Publishing Proposal

proposed publication

These occur in a wide variety of situations, but as a rule a book concept is written in a "form" proposal. The book you propose is the vehicle to give us a clear and concise idea of your project. Would you like to publish your next book? Welcome proposals for new book projects. Download and complete our Publisher Suggestion Form.

Suggested reading

You should note the following before submitting your proposal: Proofread your proposal.

Which elements should be included in a proposal?

Which elements should be included in a proposal?

Potential target groups are as varied as publishing houses. Is your textbook focused on a specific area in a wider area?

Are they a "trading book"?

Who' s reading a proposition?

Authors may refuse to follow a suggested work.

What should a proposal be made? All suggestions should be sent by e-mail to[e-mail address] (Attention: Editorial).

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