from the drop-down list on the right. Choose a catagory and uncategory that most closely matches your idea (s) for the album. I have chosen the self-help and personal transformation categories for my self-renewal work. My books were based on the assumption of self-realization.

There was no need to find a re-invention but I was looking for similar topics like behavioural changes, personal changes and changes in being. I' ve found some similar ones (#3 and #5 below expressly state that they are changes, while #4 is a general improvement of your life).

You' ll know if there are any similar works on your notion. They will not find current Amazon selling figures, but through their bestseller ranking you can get a good quote. More than 1,000 ranking lists will have large numbers of units sold, but are very highly competetive. Leaderboards from 1,000 to 30,000 are less competetive, but will still have good selling figures.

Least than 30,000 ranks are the least competetive, but will also have lower selling figures. They do not want a too competetive product nor a low-volume product. Placing your hardcover in the top three at the start will increase your chances of being high on the hot new publications league table.

If you appear high enough in this listing, your novel will get a great deal of attention. Amazonia will present your work in a prominent section about other works similar to yours: If you are higher in a given class, there is a higher probability that someone will click through to buy your work.

Unless you think you can break the three best titles in your first class, you might see if you can present your work in an alternate class where the opposition is less strong. You have now made sure that your ideas for a novel have sales potentials so that you are about to begin to write.

Before you do that, you should give your books a name. All you need to know about books before writing them is that they have two components: If you brainstorm your subtitles, you want to make it clear how your books will help your readership. What of my reader's problems will my novel resolve?

How will the results of the study be received? Which kind of character will the readers be when they have read your work? I invented 50 different principal and 25 secondary title books for my work. If you brainstorm a title, simply record what comes to your minds. 2. 0: Stop being stuck, reinvent yourself and become a brand new you - Master the art of personal transformation.

As soon as you have decided, you know exactly which one you will be writing. When you publish self-published titles, you need an audiences of prospective purchasers. An early increase in turnover is achieved, and successful selling will encourage Amazon's algorithms to advertise your work. They can use your audiences for critiques that Amazon also uses as a rank ing-factor, and they will also help other folks make the purchase decisions.

So if you don't have anyone to buy your books or leave a review as soon as you release them, the odds of them taking off are low to not at all. I made more cash with my second album than with my first because I took the liberty of gaining new subscription customers as I wrote it.

Here is what I did to enlarge my audiences for my second book: My first novel I ever sold was The Destiny Formula. In the ideal case, you want to provide an appeal that is a great addition to the books you write. If, for example, you have written a novel about the paleo dietetic, you could provide one of these incentives:

However, if I had to begin the launches today, I would have made something more pertinent to self-innovation from the beginning. Could have increased turnover even further. There are simple segments that you can use to advertise your books more effectively. It was my own aim to reach 3,000 readers before I released my work.

Achieving this number was my primary goal, publishing my own stories on media, each with a return to my target page. This would be the end of every item I have posted on Medium: Whilst I received most of my traffics from Media, my subscription basis increased by a substantial amount due to the publication on these pages.

From the time of publication on media to the time of publication on these pages, I achieved my target of 3,000 subscription within six month. It is not necessary to reach the same number of attendees, but I suggest you expand your subscription to at least 1,000 before publishing your work. Post new items on a fixed timetable and keep your new readers in touch as you write your work.

While you can compose the most stunning work in the world, if you don't pack it in an attractive way, few do. This section will discuss three important stages in packing your book: You' re gonna need a good front page for your novel or it won't work. It gives prospective purchasers a first glimpse of your work.

At least a good jacket has the following characteristics: The majority of your prospective purchasers will first see your artwork as a miniature, so your artwork should be easily readable when reduced to this scale. Personal I engaged Happy Self Publishing to do my artwork. You have found a good equilibrium between professionality, product range and pricing.

While I was working on Happy Self-Publishing, they asked me if I had any idea for my artwork and sent me a survey to collect my information about the books (title, subtitles, descriptions, etc.) and my artwork preference (preferred colours, type, etc.). As well as your envelope, you also need to make the inside of your books look good.

When all the text is compressed, full of mistakes in your parsing or typed in a horrible script, you' re sure to make a lot of mistakes and make sure your readers won't want to see your work. In order to avoid this, you need to reformat your books - in particular, you need to reformat and store your books in a nice kind of fileset like . mobi or . epub.

My own work has been reformatted with an easy-to-use program named Vellum, which uses a basic WYSIWYG editing tool ("What You See Is What You Get" - the same editing tool in Microsoft Word and WordPress). When you are on a computer, you have alternate possibilities such as Reedsy and Design Templates.

Doing it yourself will help you safe some cash, but if you don't think you're very technical and want to make sure the format of the books is right, employ someone. However, when the page layout is complete, don't worry about correcting the page with a Kindle or Kindle application. If your artwork attracts folks to your Amazon selling page, the next thing they'll do is reread your story.

You will want to know exactly what your books are about and how they will be used. So if your text has a faint font, it won't be enough for them to click the Buy icon, so they'll click the Back icon instead. Well, the most important thing you should know when you write your own account is that you should not use it as a synopsis of your work.

Rather, you should handle it like an advertising mail. Not only should it tell prospective purchasers about the content of your books, it should convince them to buy. Do you see how I use the key points to arouse interest instead of giving away the key points of the work? This is the fundamental technique for advertising letters that you should use in your inscription.

Indicating the reasons would nullify the need for the readers to buy the work. For more information about how to write convincing descriptive texts, the following resource has been very helpful in my writing: Launching your books makes or break the books of your choice. Don't delay until the end of the starting day before you begin your work.

Instead, you want to have a roadmap in place and your promotional material well planned before you click on the publication. Below are some things you should do to get ready to release my work. Prior to the release, you should put together a "street team" to help you review your books and market them during the release time.

Declare that you should be reading an extended reader's copy of the work and preparing a revision to be published at the beginning of the introduction. Embolden them to divide the books on your mobile phone or with their e-mail list. The number of reviewers you want to get doubles the number of guys in your streets squad, because there' a good chance that only half of them will actually check your work.

The goal is at least 25 ratings, i.e. 50 persons for your launching group. As soon as you've finished writing your own novel and you can see your release on the Horizon, you want to softly tickle your readers so they know it's on. Until then, I had kept my mailing lists active by mailing motivation e-mails every Monday, as well as an updated one every Monday when I posted a new entry.

When I was getting ready to start, I added a teaser at the end of my e-mails, like here: P.S. I'm done with my new You 2.0 book: Stop being stuck, reinvent yourself and become a brand new you. You just tell them the book's comin'. Never improvise when you're bringing out a work.

When you are wise, make sure you are planning every move you take to get started and beyond. I was preparing in the few days before my start: I have also created some new stimuli for the advertising items, which are more focused on advertising the books than my original:

If you do not get ready for your start, you will be exhausted and feeling disappointed during the whole start. You will try to advertise the product instead of having a policy that makes you think the product is being sold. Make plans in advance and you start with a smack. Maybe you think your presentation will take place when you post your Amazon product for purchase.

From a technical point of view, that's when you formally release your work. However, the starting procedure is a little more complex than just pressing a release key, and it begins much sooner than your formal starting date. Your first big promotional campaign is when you begin to sell your work. Below you will find the time line I used to run my work.

You would like to provide your subscription customers with free sample copies four week before your formal start. Sent my own subscription the introductory chapters to my books, Chapters One and Two. You 2. 0: Stop Feeling Stuck, Reinvent Yourself, and Become a Brand New You, is just around the corner. </ i>.

My guts and my spirit have been put into my writings of this great novel and I wanted to write something of it with you today because I am sure that just having some of it in my hands will give you the inspiration to want to change your lives by wanting to learn to read it all. The following is the introductory part of the book:

Next weekend or so, I'll be sharing more parts of the work. Cause my main purpose is to get you to reread the books and use them to make a difference in your world. Never should you ever delay until your formal start date to post your work on Amazon. Well, you should release it a whole fortnight before it happens.

In order to post your work on Amazon, you must register an Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing user name. Please complete these instructions to have your work published: Navigate to "Create a New Title" and click "+ Kindle eBook". Fill in all necessary information about the selected product (language, titles, subtitles, etc.). Amazonia allows you to use up to seven different keyswords to help your readership find your titles.

You can use KDP Rocket, Kindle Spy, Merchant Words, and other KDP keyboard programs to find out how many individuals are searching for specific KDPs. This is the key word I used for my book: At the moment, however, simply select two categories/subcategories in which your product fits: Once you've published your work, you' ll be able to look through similar works and see what category they're in.

Next, ask Amazon to add your copy of the story to them. Here we have a tape of Kindlepreneur's Dave Chesson explaining how to do this: What should you rate your work? Kindle albums costing from $0.99 to $2.98 are subject to a 35% license fee on each purchase. Kindle albums costing from $2.99 to $9.99 are subject to a 70% license fee on each purchase.

Kindle albums costing over $9.99 are subject to a 35% license fee on each purchase. Now you might think that valuing your product somewhere between $2. 99 and $9. 99 is the apparent way to go since that faculty get you the most assertion. However, for a start, I've valued my work at $0.99 and I suggest you do the same.

It is not a matter of earning a great deal of cash early on, but of generating a great deal of revenue early on. Amazons don't look at the cost of your books to see how well they do. When you can start by sellin a barrel of 99-cent prints, you'll profit from some kind of dynamic algorithm, even if you increase the prize.

If you rate the value of the product at $0.99, you can use advertising websites to present your product to a large audience during release and give your advertisers an early buying stimulus (before increasing the price). Browse down and click on your Kindle eBook to post. As soon as you click on your favorite title to post it, it will appear on Amazon in 24 to 48hrs.

Once your books go online, you should e-mail your local streets staff asking them to post their ratings. This is important: you should ask them to get the Amazon copy first and then post their review. They' ll still show up, but Amazon won't give them that much clout.

In this way, they can "buy" the free copy, and Amazon should still flag their review as valid. Speaking before, I was talking about promoting pages for you. Generally they are sites that sponsor books while they are free or are assessed at $0.99. This site has huge listings of readers who enjoy browsing and they will all get an e-mail linking to your work.

This reader can give you a giant push for early selling. These pages were found from a compilation made by Dave Chesson at Kindlepreneur. Cause you want to establish a successful balance of your selling performance. Amazonia will advertise your product for you when it sees that you have your own sale.

If writers make cash, Amazon makes cash, but like any good store, it will not recommending a product without earning value. It'?s official day to present your novel to the world. You should advertise your books vigorously during the introductory weeks. I think you should advertise your book: Ask your streets staff to advertise the product on your site and/or in their e-mail list.

Share your own branded information from your online advertising campaigns. Here is how I planned these things during the start week: Encourage your streets crew to advertise your books on online community sites (or their e-mail lists). Post advertising contents on Medium. Stage 3: Perform your first buck books activity. Post advertising contents on Medium.

Post advertising on media. Tag 5: Carry out your second Buchmarketingaktion (James Mayfield & Books Butterfly). Post advertising on media. Post advertising on media. Tag 7: Carry out your third books campaign (Fussy Librarian & Robin Reads). Post advertising on media. Below are some samples of each e-mail in my order of sale:

You ever felt that way, my new blockbuster You 2. 0 - Stop Feeling Stuck, Reinvent Yourself, and Become a Brand New You could give you the answer you were looking for. It' s only 99 Cent, a bargain rate that I only reveal to my customers for the next 5 nights.

I' m putting the low because I want you to look at the ledger. It is at this point that I take great pains to get the hand on the books to as many people as possible in order to earn a living. For more information about the books, click here. Boyfriend, over the past few months I've been telling you about my new album, You 2. 0 - Stop Feeling Stuck, Reinvent Yourself, and Become a Brand New You, which is available for 99 Cent for the next few nights.

It' the narrative of how I changed my own way of living and how you can do it. You' ll study in that book: I' ve written this textbook to divide thoughts that might help you to make changes, not to put inspirations down your throats. Well, I invite you to read the 99-cent copy because I am interested in the embassy and want to disseminate it widely.

For more information about the books, click here. You 2. 0 - Stop Feeling Stuck, Reinvent Yourself, and Become a Brand New You. Today I wanted to give some reason why I promote the product and why I think you should be investing in yourself by buying it.

Think you should put money in that ledger because: For more information about the books, click here. Speak soon, example #4 - Pricing e-mail: You 2. 0 for the low 99 cent mark. Thereafter the metal goes up to $2. 99 and from then on it will only go higher.

What is the reason for the low prices and the continuous promotions? I guess you're part of this fellowship because you're looking for a difference in your lives, and if I can help you, it's really valuable all the trouble I put into my scripting. For more information about the books, click here.

Till the next times to make cash on writing, your books may not be a bolt in the frying pan, which means that you must keep advancing the books to keep your business in rolls. As I have already said, you want to give the good starting point to the novel with an increase in early selling in order to profit from Amazon's algorithm.

They want to keep selling entering after with some consensus. You should expand your mailing lists in the few months following the release and pass on the messages of your books to new people. Like I said before, I have fixed the cost of my booking at $0.99 for the first full day.

My license fees would remain low if I continued to sell at this rate. Every year I was about to increase the prize, I sent my subscription customers a prize-changing e-mail. Not only did this remind occasional purchasers to buy the books, it also gave them an impulse to do so.

Unless they were admitted to the low prices that were on that date, they would stay away forever, and nobody would like to miss a good bargain. Once you have published your work, you should still publish items with back link to your registration page. Create an inviting auto responder chain that gives your customers your incentives and then sells your album.

Use the same (or a similar) selling order that you used for your start. I' ve written a 30 day 30 postings on media for 30 business hours to advertise the novel, and that brought 150 more copies in the first months of my launches. Tip: You can use Amazon affiliate hyperlinks to see how many people on your Amazon site actually purchased your copy through the hyperlink you gave them.

Amazonia Marketing Services offers a "pay per click" promotion programme for writers. Register for AMS through your Kindle dashboard by selecting Ads Campaigns from the top drop-down list. Choose the name of the publication you want to promote. You need many more catchwords for your ad campaigns than you did when you launched your album.

Enter words and words into Amazon's keyword finder and see which words Amazon proposes (as shown below). Explore bestseller category and use favorite bay titles/author name as your keys. You can use the "Customers have also bought" section of bestselling category text to find related bibliographic titles/authors that you can use as your tag.

The Kindle Spy and KDP Rocket are two instant keyword delivery solutions for your books. Specify the offer prices for your catchwords. An auction is the biggest amount you are willing to pay when someone else hits your ad. Once you have published your ad, run it for two weeks and analyse the dates.

Kindle ledgers cost you 30% in royalty, which means that only 70% of every dollars you earn ends up in your bag. And the more you have, the more opportunities for new leads. So, how exactly did my second volume evolve? Available since April 2017, the title has now reached $10,000 in all sizes (I've added a softcover and an audiobook section, which I strongly recommend).

Following the first introductory months, I still advertised the title through my editorial team. Everyone who signs up to my e-mail mailing lists goes through an e-mail serial that contains a few education e-mails and a hardsell e-mail to buy the books. Every weeks I make one entry in my blogs to add new visitors to my e-mail lists and advertise the album.

During the first 90 and a half months after the market introduction, a large part of the book's turnover was generated. Thereafter, turnover stayed constant at around 500 to 700 US dollars per months. I' m working on my next one. Having an even bigger public than when I introduced my last one, my aim is to have at least 10,000 of my third within the first year.

I' ll be writing another one, and another one, and another one, and another one. I am constructing a series of works, and with each new volume I will expand my public and my revenue. If a new learner finds one of your novels and enjoys it, chances are they'll want to see your other novels. If you have several copies of a particular volume for purchase, you can sell them in a one-of-a-kind way, such as making a bundle of volumes and quoting each volume at different points in time.

You' ll learn to write better over the years, have a following that likes your work, and (if you do it right) earn more cash with every volume you do. It'?s a pleasure to write. They can do the same for you. and write coaches who help budding authors build the self-esteem and customs they need to make an impression and earn an honest living. to get three free secretaries plus a copy of their best-selling Amazon work.

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