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Complimentary Microsoft Publisher templates include easily customizable layouts with photos and graphics. Get free Microsoft Publisher templates for brochures, flyers, newsletters, postcards, stationery, business cards, and more. Blue-grey geometric shapes business cover brochure template. Find the perfect template by industry. Word Templates Free Word Templates MS .

32 Free MS Office templates for non-profit organizations

We' ve recently been looking at some of the free Google Docs templates to help nonprofit organisations conserve valuable free practice or presentation times - but did you know that has a range of free Microsoft Word Suite templates specifically for nonprofit organisations? Especially smaller non-profit organisations, home and educational societies, fellowship groups and small membership-based societies should find some useful things among the 33 free MS-office templates that can be found at for non-profit organisations.

Avery - the printer of printed stationary such as tags and blank cards - and one of the letters is from McGraw Hill's Handbook of More Commercial Letters: I' ve directly interlinked some of them to get you started, but have a look at the full listing of nonprofit templates for all these.

Microsoft Office tends to be quite backwards compatible, so your selection of templates opens up. For example, a pattern developed for Word 2003 will usually work with little or no customization when you use Word 2010. While some of these templates also work well with Google Docs, you'll probably need to do a little experimentation to see if your specific selection of templates will make the switch seamless.

As you browse Microsoft's galleries, look at the other category of templates - not just those marked as nonprofit. For example, look at the newsletter templates - you can choose from 159 different templates created for Word 2003, Word 2007, Word 2010, Word 2003, Word 2003, Word 2003 or Newer.

However, there is no justification why they cannot be used for voluntary managment or for planning personnel lessons or preparation for a fundraiser. Consider saving a great deal of your own work of art by using templates instead of creating a complete new one, and print-it-yourself articles like your ticket, receipt, poster, and visiting card can go a long way to make a small, non-profit budge.

As a matter of fact, just a few minute spent in finding templates for your needs can turn out to be worth the effort in saving your precious resources for many years!

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