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" I had three books with Bantam, which is part of Random House. The Random House children's picture book publisher. Editor's Guide We kindly ask you to familiarise yourself with the books we are publishing by consulting your own bookshop or your own bookshop. We focus on non-fiction books that address kids (5 - 10 years) and their family. With these books we want to provide sound educational contents for the educational markets and a high attractiveness for the domestic and foreign booksellers.

We' re always interested in books of pictures that investigate culture, the natural world and the world around us, and we're also looking for books on the past, biographies, nature and technology. A good book of pictures enriches the children's educational background and encourages their imagination, creativeness and discerning minds. A good spine and supporting teachers' manuals/classroom links are useful additions to non-fiction books.

It is rare that we release tales, fantasy, picture books with speaking beasts or other notions. Books for early reading (8-13 years) and books for young adults (YA, from 12 years) will also be included. Specialist text for young children's illustrated books from 5 years of age - curriculum-related, non-fiction scripts for young adults from 12 years of age. and more.

Most of our efforts go into our children's books, while we release non-fiction about Maine or the Northeast, especially books that are documentaries or about Maine's work. With a small book size we often look for co-publishing agreements with libraries, historic companies or other organisations; this will help us to create high value books that could not otherwise be released and will benefit both sides.

Search our books pages on this website to get a good impression of what types of books we are interested in. When your script doesn't go well with Tilbury, you'll find tips in books like Writer's Mark or Children's Writers and Illustrator's Mark to help you find a more likely publishing house.

In the case of children's books, we recommend a full work. Please indicate this in your request for information if you are submitting to other publishing houses at the same time. onathan Eaton & Tristram Coburn, co-publisher & our children's books department.

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