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Another mystery is which is the sixth largest trading company. Publishing Corp: Who we are Kensington Publishing Corp., established in 1974, is based in New York City and is known as America's Independant Publisher. "Steven Zacharius succeeds his dad as President and CEO and Adam Zacharius as Managing Director. A leading freelance publishing company in the United States, offering hardcovers, retail paperbacks, consumer paperbacks and consumer electronics, Kensington is the publisher of the book America wants to have.

Kensington is the home of the New York Times best-selling writers, among them Fern Michaels, Lisa Jackson, Joanne Fluke, William W. Johnstone and many others, publishing over 500 books of literature and non-fiction each year. Imprint collections comprise Zebra, Pinnacle, Dafina and Lyrical Press, all known for offering a variety of pop genre such as romanticism, women's literature, African-Americans, young adults and non-fiction, as well as real detective stories, westerns and mysteries.

In 2014 marks Kensington Publishing Corp's fortieth year in print, and it is the last U.S. left behind independant publishing house of hardback, commercial and bulk paperbacks. Of the case of his very point product (appointment in Dallas by Hugh McDonald), a best-seller, Kensington became celebrated as a wise and resolute David vs. Goliath Publishers of heading in the phase of the moon scope of collection, from falsehood and romanticism to wellbeing and product.

Besides the nearly 500 new publications that the enterprise publishes each year due to its various impressions, it has a back list of more than 3,000 publications. The Kensington publishing house is regarded as a leading and innovative publisher in areas such as African-American, cosy enigmas, Western and, of course, romanticism. Founded in 1974, Kensington has launched tens of best-selling authors around the globe and created innumerable innovative products without losing independence.

The Kensington Penguin Random House Publisher Services worldwide distribution network has the full power of a committed selling base. It is able to react quickly to the latest developments, place literature in the palm of its readership more quickly than major publishing houses and provide them with specific advertising and advertising programmes to inspire their readership.

While Kensington remains a full-line supplier large enough to be recognized in the marketplace, it is small enough to retain authors, readers and dealers. While Kensington Publishing is entering its fifth century as an independant publishing house, we, like the whole business, have undergone enormous changes since our foundation by my late Walter Zacharius, who unfortunately died in March 2011.

In 2015, for the first year in over 20 years, we moved to Penguin Random House Publisher's Services (PRHPS). By partnering with Penguin Random House Publisher Services, we are expanding our distribution team and enabling our titles and writers to penetrate a wider range of market segments. They also provide us with invaluable information about the points of sale, storage, dispatch and system that have long been known as the best in the industry.

While PRHPS acts as our full-service distribution partner, serving customers such as independents, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, the Canada and all our global operations, we have our own Kensington talent base that sells to wholesale, bulk and booksellers as in previous years. You also manage much of the action of the eBook shop, although Kensington is still heavily involved in the sale and sourcing to these accounts. What's more, Kensington is still very much interested in the eBook shop.

The Kensington Group is still the biggest paperbacks group. In 1974 we began as a historic romantic publishing house with an initial capital expenditure of 67,000 dollars. We have since increased our staff, the number of textbooks we have published and the variety of styles that our publications are in.

Although we are growing and developing, we are still a familiar company. A few ask why an writer would decide to be released in Kensington rather than in one of the bigger corporations. It is something extraordinary and one-of-a-kind to be a company that is family-owned. I am optimistic that we are the only major publishers to have had three generation in the shop, and I have three grandkids (so far) who hopefully will carry on this heritage.

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