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The Dorrance Group offers comprehensive book publishing packages in three key areas: production, promotion and distribution. Discover our entire range of services! Excellency supplied Don't miss your discount ticket for #ipgac until August 31st! We' re looking forward to seeing you all at #IPGAC, sign up! Should you need an eleventh cause to participate, @WestchesterPub will exhibit.

For our sites #Danbury, CT and #Dayton, OH we are currently looking for employees for editing, contents developement, projectmanagement and resources managemen.

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Learn how to become a Dorrance-publisher. Dorrance typing trainer heals writer's obstruction. No matter if you are fighting with plots, can't start typing or need a second thought, we can help you. We ghostwrite services are ideal for those who have an original concept for a script but can't do it themselves.

Make your ideas into a completed script today! Our services cover personalised display, branding, website design, support with community services and more - all to help you do more.


Provide bespoke selling and fulfilment capabilities for high-quality publishing houses. Among BTPS's clients are all booksellers' bank balances, as well as bulk marketers, specialist and wholesalers, giftware retailers, museum shops, Christmas shops, Christmas shops and the outdoors. Most of them are companies that buy and sell literature. BRTPS is sold to clients all over the globe, both in printed and electronically.

Customers of BTPS profit from the enormous effects of scaling the combination of Follett/Baker & Taylor stores, which reduce the cost of dispatch, storage and fulfilment at home and abroad. BTPS' BTPS lifting system in Ashland, Ohio, is also BTPS's production site and is used as a key site for the dispatch of major orders to domestic customers.

The four strategic US locations of Baker & Taylor, Bridgewater, New Jersey, Momence, Illinois, Commerce, Georgia, and Reno, Nevada, have a constant supply of stocks with constant patterns of sale. Book orders are sent to the client from the closest local support centre. The BTPS centre in Ashland, Ohio is under the same umbrella as the BTPS centre, which means that there is no need for delivery times and costs.

Off-set, short-run, digitally and full production printing are all available from a single printing data and BTPS clients get special prices. Customer publishing houses also have Baker & Taylor's Baker & Taylor retail-branded, immediate stock range, which uses BTPS Head Production and Delivery. There is no other publisher that can achieve the coverage of the Follett/Baker & Taylor alliance.

Publishing houses that are proactive in selling and promoting to libraries, educational and general retailing and wholesaling market are benefiting from a trusted income stream that will help mitigate the risk and uncertainty of today's retailing world. Customers of BTPS profit from the enormous effects of scaling the combination of Follett/Baker & Taylor stores, which reduce the cost of dispatch, storage and fulfilment at home and abroad.

Find out more about some of the BTPS clients publisher. From 1 June 2018 BTPS ECW Press will be represented in the USA and globally (excluding Canada, Great Britain/Ireland and Western Europe). From June 1, 2018, BTPS will be representing Nomad Press globally and will support the sale and marketing of its unparalleled publishing concept to provide children with insight while enabling them to think curiously, creatively and critically about the foundation of the Common Core State Standards, the Next Generation Science Standards and STEM Schools.

BTPS MVP Kids will be represented around the world (excluding Canada) from 1 June 2018. Located in Mesa, AZ, the publishing house seeks to encourage young men and young woman to have an honourable personality through alphabetization, mental mentorship, learning and fun.

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