Publishing my first Book

Release of my first book

"I' m writing my first book and had researched some so-called "self-publishers" who are really vanity publishers. The publication of your first book is the biggest anti-climax you will ever experience. Much worse, by blowing out all my info in one book, I had no follow-up book to upsell the writers who bought the first book. After recently publishing my first best-selling indie book, I have found that there are some lessons that have been best learned in theory and others in practice. This is what should go in the first paragraph:.

I have learnt 13 lections 6 month after publishing my first book

It' been six month today since I published my first book. No, seriously, I actually floated over the "Publish" icon on the CreateSpace website and just dragged the cursor over it. That' s how it works when you silently release a book yourself. Whilst I switched courses a few time while I was typing the book and sweating over the detail, I am finally glad that I just did it.

That' s specifically for my own style, garden work, because in the end it' s photographs that tell the tale. So as not to be too conceited, the photographs I take and show on my diary are somehow murderous. Whilst the inside of the book is breathtaking, the photographs inside range from granular to good, and the entire show had an amateur-like look with far too much whiteness caused by the unhappy choice not to have his text wrapped around his work.

I' ve spent a great deal of my life thinking up my first book. Granted, many of these were poorly crafted designs that were not fit for an overall book and/or too similar to existing one. Eventually, the book I was publishing met me when I was laying in my bedroom one saturday.

Having researched gardening textbooks in recent years and found that none of them matched what I had in mind, it was a success. Having a fascination in a market pocket = great book potentials. In a rush I rush through the orginal scripts I sent to various garden book publishing houses.

It is not the presentation itself, but the bigger book design. I could have presented what I finally released myself if only I had been more tolerant. It would have been better, the book would have been better, it would have been selling more. It' a must when Book Two presents itself.

It was not naïve enough to think that if I knew I was a beginner who wrote a book of niches, I would make a lot of moneys. Mine was book #1 allowing me to type #2, which allows me to type #3 and finally I will find the book. And I didn't want anyone to tell me anything that might stop me from composing the first book.

Anyone who writes is overtaken by our "stuff" and needs new perspectives to help us with our worldview. This was a great reward for the people who read the blogs for having a shot at embossing the book. Thought I was a highly specialized author until I got involved with this book.

And, to be honest, this book has written itself. I' ve been attacking this book in small tins, where the times allowed. I' ll have to pro-actively reserve more parts of the next round. However, even with that, I still separated myself to get the letter done. I worked all afternoon and then spent the nights drinking too much dark chocolate.

The majority of publishing houses just sent short refusals. However, I have established a great rapport with a publishing company that has given enormous amounts of feed-back in this way. I' ve even reviewed Book #2 with her and she mercifully gave me her thoughts. and she was sincere in her reviews.

I' ve only had one conversation so far, and although it was on the smaller side, it not only permitted me to directly sale my book, but also offered me the possibility to become an exper. It was not the aim of the lecture to be selling a book; that was an additional thought after I hopefully having been selling it to myself as a multi-year phytopath.

All I wish was that I had started there with more zeal. Sure, it's hard to start with, but it' s true that sincerity is valued and I need to listen to it if I want to improve myself as a novelist. And that' s why I wish I sent the book to other yard writers that I knew would be upfront.

It was and is a frightening refusal, but what a present it would be to move forward.

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