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For a complete list of social publishing tools, including infographics, videos, emails, plug-ins, and more. In the Publishing Tools tab of Facebook, how do I create a post? Twelve digital publishing tools recommended by the professionals In celebration of The Future of Ink's second year of existence, we asked our experts to tell us about their preferred publishing tools they've found over the last six month. When you' re looking for tools to help you post, collaborate, curate and produce your own personal online media, you'll find 12 great tools in this section.

Scrivener is my newest favourite authoring utility. Comes with several patterns for already written works, such as literature (novels), shorts, screenplays, poems and texts, and more, so it's really simple for writers to use. Known as The Book Ninja, Kristen Eckstein is a sought-after publishing writer, multiple bestselling writer and award-winning intern.

Sometimes, as electronic publishing houses, we get out of the fire hoses quicker than we do. I have used this utility many a time to enhance my own typing - and I am a writer-trainer! Not only do I enjoy this approach because it is cutting-edge and fuses with the publishing industry's latest fashions, but also because it encourages cross-format literacy.

It is important to have both printed and printed books and I believe that all writers should preferably have both. Readership esteem is very important to all writers, whether they are aspiring or have an existing following, and BitLit offers an outstanding way to do this.

A Pubslush developer, Justine Schofield assists writers and editors in educating on the value of pre-publication audience construction and market. Being an information literacy specialist, I am always looking for tools to make the deployment as simple and smooth as possible. Libsyn - Liberated Syndication is the only podcast that I would not be (at this time) without.

It is a minimum capital expenditure for everything this utility can do. Katheen Gage is a strategy maker, management advisor and moderator of the powerful up for profits podcast, working with consciously conscious businessmen who are professionals in their area. If you have an iPad, Adobe Voice lets you make quick, entertaining, and free video in just a few mins.

Bortone is a videomarketing professional and on-line consulting brander who assists business owners and professional services providers to develop groundbreaking brand names on the web.

Although I have been using this utility for more than six month, Hangouts on Air is my favourite digitally publishing workhorse. Also I think HOA' s are the best implement that has come along for writers and on-line businessmen as blogs suggest the on-line advertising community little more than a decade ago.

Hangouts aired - streamed videos - puts it all together so you can produce engaging stories that are easy to publish on the web. By combining a Google+ Hangout camcorder with a Google+ events page on YouTube and recording it instantly, you can quickly establish your own identity in your market.

You can use this to build confidence and privacy and accelerate interaction with your audiences. Combining Google+ and YouTube gives you a longer lifespan than many other types of people. You can, for example, for every show, put the movie on your blogs, remove the sound from the movie, and make a new Podcast available in Appleunes, transcribing the contents and using it for state-update, additional blogs, and creating pictures for Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram.

Dennise Wakeman is an on line business strategist and co-founder of The Future of Ink. It works with writers and on-line business people to establish authenticity and earn more revenue through the strategic use of corporate tools. Canva is my favourite instrument that I have found. Is an astonishingly easy graphics designer to use.

It makes my job as a stratagem maker of digital content quicker and more personal. I' d like to exchange a graph with every piece of online content I use and one of the issues is making sure that you can use a picture legit. So you can choose to buy stock photographs or waste a great deal of your own free money to check image entitlements and publish them on your blogs and in your online and online podcasts, or use your own artwork and photographs.

All the work I use to be professionals and look astonishing when I'm released. As she said: "Software and plattforms are tools that allow us to do things. They have very specialised, sophisticated tools for professionals and there are basic, easy-to-use tools for beginners (or those who just want to get a sense of what can be done).

You can also save a lot of time by having Canva pre-installed with your favorite photo designs, so you can easily make a Facebook or Kindle or tweeting itinerary. Fitzpatrick Peg est responsable de la stratégie sociale chez Canva et co-Autor de The Art and Science of Sozial Medien avec Guy Kawasaki.

Canva. com is one of the best tools I've found in the last 6 month. With Canva, you can easily edit your photos for free using our free on-line graphics editor to produce photos for your favorite sites, blogs, presentations, childle eBooks and more. They can use their own photos or their wallpapers for free or charge $1 for using their own photos.

Prefabricated template files are one of my favourite functions in Canva, with which you can launch a work. Rather than looking at an empty display, you can just change their typefaces, colours and pictures to make them your own quickly and easy. is the proprietor and wants to help writers successfully publish and market their work.

Snagit from Tech Smith is one of my favourite tools on line. Until recently, Snagit's primary goal was to make it easy to acquire and improve on-line stills. They can improve your blogs or your specific reporting and make the information you share much more readily available.

You can still shoot and improve your pictures, but Snagit now lets you shoot videos at a fraction of the price of today's popular digital movie capabilities. Snagit's "big sister", Camtasia Studio, is also Tech Smith's own developed visual display capturing application.

It assists writers all over the world in the development of their websites. First, I found Zite at the San Diego SMCW. Well, I would suggest that you link it to your most proactive workspace. Sansevieri, founder and CEO Author Marketing Experts, Inc.

is a bestselling writer and an international renowned specialist in the fields of books as well as press work. I like SocialOomph. It' what I like to call a steroid based online messaging system. The" Cockpit" function collects your news from your online stream so that you can see all your inbound news in one place.

Do it like this: plan a pile of webweets with the same address and plan their publication in any meaningful number. Eventually, you can set up account groups so that when you post a post, your post will be sent to all your Tweitter or LinkedIn account in one go.

He is a writer and writer of Avoid SPD Suck: Be a blueprint for authors to create online buzz for their novels and still have plenty of writing space, just for writers: Best online marketing tips for the sale of your novels and blogging for authors only.

Instagram is my favourite publishing software. Though I' ve been with Instagram for almost two years, I've only started to appreciate the performance of this amazing publishing product in the last six month. 1 ) Instagram is primarily a graphical media, so put diligence and thought behind the pictures you are posti.

Use Instagram's awesome edit and filter tools. 3 ) With Instagram, most people see your pictures on their portable device, one picture at a stretch, so there are no other rival postings or a great deal of text to divert them. Dr. Ellen Britt, founder of Pink Coattails and co-founder of the future of ink, is a social media influenza doctor and online marketing strategist for entrepreneurs and lovers of Southern Food, Flowers and Culture.

There you have it.....a whole host of high-performance, easy-to-use tools that have been tried and proven by our Future of Ink team! We would be happy if you would try these tools and give us your opinion, and would be happy if you could add your own very popular personal contribution to the following comment.

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