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Our member companies are constantly uploading new job offers! The experience in the areas of content publishing, PR, SEO or blogging is a big plus. Penguin Random House Work Experience - What does an internship look like? Assists in the general management of a publishing house, from administration to editing. This role is right for me?


You' ll be one of 50 authors to come to us today. In order to give you an idea of what it's like to be a Penguin Random House writer, we will trace the travel of a novel from the script to the bookshelf by looking at: The Author: it all begins with you and your work.

You' ll be hearing from a first-time writer. A Frahling explains the relationship between author and publisher and works with the author to create their work. You are hearing from one of the contributors currently participating in our tutoring program.

They talk about their experience and how you can make the most of your stay with us. As we know, it often feels like new ground when you present your books to a friend. The debate focuses on the authors' experience with publishing, their own way of working with their own handwriting, how they earn their livelihood by it, and the advices they would give to the writer at the beginning.

We ensure that you have the opportunity to talk to our journalists, operatives, authors and each other in an informal way throughout the workday. We have two break-out session specially developed for non-fiction or younger people. You' ll be hearing from journalists and playwrights working in these fields and have ample opportunity to ask them.

New Writing North, our partner, hosts an information event to help authors at national and regional level - from scholarships that give you writing opportunities to awards to promote your work. Somewhat like speed but hopefully less awkwardly dated - you have a 5 minutes chat with a writer or media so you can ask them any scorching queries you might have.

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