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What (most) publishing houses are still in New York

If publishing the geeks suggests a cure for what hurts the shop, a very general proposition is that editors throw away their New York properties and heads for the floors. First of all, this disregards the fact that there are actually some publishing houses outside of New York. Since the early 1800s, New York has been an important centre of the US publishing community.

Not to mention why are the Big Six still in New York? And the same reasons Apple and Google are in Silicon Valley, Wall Street on Wall Street and Hollywood in Hollywood: industry tends to focus on specific areas and take more advantage of a talentpool and network than they do forfeit.

This can be seen at the business levels (just think of the Diamond District in New York). These densities make it easy for individuals and businesses to interoperate and interconnect, and reduce the amount of work, frictions and energies used for these compounds. New York is a place where editors can rely on the proximity of the other big press, a well-trained and imaginative staff, the ability to recruit executives, the seal of approval of one of New York's publishing houses, and networking with authors, many of whom are based in New York.

And, to some degree, the editors have already relocated to Scranton: one of the quips on The Office was that they were trying to gain HarperCollins' deal. What is in New York? It' simple to say, oh, well, all these guys can get up and move, or you can find guys with those skills elsewhere.

However, the move bears its own expenses and the staff of the publishing houses are well-trained. In the past, Los Angeles and New York were the centre of the musical industries, but no longer. Formerly the unchallenged centre of the automotive sector, Detroit is now opening up more and more factories in the deep south.

Can the publication from NYC be enforced? The Random House has recently been saving "millions" of US dollar by reducing its carbon footprint, and today million are nothing to be sneezing about, but we are speaking of a multi-billion dollar business. New York has an enormous pool of publishing talents at its disposal, and if there is one thing editors need to survive this huge change: talents.

Are they NYC or publisher busts?

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